Find the Best Auto Insurance in Missouri City TX

If you’re looking for auto insurance in Missouri City, TX, you’ll notice there are plenty of options available. Determining the best option for you, however, can be difficult to do. Texans pay more for coverage with the average driver spending $1,900+ per year on their coverage compared to the national average of $1,449 per year.
While many factors go into this increase, you have options and affordable coverage can be easier to find than you think. Some of the factors are under your control, others are not, but understanding them can help you best protect yourself and do so for less.


Car insurance in Missouri City, TX, should protect you when you need it but be affordable while enrolled. At Freedom Insurance Group, we deliver protection for the lowest cost for drivers throughout the Lone Star State. Learn more about your options and how to keep more money in your pocket while enrolling with an insurance carrier you can trust.

Average Car Insurance Cost for Auto Insurance in Missouri City, Texas

The rates of car insurance in Missouri City, Texas are determined by many factors. In general, you can expect to pay the following monthly premium based on the following factors:

Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Age

Age Range

Av. Premium

Under 18














Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Vehicle

Vehicle Age

Av. Monthly Premium

Less than 1 Year


2-3 Years


4-5 Years


6-7 Years


8-10 Years


11-14 Years


15 Years or older


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Carrier



Av. Monthly Rate

















Bristol West











Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Housing Status

Housing Status

Av. Monthly Premium





Live with parents


Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Relationship Status


Av. Monthly Premium

Single (never married)








Average Monthly Auto Insurance by Driving Record


Av. Monthly Premium

1 accident


Multiple accidents


1 Ticket


Multiple tickets


Is the Cost of Auto Insurance in Missouri City, TX Rising?

Yes, the cost of auto insurance in Missouri City, TX continues to rise higher due to a number of factors. This can include personal reasons and also more broad trends found on a statewide or economic level. Here are some of the key factors you are likely spending more for your car insurance policy:

Population Density

Population growth and the growth of the average household income in Missouri City, TX are the trends for this southwest city of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area. Located in both Fort Bend County and Harris County, the city continues to draw families looking for a region close to city amenities with a strong economic outlook.


Texas has a faster growth rate in urban areas (84%) than the rest of the United States (80%). But because there are more people in denser areas, this means more cars and a higher possibility of an automobile accident, vandalism, and grand theft auto. Drivers living in the Lone Star State have their cars stolen over 65,000 per year.

Texas Has Higher Speed Limits

Whether it’s a day trip to Galveston or a short trip into downtown Houston, it’s evident that the speed limits in Texas are gratuitous. We have a lot of ground to cover and a short time to get there, which is why Texans can find the fastest speed limits (85 MPH) and the highest average speed limits (75 MPH) in the country. But higher speeds mean the potential for a serious accident or fatality increases. Auto insurance companies take this into consideration and raise rates as a result.

Uninsured Motorists

Texan drivers are less likely than the national average to be insured for liability, with as many as 15% of all motorists forgoing the coverage. Insurance premiums for Texas drivers are higher as a result, because they may be involved in an accident with someone without coverage.

Longer Commutes in Texas

For drivers in Missouri City, TX, expect to spend over 31 minutes in your vehicle for your average commute. This is higher than the national average, meaning a trip on Hwy 6 is going to take a while.


More traffic means you’re on the road longer and around more vehicles, raising your potential for an accident. If there is an increase in the chance of an accident, carriers will raise rates and this is no exception.

Natural Disasters Affect Missouri City, TX

Natural disasters continue to raise the rates of auto insurance in Missouri City, TX. There are larger events such as tropical storms and hurricanes that bring destructive force to the area; however, everyday storms are a threat to the area. Flooding, tornadoes, and hail damage are part of normal weather patterns for the region, further complicating the quest for affordable car insurance.

Personal Factors

Your auto insurance rate is determined by several personal factors, such as your age, your location, your driving record, your vehicle type, and your coverage needs. A higher risk will result in a higher insurance premium.


Several factors affect your rates, but the method used to calculate them will differ from brand to brand. Different companies will give you different quotes for the same coverage.


Auto Insurance Discounts for Missouri City, TX

Having the right car insurance policy will keep you safe and save you money at the same time. Car insurance discounts come in several forms, and while you may not qualify for everyone, there is likely to be one that suits your needs. To get cheap auto insurance in Missouri City, TX, you can take advantage of these discounts:

Bundling Discount

Many of the best discounts are available when multiple auto insurance policies are bundled together. With a homeowners and renters insurance policy bundled with an auto policy, you can maximize your savings and protection. You may qualify for a multi-policy discount if you own more than one vehicle. Through Progressive, drivers who purchase multiple insurance policies can save on average 12% when purchasing multiple insurance policies. When insuring multiple vehicles, drivers can save 5%.


  • Potential Savings: 1% – 17%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Billing Discount

You can get a lower bill by using online billing or automatic billing. If you pay your premium upfront rather than monthly, you can also save money. Allstate, as well as virtually every Texas insurance provider, offers these discounts.


  • Potential Savings: 2% – 25%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Safeco, Allstate, and Travelers.

New Customer Discount

It is possible to receive a discount if you are a new customer, and the further into the future you switch, the greater the discount you'll receive. So when you switch auto insurance policies, it's important to get a quote as soon as possible. This discount is popular in Missouri City, Texas with Travelers Insurance. You may be able to save as much as 10% with them, although other brands may offer even greater discounts.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 15%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Occupational Discount

Managing risk is what insurance companies do, and some occupations are less likely to be involved in accidents, so they offer discounts. Also, these factors contribute to your auto insurance premium. These discounts are what make Safeco and Progressive so popular with Texans.


  • Potential Savings: 10% – 20%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Continuously Insured Discount

Texas companies such as Progressive offer discounts to customers who maintain their auto insurance policies for at least six months. It is important to keep your insurance coverage current to avoid penalties for lapsed coverage as well as to lower your risk of being involved in an accident without insurance and facing a financial burden.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 25%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive and Travelers.

Good Student Discount

Getting good grades can do a lot more than boost your GPA. Young drivers have to deal with higher auto insurance rates because of the risk they bring. You can enjoy cheaper premiums by maintaining a “B” average or higher by earning discounts that can equal up to 20% off of your costs. This Progressive discount can save drivers in Missouri City, Texas up to 15%. Drivers in Missouri City, TX, may save even more with this discount from other brands.


  • Potential Savings: 5% – 20%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Resident Student Discount

Find the right discounts to get the best car insurance for young drivers. A discount can be applied to young drivers who go away to college more than 100 miles from their vehicle in need of insurance. In Missouri City, Texas, Travelers offers discounts of up to 35%.


  • Potential Savings: 7% – 35%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Good Driver Discount

Driving safely helps reduce accidents, which can save you money also. Depending on the insurance brand, most companies offer a good driver discount to drivers who don't submit claims within a certain timeframe. Despite any claims or moving violations within the past five years, you can qualify for a Safeco discount.


  • Potential Savings: 10% – 30%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Usage-Based Discount

Auto insurance companies use a range of technologies to analyze and track their customers' driving habits, including smartphones and apps. Driving safely or driving less can save you money. Popular programs offered in Missouri City, Texas include:


  • The telematics program from Allstate known as “Drivewise”.
  • You can earn as much as 30% off with Safeco’s “Righttrack” program.
  • “Snapshot” by Progressive saves drivers $145 on average.
  • “Intellidrive” from Travelers Insurance.



  • Potential Savings: Up to 30%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Mature Driver Discount

It is possible to qualify for a mature driver discount if you are 55 years old and older, but you may need to take a senior driver course before receiving a lower rate.


  • Potential Savings: 1% – 15%
  • Major insurers offering this discount: Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, and Travelers.

Car Insurance Coverage Options in Missouri City, TX

Vehicle insurance is a necessity for any driver in Texas, but there are many options available, which coverages are right for you? There is gap insurance which may be better for drivers with newer vehicles, comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, third-party insurance policies…the list goes on and on.


No matter what, you’re going to need liability coverage to stay legal, but there are many other options available to help drivers stay protected from a range of potential losses. These coverages are a great way to avoid paying a large sum of money out of pocket after suffering losses that either don’t involve an accident or that you were the cause of.


Freedom Insurance Group continues to help drivers in Texas the same way we have, since 2005. By comparing your coverage needs, we find the lowest price for all of the protection you require. Ask an agent today and learn more about how you can save money while protecting your finances:


From securing your SR22 insurance form to enrolling in full coverage car insurance, we have you covered. No matter your need, our relationships with top-quality carriers mean more insurance options for your protection, all available at a lower price. Your protection needs are unique to you, and our agents are ready to help however possible.

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Missouri City, Texas?

The best auto insurance is going to have the most coverage for the lowest rate and finding the lowest rate in Missouri City, TX, is going to vary from driver to driver.


This is because while you’ll be assessed on a number of factors, each brand will do so differently. Overall, you can expect to pay more for your coverage depending on how much risk you bring to the table.


Car insurance in Missouri City, TX, doesn’t have to be expensive, and shopping through many brands can be the best way to find the protection you deserve without overpaying.


Because each brand assesses risk differently and offers varying discounts, it’s always recommended that you shop around before enrolling in an auto insurance policy.

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No matter where you live, we help drivers throughout Missouri City, TX find the best coverage for less. If you don’t see your zip code listed for whatever reason, give us a call, we are still here to help!

Find the Best Car Insurance in Missouri City, TX

With so many car insurance companies, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when shopping for coverage. At Freedom Insurance Group, our agents are here to help you pinpoint the best coverage for the lowest price provided by a carrier you can trust.


We’ve helped drivers in Missouri City, TX, since 2005, by partnering with over 25 of the top-rated auto insurance companies in the state. Through our partnerships and comparative shopping, we deliver an average of 40% in savings for our clients.


Affordable auto insurance online quotes can be found online and our agents are also here to help you save. Feel free to contact one of our agents or fill out a form today for an accurate estimate of your coverage.


Our team specializes in helping you save on auto insurance in Missouri City, TX, but we also offer a ton of affordable insurance products. Learn more about the many options available to Texans to stay protected for less:


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