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Can I change my insurance agent but keep my insurance company?


Yes, you can switch insurance agents for your auto, home, landlord and other policies while keeping the same insurance company. Many times bad service and experiences are the agent’s fault and not the insurance company’s; so customers may want to use a new agent with the same insurance company.  Here’s how the process generally works…

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Is Texas a good place to move to? List of the best Texas cities to live in


Whether or not Texas is a good place to move to depends on individual preferences, needs, and circumstances. Texas offers a variety of benefits and opportunities, but it also comes with its set of challenges. Here are some pros and cons to consider when thinking about moving to Texas: Pros of moving to Texas: Economic…

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How Much Renters Insurance Should a Landlord Require in Texas?


The right coverage can also keep messy liability concerns at bay knowing an insurance policy is there to help with such potential losses. Get to know the right level of coverage, how it can help you and your tenant, and why renters insurance as a requirement can help both parties all around.

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11 Ways To Lower Your Housing Expenses in Texas


How much does a house cost? The true cost of home ownership goes far beyond the price you pay for purchasing your home. The average cost of owning a home continues to rise and there are important considerations homeowners and prospective homeowners should be aware of.

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An Insurance Rider Protects Texans From Coverage Gaps


Also known as endorsements, an insurance rider is commonly used to protect expensive personal items including jewelry, collectibles such as art, instruments, etc. Typically, they cover items that are either not already included on your insurance or the cost of which may outweigh what you’d get with a higher-tiered plan.

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Should Landlords Collect Rent Online in Texas?


Beyond the need for payment, there are many different factors to consider including security, proof of transactions, the speed in which you receive your payment, and more. Furthermore, there are more ways than ever for receiving payment including the option to collect rent online. Discover the ins and outs of rent collection to avoid pitfalls and mitigate potential losses of income.

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9 Of the Fastest Growing Cities are From Texas

The skyline of downtown Frisco, Texas.

Even as other states such as New York and Louisiana continue to lose their population, Texas is a population growth leader as people seek different opportunities. The lack of a state income tax is also an attractive motivation for workers looking to cut their tax bills.

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