Cheap Auto Insurance in Midland, TX

Shopping for auto insurance in Midland, TX? Finding affordable coverage can feel challenging but there are plenty of insurance options available to drivers. On average, drivers in Texas pay more than $1,900 per year for car insurance, which is higher than the national average of $1,449 per year.
A variety of factors go into creating your auto insurance premium. Some of them are under your control but others are outside of your hands.


Car insurance in Midland, TX, needs to provide protection but it shouldn’t break the bank in doing so. The team at Freedom Insurance Group helps drivers across the Lone Star State find the right level of coverage for the lowest price on the market. Explore your options and learn how to save money while enrolling with one of the many trusted insurance companies in Midland, Texas.

Compare Car Insurance Cost for Auto Insurance in Midland, Texas

It is important to understand that there are many factors that determine the cost of auto insurance in Midland, Texas. Accordingly, the following factors can affect the monthly premium you pay:

Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Age

Age Range

Av. Premium

Under 18














Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Vehicle

Vehicle Age

Av. Monthly Premium

Less than 1 Year


2-3 Years


4-5 Years


6-7 Years


8-10 Years


11-14 Years


15 Years or older


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Carrier



Av. Monthly Rate














Bristol West














Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Housing Status

Housing Status

Av. Monthly Premium





Live with parents


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Relationship Status


Av. Monthly Premium

Single (never married)








Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Driving Record


Av. Monthly Premium

1 accident


Multiple accidents


1 Ticket


Multiple tickets


Is the Cost of Auto Insurance in Midland, TX Rising?

Yes, auto insurance in Midland, TX, is going up because of many industry trends on both statewide and economic levels. Personal factors can also raise your rates. Here are some of the most common factors looked at when creating your car insurance premium:

Population Density

The growth in population to Midland, Texas is a trend that continues to raise rates for drivers all over Midland County. Featuring urban areas outgrowing the pace of the rest of the U.S., 84% and 80% respectively, more and more people means more vehicles. This means the increased possibility of an auto accident.


Combined with the increased threat of grand theft auto and vandalism, you can see why auto insurance companies raise the rates of drivers all across the Lone Star State. A state, that happens to feature more than 65,000 stolen vehicles every year.

Faster Speed Limits in Texas

Cheap car insurance quotes are harder to come by for residents of Midland, Texas, because of the excessive speeds found in the Lone Star State. We have the nation’s fastest speed limits (85 MPH) and the highest average speed limits (75 MPH) in the country.


Texans have places to be and we move with pace. One trip to Odessa on I-20 will confirm this notion. But with higher speeds available, the risk of having a serious accident including those with a fatality increases. mean the potential for a serious accident or fatality increases. Auto insurance companies look at this factor negatively and continue to raise rates because of it.

Uninsured Motorists

In Texas, 15% of all motorists fail to obtain liability insurance, which is worse than the national average. Due to the increased risk of accident involvement with those uninsured, Texas drivers’ insurance premiums are higher.

Longer Commutes in Texas

Residents living in Midland, TX, have an average commute that is around 19 minutes. This is far less than the national average, but unfortunately, most of Texas isn’t so lucky. The Lone Star State often finds itself home to many areas of longer commutes.


The longer you stay in your vehicle, the more likely you are to be in an accident and you can expect higher rates. However, while statewide trends work against you, local commutes being lower could actually lower your rates, depending on the metrics used by your insurance provider.

Natural Disasters in Midland, TX

Auto insurance in Midland, TX, is higher in part due to the natural disasters drivers face in the area. While the city is a far cry from the coastal storms and west of Flash Flood Alley, there are still many weather events that can damage your vehicle. Notably, hail and severe weather-producing flash floods can be serious threats. These risks mean higher insurance rates for drivers.

Personal Factors for Drivers

A number of factors determine your auto insurance rates, such as your age, where you live, what you drive, what type of vehicle you own, and what coverage you need. Insurance premiums will increase if there is a higher risk involved.


Complicating things further, not only are there many factors involved, but the way each carrier determines your premium will vary among each brand. This is why insurance companies in Midland, TX, can provide you with different quotes even for the same coverage.

Midland TX auto 1 S

Auto Insurance Discounts for Midland, TX

There are a lot of ways to save money on your car insurance and discounts are one of the tops. Drivers have plenty of options for discounts on their auto insurance premiums. Though not everything will apply to your needs, there is something for virtually everyone. Drivers in Midland, TX, can find the best car insurance for their needs with discounts to match.

Bundling Discount

When you bundle together your home or renters policy with auto insurance policies, you can unlock great savings for your coverage. Multi-policy discounts may also be available for households with multiple vehicles. Progressive Insurance Company is popular for such options in Midland, Texas, saving drivers an average of 12% when combining multiple insurance policies and 5% when insuring multiple vehicles.


  • Potential Savings: 1% – 17%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Billing Discount

Online billing or automatic billing can help you lower your bill. A monthly premium is more expensive than an upfront one, so paying your premium upfront could also save you money. These discounts are available from Allstate in Midland, TX, and virtually all Texas insurers.


  • Potential Savings: 2% – 25%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Safeco, Allstate, and Travelers.

New Customer Discount

Being a new customer can save you a ton of money when switching your auto insurance and the sooner you change carriers, the more you’ll save. This is why getting auto insurance quotes as soon as possible is so vital. Drivers in Midland, TX often save this route when switching to Travelers Insurance, as they offer 10% off, but other brands may offer even greater savings depending on your policy.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 15%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Occupational Discount

Depending on your occupation, it’s statistically less likely for you to have an auto accident. Car insurance carriers know this and can offer discounts depending on your job as well as lower your premium due to you carrying less risk. Both Progressive Insurance Company and Safeco are known for such discounts in Texas.


  • Potential Savings: 10% – 20%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Continuously Insured Discount

Staying insured helps you avoid lapses in coverage, lowering your risk of getting in an accident without insurance. If you keep your insurance policy current, you’re not only being responsible, but you may also unlock discounts from companies,  like Progressive, who offer discounts to drivers who have kept their policy active for at least six months without a gap.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 25%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive and Travelers.

Good Student Discount

Younger drivers have the highest insurance rates on average, but by getting good grades (a “B” average or higher), they can save money on car insurance. Progressive Insurance Company offers drivers in Midland, Texas, as much as 15% off, however, there are other carriers that may even provide greater savings.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 20%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Resident Student Discount

Students that go to college over 100 miles from their insured vehicle can save as much as 35% on their coverage. Travelers Insurance is one of the most popular car insurance companies offering this discount for drivers in Midland, Texas.


  • Potential Savings: 7% – 35%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Good Driver Discount

Being a good driver means making the road a safer place and it can keep more money in your pocket. Most car insurance companies provide some sort of good driver discount if you don’t have insurance claims or moving violations within certain timeframes. There are even companies that provide the discount even if you do have a claim or violation within a certain period of time, such as Safeco (5 years).


  • Potential Savings: 10% – 30%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Usage-Based Discount

Today, auto insurance companies analyze and track their customers’ driving habits through the use of technology, including apps and smartphones. Taking safe driving precautions and driving less can help you save money. In Midland, Texas, carriers offer the following programs:


  • The telematics program from Allstate, “Drivewise”.
  • Drivers save up to 30% with Safeco’s “Righttrack” program.
  • “Snapshot” by Progressive ($145 in savings on average).
  • “Intellidrive” by Travelers Insurance.



  • Potential Savings: Up to 30%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Mature Driver Discount

Drivers 55 years old and older can enjoy discounts, however, you often will need to pass a senior driver course to enjoy such savings.


  • Potential Savings: 1% – 15%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Midland TX auto discounts

Car Insurance Online for Drivers in Midland, TX

Finding the right car insurance can be done in more than one way, including online. Vehicle insurance of all kinds is available and there are many options available including comprehensive insurance, collision coverage, gap insurance, etc.


Liability coverage remains mandatory in accordance with Texas law, but other insurance options can help drivers protect themselves against a variety of risks. In the event that you suffer a loss that does not involve an accident or is your fault, other coverages can help you avoid paying a large sum of money out of pocket.


But with so many coverage options available and a wide variety of carriers to choose from how do you know that you’re getting the right coverage and the lowest price?


Freedom Insurance Group helps drivers in Midland, TX, gain personalized coverage at the lowest cost possible. Since 2005, we’ve helped drivers save and continue to do so with our quality partnerships and comparative shopping. Ask an agent today to explore your options. You can also learn more about popular coverage options below:


Midland TX auto 2

No matter what protection you need, we are here to help. Our coverage offerings include everything from comprehensive car insurance to third-party insurance to classic car insurance and much more. On top of it all, we deliver the lowest price through comparative shopping all from our top-rated partners. Whatever your needs, our agents are here to help you stay protected and pay less.

Gap Insurance in Midland, TX

One of the most popular protections in Midland, Texas, continues to be gap insurance. This important protection helps you avoid paying off a total loss vehicle that still has a note after an accident. If this is a coverage that will fit your needs, Freedom Insurance is here to help by offering some of the highest-rated gap insurance providers in the state.

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Midland, Texas?

Finding the lowest rate in Midland, TX, for car insurance is going to vary from driver to driver because there are different variables that dictate your premium. The best insurance is going to have the most coverage for your needs at the lowest rate.


Each brand may look at risks differently, but if you bring on more risk as a client, you can expect to pay more for your premium.


Car insurance in Midland, TX, shouldn’t make you overpay for protection. By shopping and comparing policies among a wide variety of brands, you can find the best protection and the lowest cost.


Before enrolling in an auto insurance policy, it’s always a good idea to shop around because each brand assesses risk differently and offers varying discounts.

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Our agents help drivers throughout all of Texas. Don’t see your zip code listed? No worries, give us a call and we can still help you find cheap car insurance in Midland, TX, regardless of your address.

Save On Auto Insurance in Midland, TX

You may feel overwhelmed when shopping for car insurance because there are so many companies to choose from. With Freedom Insurance Group, you can find the right coverage for the lowest price from a carrier you can depend on.


By partnering with more than 25 of the best auto insurance companies in Texas, we have provided drivers in Midland, TX, with auto insurance coverage since 2005. As a result of our partnerships and comparative shopping, we are able to save our clients an average of 40%.


Find car insurance quotes for Midland, TX, with our online tool, or contact one of our agents to see what your coverage options are, as well as how much you can save today.


We offer a huge selection of affordable insurance products, in addition to helping you save on auto insurance in Midland, TX. Here are a few ways that Texans can stay protected for less:


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