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Identifying and Fixing a Roof Leak


Finding your roof leak can be the difference between a small fix for a couple of hundred bucks and a large job that can cost well over a thousand dollars. Identifying the leak can also help you determine whether or not this is something you can fix or if a professional is needed to do the job.

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7 Websites Every Homeowner in Texas Will Love


Freedom Insurance Group has been helping Texans insurance their homes since 2005 and is proud to be a resource in a variety of ways. We know what Texans need and help homeowners like you get the most out of their homes.

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How Homeowners Can Avoid House Fires


Adhering to your local fire station’s guidelines and procedures is always the best course of action, but being prepared for a house fire begins with knowledge.

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Protecting Your Home Beyond Homeowners Insurance


A homeowners insurance policy will protect you against many different perils, however, a standard policy won’t cover everything. Even the perils it will cover you against may be mitigated or prevented by regular maintenance and taking the right steps to get the most out of your home.

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7 Home Renovations That Add Value to Your Home (And 3 to Avoid)

A home being renovated.

It can be easy for homeowners to become caught up in the moment and forget that not all home renovations are equal in terms of getting your return on investment (ROI). Your ROI will depend on a variety of factors including market trends, but there are some renovations that add more value to your home than others.

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