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Proudly helping Texans stay insured since 2005, Freedom Insurance Group (FIG) helps you protect those you love the most and your prized possessions. We understand that protection is different for everyone and with so many different brands and policies, finding the right coverage for your needs can be confusing.

This is why we are here!

We believe in top-notch service from an agent working independently from brands and focused solely on your needs. Our partnerships with more than 25 top-rated insurance brands allow our agents to find you the best coverage for your needs all at the lowest price available.

Finding the lowest insurance policy whether it be home, auto, or business, can be intimidating. Here at Freedom Insurance, we do the work for you to save you time and hassle. Freedom Insurance Group provides the lowest rate on the market through an exceptional level of customer service.

Freedom Insurance Group Finds the Best Insurance Policies for You

Texans rely on many different forms of insurance to protect themselves from various perils in different walks of life. Homeowners, motorists, landlords, and business owners all deserve the peace of mind that their loved ones and assets are protected from harm. Take a look at some of the many ways Freedom Insurance Group helps keep you and what you love the most protected:


Homeowners Insurance


Your homeowners insurance provides a safety net for your home, your valuables, and your family. A standard homeowners insurance policy, known as an HO-3 policy, will protect against 16 different perils your home might face. It will also protect your personal possessions as well as you and your family from liability relating to medical and legal liabilities.


Homeowners have many different perils to worry about, and in Texas, these harmful events are amplified:



It should come as no surprise that as a result, Texan homeowners pay the third-highest home insurance premiums in the country, but through comparative shopping and understanding your coverage needs, our agents can help you find the best rate for your home and any discounts available.


Auto Insurance


Freedom Insurance understands the challenge of finding auto insurance that both keeps you protected and is affordable. Texas has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation as well as more roads than any other state. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to simply stay legal or enroll in full coverage, our agents work to find the best price for your coverage needs.


Comparing rates among our roster of insurance brands helps our agents find the right plan for you and your automobile. We will also help you find the right discounts to keep your premium low. Bundling is another important aspect of what we do. If you own a home, bundle your auto and home insurance policies for better coverage at the best price.


Looking for boat, RV, or motorcycle insurance? Don’t worry! We help Texans protect a variety of vehicles that go beyond traditional automobiles.


Landlord Insurance


Landlords are homeowners that must protect against unique perils to their property. Damage from tenants, the responsibility of maintaining a home according to the law, and the risk of vandalism are just a few of the potential obstacles a landlord must navigate. With 38% of all housing units renter-occupied, Texas ranks 6th highest in the nation when it comes to rental properties. Freedom Insurance Group is here to assist landlords in finding the right coverages to protect their investments and tenants.


Business Insurance


Owning a business comes with a variety of responsibilities including protecting the business itself. There is property loss to consider, liability issues, employees, and more. Different industries have different needs and Freedom Insurance understands the many facets businesses need protection from. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise, we can help you protect your business from a variety of perils and keep things moving forward.


Life Insurance


The unexpected doesn’t have to mean being unprepared. Life insurance is an important tool to help your loved ones carry the burden of your passing should that day come. As a powerful financial tool, Freedom Insurance Group helps our clients gain comfort through affordable products that help mitigate the costs of losing a loved one.


How Freedom Insurance Group Saves You Money

Freedom Insurance Group saves you money in several ways:


  • We get to know each client’s personal needs to craft the perfect coverage.
  • Through comparative shopping, our clients receive the lowest rate for their coverage needs every time. We work with 25+ top-rated insurance brands!
  • Our agents work to find you bundles that allow for the best savings opportunities.
  • Discounts are available and our agents help you find the ones that you may qualify for.


Insurance brands create your insurance premium by assessing how much of a risk you’re going to be as a client. The more risk you possess, the more you’ll pay in premium. The less risk you are as a client and you can expect lower premiums. Each brand uses its own methods to determine such risk and because each situation is different, this can produce many differing rates for your insurance policies. By comparing your rate among our roster of top-rated insurance providers instead of working with a singular brand, our agents work for you and not your insurer. We find the best rate available regardless of affiliation to keep you paying less for the protection you deserve.

Proudly Serving Flower Mound and the Entire State of Texas

Freedom Insurance Group is proudly headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas. We also have offices in both Breckenridge, TX, and Coppell, TX, to better serve our customers. As Texans, we understand the unique challenges of the Lone Star State and work hard to help you stay protected for less. It doesn’t matter where you live in Texas, Freedom Insurance is here to help you protect what matters most. Our clients save an average of 40% when switching. Contact us today and start saving more!

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