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Texas Has 3rd Highest Home Owners Insurance Cost in US

Home & Auto Insurance Quote Rate Texas

The average home owners insurance cost in Texas is $2,255, which makes Texas the third most expensive state in the country to insure your house, behind only Oklahoma and Louisiana. When comparing insurance companies, Texas residents may find that rates differ greatly from company to company for the same level of coverage. Higher-priced policies may include coverage…

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Affordable Identity Theft Insurance for Homeowners in Texas


Identity theft insurance is a great way to receive inexpensive coverage that protects you and your family against a crime that is already costing Texans hundreds of millions each year. Learn how you’re insurance for identity theft protects you, the cost of your protection, and who can benefit from such policies.

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Tips for Texans Moving With Pets


Moving with pets in Texas can be a source of both jubilation and stress. This is why homeowners and renters alike should prepare for the task at hand. Our tips will help you when moving pets into a new home.

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Winter Vacation Home Safety Tips for Texans

From traveling to be with loved ones to seeking warmer weather, there are so many reasons to take a trip in the winter months. To avoid coming back to a disaster, we’ve got you covered with winter vacation home safety tips to protect your home.

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Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?


Everything you’ve worked hard to obtain…the nice home, your financial assets, luxury items, and more…gone. This is the harsh reality of what can happen when homeowners are facing liability issues and could be left paying for the aftermath. Anyone not willing to lose the things and the life they’ve worked for are those who needs umbrella insurance the most.

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How To Downsize Your Home in Texas

Knowing how to downsize your home is a vital skill when moving. The truth is, Texans live larger than life, so this can be a bit difficult for some. In terms of the top 10 states with the biggest houses, the second-largest state ranks 5th. Everything really is bigger in Texas, but if you are looking for the best way to downsize your home, we’ve got you covered. Here are four quick tips on how to downsize into a smaller home.

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Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes the Right Way


Understanding how to compare homeowners insurance quotes helps Texans make informed decisions to decipher from the noise. There are many carriers available to Texans and coverage options, but not all of them are the same. Here’s what you’ll need to do when comparing your coverage.

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