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Coverage Level

Average Annual Rate

$100,000 Dwelling  


$200,000 Dwelling  


$250,000 Dwelling  


$400,000 Dwelling  


$500,000 Dwelling  


*Information used from Help Insure from the Texas Department of Insurance. We applied a methodology of a homeowner with average credit, a home between 10-34 years of age, made of brick in Addison, TX.

*Information retrieved from the Texas Department of Insurance from Help Insure.

At Freedom Insurance Group we shop multiple insurance carriers, meaning we don’t work with one insurance company, we shop with several! When you provide us with your home address, we’ll shop our 25+ carriers for home insurance to find you the best policy at an excellent rate.


How much does Home Insurance cost in Addison, TX?

The standard price of homeowners insurance in Addison, TX, is around $2,000 a year. The typical Freedom Insurance Group policyholder living in Addison, TX, pays $1,650 which signifies our customers are saving an average of $350 a year. You can also save too!

How Much does Auto Insurance in Addison, TX cost?

The standard price of an auto insurance policy in Addison, TX, is almost $2,150 a year. Freedom Insurance Group aids customers in Addison, TX, pay $1,500 a year for a standard savings of $650 a year! You can save more when you package your home insurance policy with an auto insurance policy.

Addison, TX Auto and Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts


1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance

2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance

3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance

Addison, Texas




Carrollton, Texas




Dallas, Texas




What does Home Insurance in Addison Cover?

Addison homeowner’s insurance provides safety and monetary protection from weather associated incidents for your home and personal belongings. A standard homeowners insurance policy from Freedom Insurance covers your home, detached structures, and personal belongings such as electronics, furniture, and valuables like jewelry. You will also obtain financial aid should your home become unhabitable and liability protection should someone become injured while on your property.

Supplementary Coverages for Your Addison Home Insurance Policy

Homeowners in Addison, TX, can add extra coverages to help protect their homes when encountering weather-related issues. Freedom Insurance Group includes windstorm and hail coverage through our homeowner’s insurance policies. Flood insurance is another contributory part of protecting your home as flood damage is not covered in the average homeowner’s insurance policy and needs a separate policy. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover common perils involving theft, explosions, fire, vandalism, hailstorms, and windstorms except if your policy specifically excludes it.

Hail Damage Coverage for in Addison, TX

Addison, TX, is disposed to protect against harsh weather and hail events all year round. Hailstorms can ruin your roof and home accumulating to thousands of dollars in maintenances. This is a big problem for many homeowners because hail is not always contained within a typical peril of your home insurance policy.

Why Freedom Insurance is the best? We automatically include protection from hail as part of your standard Addison, TX, home insurance policy with a 1% hail/windstorm deductible that we can effortlessly customize to your needs.

Coverage for Windstorm Damage in Addison, TX

Addison, TX undergoes many different windstorms that can produce overwhelming, expensive consequences. Homeowners need to contemplate the windstorm coverage in their homeowner’s insurance policy to safeguard their home from such weather incidents. Windstorm coverage provides monetary assistance if your home and/or personal belongings sustain damage due to a cyclone, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado or any other peril mentioned in your policy.

Why Freedom Insurance is the best? We keep you protected by mechanically including windstorm protection as part of your average Addison, TX homeowner’s insurance policy with a 1% windstorm/hail deductible. You can even increase or remove coverage. Your windstorm coverage is personalized based on your necessities!

Freedom Insurance Group is Addison finest Insurance Provider

Addison is an integrated town in Dallas County, Texas. Its situated to the proximate north of the city of Dallas. The land employed by Addison was established as early as 1846 when Preston Witt built a house near White Rock Creek. The first manufacturing, a cotton gin, opened on Addison Road the same year. Addison was merged as a city on June 15, 1953. Additionally, the town presents annual celebrations like Art Festivals, Jazz Festivals, Oktoberfest and many more.

Addison residents look no further than Freedom Insurance Group when they need exceptional Homeowners and Auto Insurance. We shop 30+ different top Insurance carries and find the best option for you. We also answer all your inquiries in English and Spanish.


As an independent agency, Freedom Insurance Group achieves business for populations in Addison, TX, every day through our fluent bilingual customer service and wide business familiarity.

Major Neighborhoods in Addison City

Midway Meadows


A district in Addison, Texas. Midway Meadows mostly presents midsize homes that are competitively priced. This is a well- founded community that continues to fascinate buyers in the Addison area. This neighborhood of single-family homes offers a low-maintenance lifestyle and easy access to everyday needs and conveniences. Residents are very close from grocery stores, healthcare, and various attractions.

Celestial Place


Celestial Place is an area of homes in Addison Texas presenting a range of attractive styles, variable sizes and reasonable prices to select from. Celestial Place mostly includes large homes that are competitively priced. This is a well-established district that continues to attract curiosity from buyers searching in the Addison area.

Waterford Park


Waterford Park mostly presents midsize homes that are competitively valued. This is a well-valued community that remains to draw interest from purchasers looking in the Addison area. Buyers who can manage to pay for a home in the median price range of $458K can find a good selection of good looking houses in Waterford Park.

Resident Resources in Addison

Addison Police Department

Addison Fire Department

4799 Airport Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001

Phone: (972) 450-7156

4798 Airport Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001

Phone: (972) 233-1111

Freedom Insurance Group is Proud to Serve Addison, Texas

Knowing you’re protected with the right coverages can bring you peace of mind. Finding the right coverages for the lowest price will deliver the protection you deserve while keeping money in your pocket. Freedom Insurance Group understands and helps find homeowners throughout Addison, Texas, the right coverage options for their needs at the lowest cost possible.

We get to know our clients to better understand their needs. Each homeowner’s needs are different and by creating a custom approach to your insurance needs we can prevent gaps in your coverage while saving you the most amount of money.

Our agents work for you by comparing your coverage needs among more than 25 top-rated insurance companies with strong financial ratings and a range of coverage options. By comparing your coverage among multiple brands, we can build a custom coverage option for you and your home that doesn’t break the bank. Contact us today or get a free home insurance quote with only a few clicks of a button.

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