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Texas has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country with drivers paying an average of more than $1,900 per year as compared to the national average of $1,449 per year. Auto insurance in Cedar Park, TX, is affected by many different factors, some based on regional trends and others related to drivers themselves. Understanding the average cost in your city, however, can help paint a picture of what you can expect your coverage to cost.

Drivers can save with cheap car insurance that delivers protection as well as discounts for your car insurance policy. It is possible to find the best price on your coverage if you compare car insurance companies and understand your coverage options. Freedom Insurance Group works to empower drivers through education that allows you to make an informed decision about what works best for your needs. Check out how you can save money on your car insurance policies by learning more about your options.

Average Car Insurance Cost in Cedar Park, TX per Month

Car insurance cost for drivers in Cedar Park, TX, will vary due to many different factors, and the price paid by one driver will be different than another for these reasons. Explore some of these factors and the monthly car insurance averages you can expect to spend based on how these factors affect your rates:

Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Age

Age Range

Av. Premium

Under 18














Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Vehicle

Vehicle Age

Av. Monthly Premium

Less than 1 Year


2-3 Years


4-5 Years


6-7 Years


8-10 Years


11-14 Years


15 Years or older


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Carrier



Av. Monthly Rate








Bristol West




















Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Housing Status

Housing Status

Av. Monthly Premium





Live with parents


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Relationship Status


Av. Monthly Premium

Single (never married)








Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Driving Record


Av. Monthly Premium

1 accident


Multiple accidents


1 Ticket


Multiple tickets


Texas Low-Cost Insurance in Cedar Park

It’s getting more expensive to insure your vehicle, and there are many reasons why. Understanding why insurance rates continue to rise will help you control what you can to save more money when purchasing coverage. Discover some of the main reasons why car insurance rates are going up for drivers in Texas:

The Population Density of Texas

Texas is the second-most populous state in the nation after California. Most people live in nearby metropolises and while around 80% of the population living in the United States chooses urban living, Texas has up to 84% of its population living in cities. The city of Cedar Park, Texas continues to be a highly desirable city to move to due to its proximity to Austin, economic outlook, low crime rate, etc. This increase in residents is further pushing car insurance in Cedar Park, TX, higher as there is an increased chance of an automobile accident or a claim related to theft/vandalism.

An Increase In Accidents

Texas is the top state for the number of auto accidents that end in fatalities. This terrible statistic means that auto insurance companies pay out more for claims and therefore charge more for coverage.

Texas Speed Limits

Texas State Highway 130 provides the fastest speed limits in the country reaching 85 MPH. Overall, Texas has the fastest average allowed reaching 75 MPH. These increased speeds are great for getting around our massive state quicker, but it also means that there are more risks involved as a result. The increase in risk means that you’ll have to pay more for protection as well.

Uninsured Motorists

Even though driving without liability coverage is illegal in Texas, 15% of all Texans do it every day. Due to the risk of having to file an uninsured driver claim, these uninsured drivers are not only putting themselves at risk but also increasing the premiums of all insured drivers.

Longer Travel Times

The average commute for drivers in Cedar Park, Texas, is actually not too bad when compared to national averages. But the 25 minutes you’re in your vehicle can quickly escalate depending on the time of day, the flow of traffic, and accidents along your route. Especially during peak hours traveling on US-183. Texas is known for long commutes and this increase in time on the road means that car insurance companies are charging you more for protection because there is an increased risk of an accident.

Texas Driving Trends

There has been an increase in speed limits throughout Texas due in part to the number of distance drivers need to cover in a short period of time. The additional risk of being in an automobile accident associated with driving more miles means auto insurance premiums can rise as well. And since Texas is the second-largest state by land mass, it's no wonder that this factor contributes to rising premiums.

Higher Minimum Coverage Requirements

The cost of labor, parts, and medical expenses continue to rise, and Texas has used its legislation to offer customers a way to restore their cars after a loss. Because of this, every motorist must not only hold liability coverage but also a minimum amount of protection. The state of Texas requires at least $30,000 of coverage for bodily injury per individual, $60,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

Natural Disasters

Texas is prone to a number of natural disasters ranging from vicious tropical storms, blazing wildfires, and tornadoes/hailstorms that can ravage entire cities. Just because your city isn’t affected but every disaster, doesn’t mean that damage in one part of the state might not affect your rates. Hurricane Harvey alone sent auto insurance rates climbing 8% in its aftermath and changing weather patterns continue to see a trend in an uptick of weather threats. Combined, this means drivers in Texas are paying more for their premiums as the risk of claims rises.

Personal Factors

Personal factors will vary from driver to driver, but they will also affect how much you pay for auto insurance in Cedar Park, TX. These are some of the most common factors assessed by car insurance companies:

  • Age.

  • Where you live and drive.

  • Your driving record.

  • The number of claims you’ve submitted before.

  • The type of vehicle you drive.

  • The amount of coverage you purchase.

  • Your deductible.

Generally, drivers who pose more risk based on their personal characteristics will have to pay more, whereas drivers who pose less risk will have to pay less.

Car Insurance Discounts in Cedar Park, TX

The right discounts can help you keep your policy's price low while looking for cheap auto insurance. In Cedar Park, TX, drivers can usually expect to receive the following discounts on their car insurance:

Bundling Discount

You can save a great deal of money by bundling your homeowners and renters insurance policies. The best car insurance will protect your vehicle while also providing savings on your cost. Bundling home and auto insurance together or taking advantage of multi-policy discounts for households with multiple vehicles is one of the best ways for any driver to save money and gain better protection. Progressive Insurance offers drivers an average of 12% in savings for insuring multiple vehicles and 5% when multiple policies are purchased.

· Potential Savings: 1% – 17%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Billing Discount

Paying less for auto insurance can be accomplished by setting up electronic billing and automatic payments. In fact, you might be able to get discounts for paying for everything at once. As a result, brands save on overhead and pass some of the savings along to drivers. Allstate is a popular example that provides sizable discounts for drivers through such means. This discount is popular, however, among almost every auto insurance company in Texas.

· Potential Savings: 2% – 25%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Safeco, Allstate, and Travelers.

Customer Loyalty Discount

A policy review is essential annually, but customer loyalty can bring its own benefits. A number of reputable auto insurers will offer long-term customers a discount for staying enrolled with their policies.

· Potential savings: 2% – 10%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Customer Retention Discount

A discount may be offered to you as a last-ditch attempt by an insurance company to keep you from switching to a competitor. There is a possibility for drivers to receive significant savings in some cases, so switching companies may not be necessary.

· Potential Savings: Up to 10%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

New Customer Discount

Drivers in Cedar Park, Texas, may receive discounts for switching insurance carriers as an incentive for new customers. Travelers Insurance gives new customers up to 10% off, depending on when you purchase your policy. Drivers who switch earlier will save more and it is advised that drivers receive a car insurance quote before their current policy expires.

· Potential Savings: 5% – 15%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Continuously Insured Discount

It is important to keep your auto insurance up to date to save money in multiple ways. For example, you can get discounts from auto insurance companies like Progressive, and you avoid penalties for lapsed auto insurance. You may even be able to save more if you provide proof that you have had car insurance for the last six months.

· Potential Savings: 5% – 25%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive and Travelers.

Good Student Discount

Car insurance for young drivers costs much more than any other demographic. A good student discount can often result in savings of up to 20% for students who maintain high grades, usually a “B” or better. Progressive offers good students with car insurance up to a 15% discount.

· Potential Savings: 5% – 20%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Resident Student Discount

Young drivers can also benefit from a discount if they are away at school at least 100 miles from the vehicle they have insured. Long-distance students can receive up to 35% off through resident student discounts, with Travelers Insurance being a popular brand offering such savings.

· Potential Savings: 7% – 35%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Good Driver Discount

Automobile insurance rates can be reduced for drivers with a clean driving record and no claims history. Discounts will vary from carrier to carrier, and some may offer discounts even if you have had claims on your history, so long as they haven't been filed within a certain period. For instance, Safeco offers discounts to clients who haven't filed a claim or committed a moving violation in the past five years.

· Potential Savings: 10% – 30%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Usage-Based Discount

Some insurance companies offer devices that can track your driving habits through either an app on your phone or a device connected to your car. Users can save substantially by following safe driving habits. Progressive's "Snapshot" program offers an average of $145 in savings, Safeco's "Righttrack" program can help customers save up to 30%, and Allstate's "Drivewise" program is another example.”

· Potential Savings: Up to 30%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Mature Driver Discount

Age is a factor that qualifies many mature drivers for insurance discounts in Texas. It's important to note that some companies require a senior driving course to qualify for these discounts.

· Potential Savings: 1% – 15%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Occupational Discount

When calculating your premium, insurance companies consider your occupation as well. You may be able to lower your bill if you work in a profession that typically makes less expensive claims. There are many companies that offer such savings in Texas, including Safeco and Progressive.

· Potential Savings: 10% – 20%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Married Discount

The rate of auto insurance is lower for married people because single people are more likely to be involved in accidents and pay higher premiums due to the increase in risk on behalf of the insurer.

· Potential Savings: 10% – 20%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Homeowner Discount

Because auto insurance companies view homeowners as more financially stable customers, they may often receive savings through various discounts including bundling. Some brands, however, even offer such discounts even if you have a home insurance policy with another brand. Travelers is a popular example in Cedar Park, TX, offering as much as 5% in savings no matter where they insure their home.

· Potential Savings: 2% – 10%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Safety Features Discount

Stability control and anti-lock brakes have the potential to save your life but can also be cost-effective when it comes to your auto insurance. The right safety features reduce the risk of an accident or injury and can help you save on auto insurance costs.

· Potential Savings: 4% – 40%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Passive Restraints Discount

When you own a vehicle that features airbags or automatic seatbelts, you can save money on your car insurance compared to older vehicles that lack such features.

· Potential Savings: 2% – 40%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Anti-Theft System Discount

Auto insurance in Cedar Park, TX, is as high as it is in part because of grand theft auto. The state of Texas experiences more than 65,000 car thefts every year. This is why car insurance companies love anti-theft features. Your auto insurance provider may give you a discount for having anti-theft features such as car alarms, steering wheel locks, and LoJack.

· Potential Savings: 5% – 25%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

New Car Discount

Although some people think new cars automatically increase their insurance premiums, that isn't always true. As technology increases safety features, some insurers provide discounts for driving a more technologically advanced car as it increases road safety. New car insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, and drivers can save up to 10% on auto insurance at Travelers Insurance for newer vehicle models that qualify.

· Potential Savings: 5% – 20%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Organizational Discount

Depending on your affiliation with an alumni group, credit union, or auto club, such as AAA, you may be able to save money. Most insurance companies in Texas do not offer this discount.

 Potential Savings: 2% – 20%

Driver Education Discount

Taking an approved defensive driving course or any other safe driver course can provide cheaper insurance rates through discounts, but this discount is becoming rare among insurance providers in Texas.

· Potential Savings: 2% – 3%

· Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Types of Car Insurance in Cedar Park, TX

Auto insurance in Cedar Park, TX, is important and there are many different types of coverage drivers can choose from. From comprehensive car insurance to classic car insurance and even full coverage car insurance, the right provider can help you identify your risks and the best coverage to help keep you protected.

Freedom Insurance Group has been serving drivers in Cedar Park, Texas, since 2005, and offers plenty of affordable coverage options that protect you without making you overspend. To learn more about your specific coverage needs, ask an agent to discover which of the following coverages suits you best:

Liability Car Insurance

All drivers in Texas are required to hold the following coverage amounts at a minimum to remain legal while on the road:

  • $30,000 coverage for damage per person.

  • $60,000 for every encounter.

  • $25,000 compensation for property damage.

In the aftermath of an accident, maintaining minimum coverage could leave you lacking in coverage, especially with the increasing costs of medical expenses, labor, and materials. It’s important to assess your risks and purchase an adequate level of protection to help you avoid paying substantial costs after a wreck that would negate any savings you may look to achieve on your premium.

Collision Coverage

If another party's vehicle is damaged, liability insurance covers it, but collision insurance covers losses that occur to your vehicle after a collision, irrespective of fault. Pothole damage in Texas can also be covered by collision coverage. However, there are deductibles.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your vehicle can be damaged by many different things besides driving. For example, it can be stolen or damaged by hail. Such losses are covered by comprehensive coverage, but there are deductibles involved.

Combined with collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage, you can receive what is called full coverage insurance, which offers a wider range of benefits. This is a great option when you require car insurance for new drivers as it provides a wider range of protection for less.

Medical Payment Coverage

If you or one of your passengers are injured in a car accident, medical payment coverage helps mitigate medical expenses for you and your passengers. Even if you are at fault, your coverage will help you mitigate these expenses.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In Texas, PIP insurance covers your medical expenses and those of your passengers as well as non-medical expenses and lost wages. Also known as no-fault insurance, this coverage kicks in no matter who is at fault for the accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The consequences of an accident that is caused by an uninsured driver or an underinsured driver can leave you on your own to pay for the necessary expenses. In a situation like this, having uninsured motorist coverage is the best way to help you restore your financial losses. Hit-and-runs are also covered by this form of protection.

Towing and Labor Coverage

Towing and labor coverage can help you save a ton of money after a wreck or if you are in need of assistance while on the road. Depending on your coverage, you may receive help with a range of issues including being locked out of your car, getting a jumpstart for your battery, fixing a punctured tire, and getting a tow, of course.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

If your vehicle requires repair after an accident, your rental reimbursement coverage will help you pay for a rental while your vehicle is being repaired. You may even be reimbursed for cab expenses depending on your insurance provider.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Deny Claims in Cedar Park, TX?

There are many reasons drivers may have their claims denied, or could risk being dropped by their insurer altogether. Here are some of the most common reasons drivers find their claims denied by car insurance in Cedar Park, Texas:

  • Non-payment.

  • Your claim is fraudulent.

  • You’ve given false information on your application and/or committed insurance fraud.

  • Failing to provide documentation on time.

  • You are listed as an excluded driver on the policy.

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Our agents take the time to craft you coverage that protects you according to your needs. Car insurance online can be intimidating, but the best car insurance you can find will protect you from potential perils and save you money in the process. This is exactly what we provide.

Auto insurance in Cedar Park, TX, can be affordable and still deliver great protection, which is why our clients save an average of around 40% on their premium. Contact us today, or get a free auto insurance quote with only a few clicks of a button.

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