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How Comprehensive Insurance Protects Drivers in Texas

A tree that has fallen on a vehicle covered by comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive coverage protects you from various random acts which can cause harm to your automobile outside of having an accident. For example, if you were to be hit by a vehicle, the guilty party’s liability coverage is there to restore your property and other bills such as legal and medical expenses.

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How to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Texas

A Texan woman saving money on auto insurance.

There’s no getting around it, you are legally required to have auto insurance if you are a driver in Texas, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay. Take a closer look at the many options you have as a motorist to save money on auto insurance while staying protected.

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Texas Auto Insurance Guide – Important Policy Coverages etc

Shop 25+ insurers including Progressive, Traverlers, ALlstate, and SafeCo

Do you know the incredible benefits of having automobile insurance? It provides you great financial protection. It safeguards you financially by paying another driver’s car repair and medical expenditures if you caused the accident. Considering the type of coverage you possess, it can compensate for your car repair or replacement costs as well. Do you…

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Does Texas Car Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver?

Insurance Claims Tips and Tricks

It’s not an uncommon scenario: Your car is at the mechanic’s shop being repaired and your mother-in-law has offered her car to you until yours is road-ready again. Or you’re home from college for a visit and want to meet some friends, but you left your car on campus. In any situation, should you borrow…

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Texas Has 9th Highest Vehicle Insurance Costs In US

¿El Seguro de Auto de Texas pagará un Auto de Alquiler?

Rank State Average premiums 1 Louisiana $2,839 2 Michigan $2,112 3 Florida $2,082 4 California $1,966 5 Missouri $1,895 6 DC $1,881 7 Rhode Island $1,801 8 Wyoming $1,768 9 Texas $1,710 10 Georgia $1,705 11 Montana $1,627 12 Connecticut $1,580 13 South Dakota $1,575 14 Colorado $1,574 15 Arkansas $1,462 16 Kansas $1,454 17…

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Texas Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers

Mobile Homes

Manufactured homes once referenced as single-wide and double-wide mobile homes and mobile homes are factory-built houses engineered and constructed to the precise specifications of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s federal building code. Manufactured homes are completely built in a factory and then transported to the home site. Once they arrive at their…

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Texas Commercial Auto Insurance

Texas Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto insurance is encouraged to cover cars, trucks, and vans used for operating a business. Large and small businesses should be properly covered by a commercial auto insurance policy. The purpose of this policy is to protect when a company owned vehicle is involved in a collision, stolen, vandalized, or otherwise damaged. How Commercial…

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Texas RV Insurance: What you Need to Know

RV Insurance

A recreational vehicle, abbreviated as RV, is a motor vehicle or trailer which includes living accommodations designed for housing. If you love to travel you might consider exchanging your house or apartment for a home on wheels. Owning an RV can come with possible risks, and these risks can occur whether you’re on the road…

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Texas Umbrella Insurance Policy Facts

Umbrella Policy

Umbrella Insurance is additional insurance that provides protection beyond present limits and coverages of other policies. It offers coverage for injuries, property damage, lawsuits, and personal liability situations. They also cover claims in excess of regular homeowners, auto, or watercrafts.  Also, an Umbrella Policy covers other family members or household besides the policyholder. Is Umbrella…

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Progressive Car Insurance & Home Owners Insurance In TX: The Facts

Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive started operations in March 1937. Its founders’ main objective was to offer consumers basic insurance in an innovative way and at affordable prices. In its early years, Progressive introduced the first drive-in claims location in Ohio. During the 1950s and 1960s, the company diversified and included motorcycles and other motorbikes in their products insured.…

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