Understanding Electronic Proof of Insurance and Texas Law


Over the last decade, the ownership of smartphones in Texas has skyrocketed. Virtually everyone has used one and an overwhelming majority of Texans have them. It’s only natural that more and more of our lives continue to become virtual. Insurance is no different. Many car insurance companies provide electronic proof of insurance, but not all states allow this as a valid form of proof. Thankfully, Texas is one of them. Learn more about using electronic proof of insurance throughout the state, the many benefits, staying protected, and which companies offer this feature.


States That Allow Electronic Proof of Insurance 2023

If you’re looking to show proof of auto insurance in Texas, you’ll be relieved to know that drivers have options. Texans can now show proof of insurance by phone, making electronic proof of insurance a viable way to carry your coverage information.

Sometimes called SR 22 insurance, all drivers must carry proof that they have a valid policy while driving. This is part of the financial responsibility all drivers are required to fulfill through the form of maintaining at least a minimum amount of liability coverage.

But there are other times in which electronic proof of insurance can come in handy. For example, when you are conducting business with the DMV or if you are renting a vehicle. Proof of insurance is important and being one of the many states that allow drivers to access this online comes with many benefits.

It should be noted, however, for the western Texans that may venture into New Mexico often, you may encounter some resistance in the event you need to provide proof of insurance. In fact, out of all of the states, only New Mexico doesn’t allow drivers to use an electronic method.


Will the DMV Accept Electronic Proof of Insurance?

Yes, due to the amendment of Transportation Code Section 601.053, the DMV in Texas will allow you to use electronic proof of insurance as an acceptable method of proof. This may be a requirement for drivers looking to register a new vehicle or renew vehicle registration.


The Benefits of Having Proof of Insurance Online for Texas Drivers

It may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but having electronic proof of insurance has major benefits. These perks help you save time, and money, and can keep you even more secure than when using traditional means. Here are several benefits of using online proof of your auto insurance:


Save Money on Your Premiums

Going electronic with your billing and documents can help you save money on your auto insurance premiums. Having electronic proof of insurance alone won’t likely equate to too much, but together with paperless billing, you can save as much as 25% on your coverage.



When your proof of coverage is online, you can access it anywhere there’s a connection. This is a great feature as you never know when or where you’ll need to prove your insurance. It’s also a great way to ensure it’s always with you as people are much less likely to forget their phone.


Saves You Time

It also helps you save time to carry your auto policy online. By doing so, you can speed up otherwise awkward and lengthy processes when interacting with police, the DMV, renting a vehicle, etc.


Electronic Proof of Insurance Is Safer

How often do you think about auto identity theft? It’s often overlooked. But the fact is, thieves are looking for more than just a few bucks or electronics when they break into your vehicle. Crafty criminals can use physical copies of your auto insurance, often kept in glove boxes, to steal your identity. Online insurance cards are much safer options.


It’s Great for the Environment

The reduction of paper products can help cut overhead and pass on savings to you as a customer, but it can also help benefit the environment. This is a great way to give back all while gaining something useful in the process.


How To Find a Company Offering Electronic Proof of Insurance


If you’re looking to enroll with an auto insurance company that provides electronic proof of insurance, you’re in luck. This is because while availability varies from brand to brand, many carriers understand the needs of modern drivers and provide this feature.

Of course, having your proof of insurance online isn’t the only thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a brand. Fortunately, when you enroll with a top-rated insurance carrier, you’ll often find modern features mixed with great coverage for your vehicle.

Car insurance premiums are created by carriers looking at the many risk factors that go into insuring you as a driver. Some of the most common include a driver’s age, the type of vehicle they drive, the amount of coverage they require, where they drive, and so on.

This is why you’ll often see the same coverage at different companies for two completely different prices. The best thing drivers can do is shop among many different brands and compare their coverage needs with the prices being offered.

Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we understand that this takes time. When you throw in looking for the best discounts and features, such as digital proof of insurance, things only continue to grow in complications.

That’s why we’re here to help. Our trained agents and established relationships with more than 25 top-rated auto insurance companies available to Texans allow us to pinpoint the coverage you need and the lowest price that it’s available.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping drivers save an average of 40% on their premiums and would love to help you too. From finding coverage that fits your needs to provide you with options for electronic proof of insurance, we do it all. Contact us today or fill out an online form for an auto insurance quote.

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