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Houston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. as favorable job conditions, a low cost of living, and a diverse population continues to encourage people to declare the city home. With the increase in population, construction continues to create more shops, businesses, restaurants, and housing for all of those who reside in the metro area. But with its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and increased construction, flooding continues to be a problem making Houston flood insurance a must.

A flood insurance policy is built to protect your home from flood damage and help you restore any losses suffered. The Houston, TX, area is prone to many different flood threats. During the warmer months, of which there are many, tropical storms and hurricanes are a considerable threat for homeowners. The increase in construction makes it difficult to predict future flood zones and harder for the ground to absorb water. This means that even heavy rains can cause issues for Space City.

Not every day is going to be as monumental as the 2016 Tax Day Flood or the significant tropical cyclone rainfall event known as Hurricane Harvey, but flood insurance can keep you prepared for a variety of scenarios before they do happen. Considering around 1 in 4 flood insurance claims come from homeowners that are not in high-risk flood zones. This means that no matter where you live if you are calling Houston, Texas, home, you’ll be wise to find affordable flood insurance coverage.

Knowing your options can help you make the best decision and find the best possible coverage for your flood insurance without overpaying. There are private flood insurance companies as well as federal policies which are available to protect your home. Get to know the costs, how the policies cover your home, and more to make an informed decision to protect your home.

How Much Is Flood Insurance in Houston?

The national average flood insurance cost is typically around $700 per year. Flood insurance rates depend on many factors including what the government NFIP program is charging and the private market is charging. Freedom Insurance Group has access to both the NFIP and private flood market. The average flood insurance cost Houston homeowners will pay is $615 per year on their flood insurance coverage. Your rates will vary depending on many different factors. Like home insurance, the more risk you pose, the higher your premiums will be and the less risk it is to insure your home, the cheaper it will be. Here are some of the factors that will go into your flood insurance premiums:

  • Where your home is located and the flood zone your home is assigned.

  • The age of your home.

  • The amount of flood insurance coverage you will require.

  • Building materials and specs used to construct your home.

  • Your policy’s deductible.

These factors and more will affect the amount you’ll pay for your flood insurance coverage. The cost of flood insurance in Houston, TX, is a small price to pay for protection. Even small flood events can cause major damage as the water can penetrate your walls and cause additional damage such as mold damage in the aftermath.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Houston, TX?

Flood insurance in Houston, Texas, protects you from flood damage that happens when flooding outside of your home enters your home. Such examples may come from an overflowing body of water, a failed dam or levee, or heavy rainfall from a storm or hurricane. Your flood insurance policy does not cover water damage that is caused by burst pipes, sewer backup, damaged pools, or fixtures that overflow.

Homeowners can protect both their home and their personal possessions depending on the level of flood insurance coverage they may be seeking. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers both Building Coverage and Contents Coverage for protection. Explore these options below:

Type of Coverage:

What It Protects:

Building Coverage

  • Built-in appliances

  • Detached garages

  • Electrical systems and plumbing

  • Fuel tanks, well water tanks/pumps, and solar equipment

  • Furnaces/water heaters

  • Permanently installed carpeting, cabinets, panels, and bookcases

  • Window blinds

  • Your home’s foundation, anchorage systems, and staircases

Contents Coverage

  • Carpets added over another flooring type

  • Curtains

  • Microwave ovens

  • Personal belongings including electronics, your clothing, and your furniture

  • Portable and window AC units

  • Other valuables, though policy limits apply

  • Washer/dryer

Flood insurance acts in a similar manner as your home insurance policy, but it protects specifically against flooding. Together, these coverages give you the best form of standard coverage that can help you restore your home and possessions after a major loss. NFIP maximum coverage is a powerful tool to protect your biggest investment.

Private flood insurance is also available through a variety of private insurance providers and may allow you to receive a more customized approach to your coverage as well as lower rates. The best approach to finding a policy that is right for you is to shop and compare your coverage among different institutions. If you are looking to purchase flood insurance in Houston, Texas, be sure to speak with one of our agents to find the best rate and the best protection available.

Do I Need Flood Insurance Living in Houston, Texas?

Yes, homeowners in Houston, Texas, are advised to gain flood insurance to protect their homes. For most homeowners, their homes are their biggest investments. Because a standard home insurance policy is not enough to protect against flooding and Houston, Texas, is prone to flooding and harsh weather conditions, flood insurance makes sense on many levels

According to FEMA, the average flood insurance claim from homeowners is over $31,000. Flood damage is costly and homeowners who forgo coverage often put themselves at great risk to cover these costs all alone. A flood insurance policy helps mitigate such expenses so that you don’t have to restore your loss out-of-pocket.

Houston, Texas Flood Zone Maps

Although all homes may face flooding depending on the weather conditions, knowing where you stand is a good start for all homeowners. The FEMA Flood Map Service Center provides you with the tools you need to search by address and discover where your home stands. Whether you are near a flood plain, a coastline, or safely elevated away from a water source, get to know where your home is located to better understand your risks.

Houston, TX Flood Insurance Quote

The Texas panhandle is known for its low elevation and potential for flooding. Protecting your home is important and Houston, Texas, has too many flooding threats to not look into your options. Our agents are here to help you find the best flood insurance policy available so that you can find the best rate for your protection. Contact our agents to see how little a Houston flood insurance policy can be.

Homeowners Insurance Vs. Flood Insurance Coverage in Houston, TX

A standard homeowners insurance policy is going to protect you from perils that might happen. Some common examples include windstorm damage, theft, fires, etc. There are many different weather events that you’ll gain protection from, but flooding events are not one of them.

Flood insurance is a specific coverage that is built to help homeowners restore their losses directly tied to flood damage. A standard home insurance policy will likely cover some water damage, but it is important to note that the damage must be accidental in nature and will not include water damage that comes from flooding outside of your home. The best course of action is to purchase both a home insurance policy and a flood insurance policy for the best form of coverage.

Cheap Flood Insurance in Houston, TX

Having your home flooded is one of the most devastating events any homeowner can go through. It is damaging, costly, and demoralizing. Houston, Texas, has already been through enough flooding over the last several years to last a lifetime, but the threat continues to present itself for homeowners living in the area. A Texas flood insurance policy can help you gain peace of mind and protection should that day ever come.

houston vulnerable to floods

At Freedom Insurance Group, we’ve been helping Houstonians protect their homes since 2005. We offer affordable home insurance and can bundle this protection with a flood insurance policy that picks up where your homeowners coverage lets off. Combined, these are powerful tools that allow you to reduce coverage gaps and stay better prepared against flood events.

By working with both government and private insurers, we can compare your rates throughout the market to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible for your coverage. Our company only works with top-rated insurance providers so that when you enroll, you’re being protected by the best available in the state of Texas. Contact us today for affordable, reliable Houston flood insurance policies that won’t break the bank!

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