SR 22 Insurance in Texas Costs and Coverage Explained


Ensuring drivers are covered and holding up their financial responsibilities, is important for maintaining integrity on the road. SR 22 insurance is often associated with high-risk drivers, and in many cases it is, but the regulations change from state to state. In Texas, everyone must have an SR 22 form to be a legal driver. Learn more about the costs and purpose of this form for drivers in Texas.


What Is SR 22 Insurance?

SR 22 insurance is often confused with the form provided to show proof of liability coverage. Also known as a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility filing, the document is a requirement of the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 601 as proof of auto insurance in Texas.

The association of SR 22 insurance forms comes from requirements throughout the United States. Drivers with offenses such as DUI, getting in an auto accident without insurance, or driving with a suspended license are often required to have this form.

There are usually terms dictating how long such requirements are necessary for other states. When the SR 22 expires or is canceled, your insurance carrier will provide an SR 26 form noting the cancellation.

In Texas, insurance providers notify the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) when an SR 22 is canceled, terminated, or lapsed. This is important to remember, as all drivers should remain current with their auto insurance coverage to avoid incidents.

It’s also why the most common time SR 22 in Texas comes up is for getting one’s license reinstated. You’ll need to show proof of auto insurance to complete the process.


How Much Is a SR 22 in Texas?

SR 22 insurance cost will vary depending on your insurance carrier. Most providers will charge you no more than $50 to do the filing for you which is in addition to the fee to reinstate your license paid to the Texas DPS. Reinstatement will cost you around $100 to complete.


Do I Need a SR 22 in Texas?

Yes, you need to have a SR 22 insurance form in Texas. The need for an SR 22 insurance form varies from state to state and in Texas, it’s used to prove that you have valid auto insurance. Your SR-22 is often issued through your auto insurance provider to fulfill this legal requirement.


SR 22 California Qualifications

The SR 22 insurance qualifications for California residents can take some time to adjust to when moving to Texas. Here, they are used to denote a valid policy for all drivers while in other states they may be used only among high-risk motorists.

In California, there are many things including a DWI, excessive reckless driving, or failure to hold up your financial end after an accident, which require an SR 22 form. While you may not need that here due to driving violations, you’ll still want to disclose such incidents to your insurance agent.

Furthermore, when shopping for auto insurance, you’ll want to bring up such incidents on your record and any moving violations for an accurate quote.


Liability Coverage and Texas Motorists

A major reason for the certificate of financial responsibility or SR 22 is to ensure that motorists in Texas are insured. There are minimum guidelines to maintain, and financial interests to protect. In the Lone Star State, automobile financial responsibility laws are taken seriously.

All drivers must maintain a minimum of $30,000 in liability coverage per person with a total coverage amount of $60,000 per accident. Your coverage also includes $25,000 for property damage per accident. Combined, this coverage is known as 30/60/25.

Uninsured motorists harm those who do the right thing and are not at fault for a car accident. Not only does this mean others are left with picking up the pieces and spending tons of money out of their own pocket, but it also creates higher premiums for those who, again, are doing what they are supposed to do.

While the way risks are assessed will vary, each auto insurance carrier is going to assess how much risk each client has. This is based on many factors including some that operate on more of a regional level. One of these factors is the number of uninsured motorists there are in your state.

For these reasons and more, Texas requires an SR 22 insurance form to help keep things organized. By understanding who does and does not have insurance, the process of restoring losses after a car wreck can be streamlined.


What Is an FR-44?

In Florida and Virginia, you need an FR-44 form to prove that you have purchased car insurance. For some states, reinstatement of a suspended license may require proof of car insurance. While this holds true in Texas, this form isn’t something residents of the Lone Star State need to concern themselves with.


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