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Freedom Insurance Group is your righthand ally for Home Insurance in Benbrook, TX

Home insurance in Benbrook, TX how much does it cost?

Homeowners insurance in Benbrook, TX prices average about $3,740 yearly. At Freedom Insurance Group, our clients in Benbrook are paying $1,692 yearly, which signifies we’re saving our clients an approximate of $2,046 yearly. If you bundle with Auto Insurance you could save another $500 or so!


Coverage Level

Average Annual Rate

$100,000 Dwelling


$200,000 Dwelling


$250,000 Dwelling


$400,000 Dwelling


Estimating Premiums for Home Insurance in Benbrook, TX

If you’ve ever wonder how homeowner’s insurance premium is calculated, it all comes down to risk. If your home is deemed riskier to insure, you would see a higher premium.

If your home is situated on a high-risk flood zone, your homeowner’s insurance price will elevate. Likewise, if you live in an area with a raised crime rate, the likelihood for vandalism or robbery increases, and so does your insurance price.

One of the most frequent factors insurance carriers observe are property-specific items such, as your home’s location, age, and any addons like a swimming pool. Insurers also see factors such as, weather perils, cyclones, hurricanes, crime percentages, and the standard home value in your neighborhood.

Other items taken into account when estimating insurance premium:

· Roof type

· History of Claims

· Pets

· Distance to coast

· Credit score

· Attractive nuisances (Ex., trampoline, play area, etc.)

· Smoking

Nevertheless, you are also eligible for discounts. If you’ve got good credit, that will help decrease your premium. A home security system, motion-sensor lights, security cameras, make you eligible for discounts on a Homeowners policy.

What supplementary add-on coverages are available for Homeowners in Benbrook, TX?

Hail/Windstorm Insurance: Weather events, such as hail, wind damage and hurricanes, are extremely destructive to your home and without the correct coverage, you can accumulate a costly bill! At Freedom Insurance Group, we protect our Benbrook customers which is why we mechanically include a 2% hail/wind deductible into every policy we write.

Water/Sewer Backup Coverage: if your home’s sewage or drains should become backed up into your home, this coverage safeguards you from the costs of the damages that

Umbrella policies: With an umbrella policy, you give yourself supplementary monetary support should you need it, and will help safeguard everything that you work hard to obtain. If you were to get litigated and the claim surpasses your liability limits in your home, auto, or watercraft policy, you’d be trapped making up the monetary difference. However, an Umbrella policy will safeguard you.

The advantages of allying with Freedom Insurance Group for Home Insurance in Benbrook, TX:

At Freedom Insurance Group, we are convinced that getting first class home insurance should be easy and inexpensive. We shop 30+ quality Insurance companies to find a policy that suits your necessities and finance without ever bargaining on coverage.

We compare and contrast your home insurance with our multiple insurance carriers in pursuit for the best coverage and premium.

We want our customers to always save on home insurance, so yearly when it’s time to renew, we’ll re-shop and equate your policy to find the best rate for you. You’ll never overpay for insurance again when you choose Freedom Insurance Group!

Zip Codes in Benbrook, TX that we Insure

76109, 76116, 76126, 76132

Don’t see your zip code? Don’t stress, as long as it’s in Texas, we’ve got you protected!

*At Freedom Insurance Group, we also quote Landlord, Umbrella, Renters, RVs, Motorcycle, Jewelry Floaters and Boat Insurance.

Freedom Insurance Group is Benbrook’s Finest Home Insurance Provider

Benbrook is a town situated in the southwestern corner of Tarrant County, Texas, and a district of Fort Worth. The population as of 2021 is 25,505.The city is situated adjacent to Benbrook Lake where dwellers have numerous of open-air and acuatic activities to enjoy. Its a privilage for Freedom Insurance Group to attend the residents of Benbrook as the main home insurance provider in the area!

benbrook tx luxury home insurance

Benbrook residents don’t search beyond Freedom Insurance Group when they need quality Homeowners Insurance. We shop 30+ class A insurance companies and find the best homeowner’s policy for Benbrook customers. We also respond all your questions in English and Spanish. Freedom Insurance Group is an autonomous insurance provider helping homeowners through the state of Texas get the best Homeowners Insurance at hand!

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Resident Resources in Benbrook

Police Department in Benbrook

Fire Department in Benbrook

1080 Mercedes St, Benbrook, TX 76126

(817) 249-2752

528 Mercedes St, Benbrook, TX 76126

(817) 249-1727

Major Neighborhoods in Benbrook, TX

Pecan Valley

pecan valley benbrook tx home insurance

Pecan Valley is situated adjacent to I-820. Close to the community is Twilight Park, an indoor golf club, Pecan Valley Golf Course, and Art Cowsen Trails.

Benbrook Lakeside

benbrook lakeside home insurance tx

Benbrook Lakeside is situated at the center of the city. The community is close toTimber Creek Park, Benbrook Lake, and the Benbrook Lake Marina.

Whitestone Crest

white stone crest home insurance benbrook tx

Whitestone Crest is situated alongside Benbrook Blvd. The community offers a golf club and is near Benbrook Stables and Dutch Branch Park.

Freedom Insurance Group is Proud to Serve Benbrook, Texas

Knowing you’re protected with the right coverages can bring you peace of mind. Finding the right coverages for the lowest price will deliver the protection you deserve while keeping money in your pocket. Freedom Insurance Group understands and helps find homeowners throughout Benbrook, Texas, the right coverage options for their needs at the lowest cost possible.

We get to know our clients to better understand their needs. Each homeowner’s needs are different and by creating a custom approach to your insurance needs we can prevent gaps in your coverage while saving you the most amount of money.

Our agents work for you by comparing your coverage needs among more than 25 top-rated insurance companies with strong financial ratings and a range of coverage options. By comparing your coverage among multiple brands, we can build a custom coverage option for you and your home that doesn’t break the bank. Contact us today or get a free home insurance quote with only a few clicks of a button.

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