Seguro de Auto Comercial

Can I change my insurance agent but keep my insurance company?


Yes, you can switch insurance agents for your auto, home, landlord and other policies while keeping the same insurance company. Many times bad service and experiences are the agent’s fault and not the insurance company’s; so customers may want to use a new agent with the same insurance company.  Here’s how the process generally works…

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Do auto insurance companies use new or after market parts?


Auto insurance companies can use either Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts when repairing a vehicle after an accident, depending on the circumstances, policy terms, and applicable laws in your jurisdiction. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts: These are parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer or an authorized supplier. They match the parts that…

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Texas Commercial Property Insurance Coverage Option Guide

Business Insurance

Commercial property insurance pays to repair or replace your building and business property damaged by a fire, storm, or other event covered by the policy. It can also pay some of your lost income if your business is unable to operate normally. Coverage options There are three different levels of commercial property coverage. Each level…

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Seguro de Auto Comercial Texas

Seguro de Auto Comercial Texas

El seguro de automóviles comercial cubre los autos, camiones y camionetas que se utilizan para operar un negocio. Las empresas grandes y pequeñas deben estar debidamente cubiertas por una póliza de seguro de automóvil comercial. El propósito de esta póliza es proteger cuando un vehículo propiedad de la compañía esté involucrado en una colisión, es…

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