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Does My Texas Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

rental car hub

Rental cars provide the perfect example of why having more than the bare minimum auto insurance coverage can be helpful. Many incidents outside of a simple car accident can cost you thousands of dollars, but if you are properly insured, you can mitigate the costs and restore the loss with greater ease.

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Texas Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers


Teens entering the driving world may not command the same buying power or knowledge about how auto insurance works as their older counterparts. Cheap car insurance for teens is not impossible to find, but overall, you can expect to pay higher premiums as a newer driver. Get to know everything you need to know about the coverage teen drivers need and how to save more for your policy.

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Parallel Parking Made Easy

Street Parking

No longer do you need to feel intimidated by the thought of parallel parking. This easy-to-use guide will help you safely park your vehicle and execute your parallel park job with ease.

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How to Avoid Paying Too Much For Car Insurance

paying too much for car insurance

The good news is that drivers have plenty of ways to avoid paying too much for car insurance. Although finding cheap car insurance may feel like a pipe dream for many, there are practical ways to save money.

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How To Switch Auto Insurance in Texas


Switching your auto insurance company can be done, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you do every day. When you are thinking about making the switch, you’ll want to be sure that you have a valid reason and plan to do so.

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Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas


For those looking for additional protection, there are a variety of auto insurance options available. One of the most attractive options providing an extra layer of protection is full coverage car insurance.

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Car Insurance Rates in Texas Guide


Auto insurance in Texas The rates companies offer will vary from one company to another depending on several factors, which is why it is important to compare rates among several to get the best protection at the best price possible. Some of them are the age of the driver, the claims and driving history, the…

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Gap Insurance In Texas Explained


Gap insurance is protection in the event your vehicle is stolen or totaled while you still owe money on it. Car loans are common and for many motorists, an accident can create a financial burden that requires a hefty payment towards a vehicle no longer in use.

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