Who Has the Best Homeowners Insurance in Texas?


The insurance industry is a huge one. There are around 6,000 companies in total and even filtering for only home insurance brands in Texas, you’re still going to find quite a bit. Finding clarity through all the noise can feel overwhelming for homeowners. But everyone has the same goal, which is to find the best coverage for the lowest cost. Determining who has the best home insurance in Texas can become much more clear when you know where and how to look.

Who Has the Best Homeowners Insurance Rates in Texas?

If you’re looking for home insurance quotes, you’re going to want to find the best rates available. In Texas, the best homeowners insurance will vary from homeowner to homeowner.

To understand why you have to understand how your homeowners insurance rates come to be and the sum of it comes down to risk assessment.

Homeowners insurance companies are all looking to figure out how much risk potential clients have. This is looked at by assessing a number of factors.

Some of the factors you are judged on will be well within your control. For example, your credit score and the amount of coverage you decide to purchase.

Others are factored in by outside sources including weather patterns in your region, the number of claims an area produces, the crime rate, etc all affecting homeowners insurance in Texas.

The basic idea is that if your household is determined to have more risk to protect against, you are going to pay higher premiums. Homeowners with less risk will pay less for their coverage.

But if it were this simple, every home insurance company would offer the same exact premium for your coverage after looking at the same factors. If you spend more than a few seconds looking and you’ll learn quickly that’s not the case.

This isn’t just a money grab, no, it’s because not only are a number of different variables being looked at but they’re being assessed differently.

Each brand uses its own calculations to determine how much you pay for premiums. Because of this, you can see that the same coverage you need will have different prices for different companies.

The best home insurance companies are the ones that are capable of providing you with the coverage you need to stay adequately protected all for the lowest price possible.

There is no singular “best home insurance” in Texas because each Texan has different needs and variables surrounding their homes.

Choosing the Best Auto and Home Insurance Companies for Texans

Finding the best auto and home insurance companies takes time in most cases. You’re going to need to search through a variety of brands imputing your coverage needs over and over then compare those rates among carriers.

Home insurance companies and auto coverage providers are not all the same, however, and besides dealing with coverage and price, you’re going to also need reliability.

Though there are systems in place should your home insurance provider leaves Texas or goes out of business, it still presents a major hassle for homeowners.

During a major loss that affects a large region, you may find that not only do companies have difficulty dealing with the influx of claims, but brands that are not financially strong enough to overcome such situations may go under.

For these reasons and more, it’s critical that homeowners in Texas choose homeowners insurance companies that are highly rated.

Providers are independently assessed by agencies to determine the active financial health of a particular organization.

Better ratings mean that you can be sure that your home insurance provider can pay your claim if needed on time, and in full. Here are the major five rating agencies and their scales that look to assess insurance providers:

Your best bet for finding who has the best homeowners insurance in Texas needs to include searching among reliable brands that are ready to serve.

Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we deliver our clients a wealth of insurance products from only the best home insurance companies in the Lone Star State.

Our insurance center partners with more than 25 of the top-rated home insurance brands available to Texans. Here are some of the most notable examples that we work with:


Since being founded in 1931, Allstate has been keeping homeowners in good hands for over 90 years. Overcoming every sort of natural disaster, financial pitfall, and any other variable you can imagine, the Allstate Corporation continues to thrive with plentiful insurance products available.


Known for its quirky advertising campaigns, Progressive Insurance is ready to serve the needs of Texans. Since 1937, the brand has overcome a variety of conditions and still remains an A-rated insurance provider for both home and auto.

Safeco/Liberty Mutual

Safeco became a part of Liberty Mutual in 2008 and has only been growing stronger together since. Amazing customer service combined with a strong financial rating keep customers protected and satisfied through many insurance offerings.


The origins of Travelers Insurance can be traced back to 1853. This long-running insurer built its way up and is now one of the largest brands in the industry. It’s even been a staple of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2009. Homeowners have plenty of policies to choose from with low rates and great coverage.

The Best Companies Provide Bundles

A popular method of saving on your coverage is using insurance bundles to reduce costs and receive a better form of protection.

Bundling is a powerful tool and a method we use often. The best homeowners insurance in Texas can be combined with an auto insurance policy to create affordable protection for your household.

This is just another reason that it pays to work with an insurance agency with your needs in mind rather than a singular brand.

Our agents are here to find you the best possible options and can do so more efficiently thanks to established relationships with brands and more bundles to choose from.

In the end, homeowners in Texas benefit heavily by gaining more options, better prices, and a stronger team around their insurance coverage.

Auto and Home Insurance Quotes in Texas for Less

Finding the best home and auto insurance can be simplified by using an insurance agency that doesn’t work with a singular brand but rather many brands all at once.

The result is a faster, more streamlined experience with extra customer care, the cheapest homeowners insurance on the market, and more coverage options overall.

By working with multiple companies, we put your needs first and can shop among various brands quickly. Our network allows our clients to enjoy more insurance products and better discounts.

Your FIG agent will compare your coverage throughout our reliable partnerships and provide a no-hassle price that is set to be the best in the market.

We can filter through the noise and work to pinpoint your best protection option built around closing coverage gaps and saving your money in the process.

Our agents work to provide our clients with serious savings. On average, our clients save 40% on their home insurance premiums because of our methods.

Who has the best homeowners insurance in Texas? Ask an agent to find out your best options today or get a free homeowners insurance quote with only a few clicks.

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