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First-Time Home Buyer Texas Assistance Tips


If you’re a Texas first-time home buyer, plenty of options are available to help you receive assistance in purchasing your home. Many different programs exist and while you may not qualify for all of them, there is surely at least one option that could help you secure the funding for your future home.

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How To Start an Airbnb – Becoming an Airbnb Host


There’s no doubt that there are plenty of opportunities on Airbnb to make some extra cash, but if you don’t do things correctly, the end result can be a nightmare. From unruly guests to property damage to legal issues and more, there are a lot of things to consider when Airbnb hosting.

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Finding the Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundle in Texas


If you own a home in Texas, you likely also own a vehicle as well. It also likely stands that you’ll be looking for the best home and auto insurance bundles available in The Lone Star State. This means receiving the protection you deserve and paying the lowest cost possible when doing so.

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Home Insurance Protects Against Property Crime


Remember, both Texas and Colorado rank as some of the states with the most crimes against property. This means the peril is a viable threat and elevated for both you and your insurance company. There are many different factors that go into creating your monthly premium, and this includes the crime rate where you live. While local crime rates may weigh heavier, make no mistake that statewide trends are also included in many calculations.

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Tax Breaks for Homeowners Amid Inflation

Stack of coins and wooden block home

Knowing the tax deductions for homeowners that are available is important for maximizing your tax refund or at least to avoiding paying the government more than you need to. Learn more about where you can and can’t catch tax breaks as a homeowner.

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Overcoming Car Insurance Inflation & Home Insurance Annual Increases


You don’t have to look far to find that throughout 2022 and into 2023, inflation has raised the cost of living for Americans across the board. Even as optimistic forecasts show inflation slowing, insurance policies look to be higher for the long haul. This means car insurance inflation will continue to raise rates for your auto coverage.

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