“The health insurance you got for us is perfect for what we needed.  Thank you for being prompt in any of my questions. I certainly appreciate the good service.”

Christine Smith

Celine, TX


"…It is so nice to do business with people like you, who are truly concerned about giving great service and do so with a positive and friendly attitude…I wish all my business transactions were so easy."

Sharon Roley, CEO Fort Worth Beauty School


"We had never really shopped around for our auto and home insurance.  I just want to thank you for saving us that money, just wish we could have had the money from all those prior years for Christmas!!!  Thanks Again"

Rebecca and Ron Hirtner 

Grapevine, TX


"My husband signed us up for your cancer/catastrophic disease policy at his work.  Our son was diagnosed with a disease, osteomyelitis. We never thought we would use this policy. I even told my husband Michael "what was he thinking we will never get any of those diseases that is a waste of money", well did that come back and bite me in the butt.   Long story short is that he was put in the hospital on November 6th, in our local hospital, then took an ambulance to Fort Worth Children's on November 9th, and was in there until November 18th. He will come home with an IV and it is home health ordered until at least December 14th. The osteomyelitis is in his third vertebral. He should be OK.  I am just so glad that we didn’t lose him or our finances. I just want to say Thank You."  Elizabeth McCuistian    

   (This claim paid over $35,000 to the McCuistian Family, freeing them from financial burden allowing them to spend time together as a family during their battle with osteomyelitis.)