Understanding PIP Coverage in Texas


PIP coverage in Texas is a great way to cover medical costs following a car accident. Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is available to all drivers in the Lone Star State and will apply even if you are at fault. You can enjoy a wider range of protection, higher limits, and a more complete method of protecting your finances against rising medical costs. Both the expenses of you and your passengers are covered through your insurance making this a great way to mitigate risks and safeguard your finances.


What Is PIP Coverage?

PIP coverage in Texas covers the medical expenses for you and your passengers if you are in a car wreck. It doesn’t matter who caused the car accident, your coverage is there for you.

This is similar to medical payments coverage, however, PIP accident insurance covers a much wider range of costs, as well as higher coverage limits.

While not required, all drivers must be offered the opportunity to receive at least $2,500 worth of PIP coverage in Texas. Here’s what PIP covers:


Medical Expenses

PIP insurance is there to help you pay for many different medical expenses that may arise after an automobile accident such as visiting a physician. X-rays are covered.


Lost Wages Coverage

One of the major benefits of auto PIP insurance comes from its protection of lost wages due to injury. Should you become injured after a wreck and can’t work, your PIP coverage is there to reimburse you for the money you would otherwise earn at your place of work.


Medical Devices

If your car accident leaves you in need of medical devices, your coverage will help you pay for them. An example would be a driver in need of a prosthetic or crutches.


Procedures From Specialists

Injured parties in need of dental work and eye treatment can use their auto insurance with PIP coverage to receive the medical care necessary due to the accident.



When surgery is needed, PIP coverage in Texas will provide coverage for your operation. Considering surgeries can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars making this coverage a much more affordable option and a viable safeguard for your finances.


Nursing & Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation after a car wreck can often be a process. If you require professional nursing or physical therapy as a part of your recovery, you can file a claim and receive assistance for your medical costs.

Because the cost of medical care continues to rise, being protected after an auto accident can be the difference between a major financial hindrance and moving on after the wreck.


How Much PIP Coverage Should I Get in Texas?

Healthcare costs for Texans continue to exceed the national average making a trip to the doctor an unpleasant financial hurdle for any family.

The cost of your visit, x-rays, physical therapy, and possibly surgery can cost thousands of dollars to cover.

Vehicle insurance can be tricky because even if another driver has liability coverage if their policy limits aren’t enough to cover your care, you could have to pay for the rest on your own.

PIP coverage in Texas should offer you enough protection to avoid a major financial downfall in the event you are in a car accident that requires serious medical care.

Personal injury protection coverage comes in increments of $2,500. By assessing your risks with a licensed auto insurance agent you can determine an appropriate level of coverage for your needs.


Do I Need Personal Injury Protection Coverage in Texas?

PIP coverage in Texas must be offered to all drivers, however, it’s not required by law. You can decline the coverage, but in doing so, you are exposed to possible losses regarding personal injury.

In addition to paying for your medical expenses, personal injury protection will also cover wages. Forgoing this protection means that you could not only incur hefty medical costs but lose income while you recover without a safety net.


Texas Medical Payments Coverage and Med Pay Explained

Medical payments coverage or Med Pay is protection that drivers in Texas can enroll in to help protect against medical costs after an accident.

The primary difference between PIP coverage in Texas and medical payments coverage is the scope of protection you’ll receive.

For example, personal injury protection coverage in Texas can often have higher policy limits. It will also protect you against a wider range of medical costs as well as reimburse you for lost wages.

Not all states offer personal injury protection but the Lone Star State offers drivers more options for protecting against risks.

Your auto insurance policy should fit your needs of you as an individual. Because these needs can be different for each, choosing auto insurance personal injury protection coverage or medical payments coverage will come down to your personal risk tolerance.


The Cost of Personal Injury Protection Coverage Texas

The cost of PIP coverage in Texas is determined by many different factors including where you drive, the number of claims you submit, the risk of getting into an accident near your home, etc.

Some of the factors auto insurance companies look at are far beyond your control, such as bad weather in your region. Other factors, such as your credit score, you can control.

A major factor specific to car insurance personal injury protection is the rising costs of healthcare. This increase means that claims are more expensive for auto insurance companies.

Texas drivers pay more than the national average for auto insurance because of the elevated risk of severe car accidents due to faster speed limits and the increase in population.

Overall, your auto insurance rates will be based on the amount of risk you carry as an individual. Drivers with less risk pay lower rates and vice versa.

Every auto insurance company more or less assesses the same variables that make up your premiums, however, each will do so in its own way.

The algorithms and calculation methods of each insurance provider are unique to an individual brand which is why you can receive the same coverage from different providers but not at the same price.

Whether your automobile insurance policy is carrying the bare minimum coverage to stay legal or if you protect in additional ways such as basic personal injury protection coverage, it’s always advised that drivers shop around through many providers to find their coverage.

By doing so, you can ensure that you are receiving the protection you need without having to overpay for your policy.


Save On Costly Medical Bills in Texas With PIP Coverage


Having additional personal injury protection coverage is injury protection that will lessen the financial blow to your own pockets while providing adequate access to healthcare.

Car accidents can cause expensive medical costs but there’s no reason your insurance has to be expensive.

By working with over 25 top-rated insurance carriers, we provide PIP coverage to our clients for less. On average, drivers in Texas save 40% on their auto insurance when switching to Freedom Insurance Group.

We help clients through our insurance center by partnering with reliable, financially stable insurance brands that can provide better insurance products, more discounts, and bundling opportunities with your home insurance to fit your needs.

Get a car insurance quote or contact our agents today to receive the best PIP coverage in Texas at the lowest cost to you!

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