Insurance Benefit Plans (Available in Most States/Call For Availability - Offered to Individuals, Families, and Businesses/Groups) 

Catastrophic Disease Cancer Plan



  • Pays Directly to You

  • Up to $7,500  per month for  Chemo/Radiation/Immunotherapy

  • $300 per day hospital confinement

  • Pays $4,000 per surgery plus actual charges for breast reconstruction 

  • Covers 32 Diseases in addition to Cancer including Lupus, MS, Sickle Cell, Cystic Fibrosis, Addisons etc

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  • Pays Directly to You

  • Comprehensive Schedule of Benefits

  • Up to $25,000 AD&D Policy

  • Emergency Room Benefit

  • Benefits for ICU or confined hospital stay

  • Benefit for emergency care flight and ambulance trip

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  • Pays Directly to You

  • Pays portion of income while you are unable to work 

  • Protect against loss of income/assets and having to deal with creditors

  • Short waiting periods

  • Forty-three percent of all people age 40 will have a long-term (lasting 90 days or more) disability event by age 65

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  • No Medical History Checks/Guaranteed Issue

  • Pays directly to you in addition to other benefits/No deductible

  • AD&D policy and schedule of surgery benefits

  • Prescription drug benefit

  • Doctor on call 24/7 with ability to write prescriptions

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  • Inpatient hospital benefits, Outpatient professional care

  • Human organ and tissue transplant benefits

  • Home health care, hospice and skilled nursing facility benefits

  • Ground and Air Ambulance Services

  • Affordable, cost-effective health coverage, Prescription drug plans

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  • Great alternative to paying expensive COBRA, retirees waiting for Medicare, and seasonal employees

  • Low deductible, pays 100% of office visits after deductible paid

  • Inpatient and outpatient services

  • Pregnancies Ok

  • Numerous other benefits, average cost is $97 per month

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  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance 

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Variable Life Insurance

  • Life insurance with catastrophic illness riders (also pays if you have a stroke, cancer, heart attach etc and don't pass away)

  • Fixed and immediate annuities

  • Lifetime income with beneficiary or joint spouse option

  • Deferred Tax Benefits

  • Joint and Survivor Annuities

  • Term Certain Annuities

  • Fixed Rates

  • Pays a death benefit if you don't use it

  • In home nurse care benefits

  • Helps protect assets and inheritance for loved ones 

  • Helps to avoid dependence on family members 

  • Helps to avoid dependence on Medicaid

  • Tax advantages

Retirement Plans and Investments (Only Available in TX - DISCLAIMER - This list does not constitute an offer to buy/sell any security. We may have not taken into account the investment needs, objectives or financial suitability of the securities for any potential investor)




  •  Sector Funds

  •  Commodity Funds

  •  Balanced Growth

  •  International Growth

  •  Value Funds

  •  Dividend Producing/Income Funds

  •  Retirement Target Funds

  • Government Bond Treasuries/Agency Bonds etc

  • Tax-Exempt Bond Funds

  • Balanced - Stock/Bond Funds

  • International Bond Funds

  • Strategic Bond Funds

  • Corporate Bond Funds

  • Great for higher income/higher tax bracket investors

  • State Specific Tax-Exempt Bonds

  • Nationwide/Strategic Tax-Exempt Bond Funds

  • General Obligation Munis

  • Tax-Free/Exempt from Both Federal and State Income Taxes


529/College Fund Plans



  • Ability to invest in many asset classes such as stocks and bonds

  •  Tax deferred growth and withdrawals for qualified higher education expenses are free from federal tax

  • Left over amounts can be gifted to a family member such as a sibling

  • You can open a 529 plan for anyone — your child, grandchild, spouse, a friend or even yourself

  • Account owner rather than the beneficiary maintains control of account assets and determines the timing and amount of distributions.

  • Ability to invest all or portion into stocks for higher growth

  • Protection of Principal Investment

  • Tax-Deferred Growth

  • Annuitize when ready for retirement

  • Death benefits are not subject to probate

  • Spousal Beneficiaries may continue the contract and it's tax deferral if this option is chosen

  • Many other options such as funding a life insurance benefit


  • Entire financial plan service is free

  • Find out what strategies can help you reach your goals and objectives

  • Conservative based approaches 

  • Ability to select between a long diversified group of potential investments

  • Help with budget planning and ideas to stay within budget

  • Confidential questionnaire 

  • Advisor on call for you at all times for any  questions or needs 


Real Estate Inv. Trusts

Deferred Compensation

401K & IRA

  • Tax advantages like deferral of income 

  • Ability to Reinvest Dividends

  • Easy way to own commercial real estate and to diversify your portfolio

  • Offers the benefit of a diversified real estate portfolio under professional management.

  • Experienced commercial real estate management giving you the ability to participate in money making strategies

  • Current compensation is deferred into the future

  • No income tax when the deferral is made

  • Allows employers to use "golden handcuffs" to keep valuable employees

  • Benefits can be made available on a 'discriminatory' basis and can be structured to meet individual needs

  • Ability to cut the costs of expensive qualified plans and their stringent requirements 

  • 401k and IRA Rollovers

  • Setup, implementation, and full range of IRAs including Roth Plans

  • SEP Plans and Simple Plans

  • Full service administration for employers of all sizes

  • Full range of investment options to help grow your retirement accounts

  • Tax deferred investment growth