Are Boat Docks Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Colorado?


Each homeowner in Colorado with boat docks is usually responsible for insuring their property and if it’s located at your home, then you are likely covered by a standard home insurance policy (HO3). However, if you have a boat dock or slip elsewhere, you may need to purchase additional coverage.

Boat insurance will protect your watercraft, but is unlikely to protect your dock. Therefore, dock coverage may be offered by your carrier as an additional option. This is important for boat owners who don’t have a dock at their homes but instead use a marina.

It’s also worth mentioning that while home insurance in Colorado may cover your boat dock, your carrier may dictate how it does so. Below, we’ll break down the different ways home insurance covers boat docks in Colorado.


Boat Dock Insurance in Colorado Explained

Boat dock insurance coverage in Colorado works differently depending on where your dock is located. However, it can also be protected differently depending on how your policy covers the dock itself. Let’s break it down:

  • Home insurance in Colorado consists of many different coverages. Each has a pacific area of your personal property to protect. For our purposes, the key focuses will be on Coverage B (Other Structures Coverage) and Coverage C (Personal Property Coverage).
  • Each policy is different, but for most HO3 policies, Coverage C is going to provide higher policy limits than Coverage B.
  • Therefore, it matters how your policy protects your boat deck. The amount of coverage you’ll receive is directly tied to how your policy protects you during a loss.
  • Furthermore, getting additional boat dock insurance coverage through your boat insurance policy in Colorado is necessary when you keep your vessel away from your home.


Depending on which policy you have in place will also mean which perils you are protected against. For example, if your boat dock is damaged by a peril covered by your home insurance or boat policy and it’s protected by either, it will only be protected against perils that fall under its specific coverage guidelines.

One common, somewhat ironic, issue boaters can run into is flood damage. Since home insurance coverage won’t cover flood damage, if your boat dock suffers a loss because of a flood, your policy won’t reimburse you if the dock is at your home.

Flood damage is an evolving threat in the Centennial State, particularly if you are around water sources. Having a flood insurance policy can help you protect not only your boat dock but also your home from costly weather events you may otherwise face alone.


Pros and Cons of Boat Dock Insurance for Colorado Homeowners

As with anything, you’re going to have good and bad attributes that homeowners are going to want to weigh when making a decision. Here are the pros and cons boat dock insurance can bring for homeowners in Colorado:



You’re protected against potential perils which can be costly to restore on your own.

Coverage can be tricky depending on your situation. Some homeowners may not feel as if they have as much protection as they’d like.

Even though it’s out of sight you’ll still gain peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the worst.

Deductibles still apply. Therefore, if you have a smaller claim, you may not even need coverage to begin with.

The average cost to repair a boat dock is $2,661, meaning you could save well over $1,000 even with your deductible when facing larger claims.

Wear and tear aren’t covered. Neither is flood damage, meaning you’ll need flood insurance coverage.

Although the Centennial State isn’t the first state that comes to mind in terms of boat ownership, those who own watercraft take it very seriously. Protection is available and looking around can help you find the right level of coverage for your needs at the lowest price on the market.


How To Insure a Boat Dock in Water in Colorado

The dock you have, where it is located, and the coverage you need are all going to come into play when you need to insure the structure. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps that can help you stay protected against what may come.


Determine Your Boat Dock Insurance Coverage Needs

First and foremost, you’re going to need to understand the type of coverage you need and how much protection that will go along with it. This means assessing threats relative to your needs, your risk tolerance, and other personal factors.

Everyone is different and having the same coverage as other boaters doesn’t make sense. When you’re getting coverage for your boat deck, for some it’ll make more sense to look at different home insurance options and for others, boat policies will need to be assessed.


Shop Around for Multiple Quotes for Your Boat Dock Policy

Finding protection isn’t too difficult but finding the right one for your needs and budget can be. Don’t settle for the first policy you come across but rather shop around and compare coverages and premiums to be sure you’re getting the best deal available.


Don’t Forget to Shop for Additional Colorado Insurance Policies

Because of the natural risk of flood damage boat docks may face, it’s important to cover all of your bases. Shopping among both government and private flood insurance policies can help you prepare for a wider range of risks that may affect your home and your boat dock as well.


Covering Boat Docks in Colorado for Less


No matter what your needs are, whether it be the right homeowners insurance policy or a rider for your boat insurance coverage, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, you can save when you shop and compare your options through Freedom Insurance Group.

Our agents have established partnerships with many different top-rated carriers and work to find you not only personalized coverage but also the lowest premiums available. We’ll even work to provide optimal discounts for the best savings possible.

From flood insurance quotes to Colorado boat insurance and of course, home insurance quotes, we’re here to help you find the protection you deserve. Contact our team today to protect your boat dock and so much more for less!

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