Car Insurance Rates in Texas Guide

Auto insurance in Texas

The rates companies offer will vary from one company to another depending on several factors, which is why it is important to compare rates among several to get the best protection at the best price possible. Some of them are the age of the driver, the claims and driving history, the vehicle year, etc. Other factors are external such as the rate crime in the area you live in, the road safety, local regulations, among others. Even though Texas has affordable average premiums when compared to other states in the United States, some cities within Texas have higher rates than others.

Texas Cities

Monthly Av. Rate

El Paso




Flower Mound




San Antonio




Some of the factors that affect your auto insurance premium:

· Age: Generally, auto insurance will have a higher premium for younger drivers. The longer you have been driving, the more experience you have behind the wheel. However, you can always check which discounts might apply to you. Some discounts might be given for safe driver, good student, bundling with other type of insurance, etc.

· Vehicle: The type of vehicle you own will also affect the premium you pay for auto insurance. In general, newer vehicles will have a higher rate while older cars will pay a lower one. However, safety features in your auto might be applicable for discounts.

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· Housing status: Another factor that might be taken while calculating your auto insurance premium is your housing situation. Typically, homeowners pay a lower premium. A great amount of insurance companies will give you a discount by bundling your auto insurance with a homeowner or renter policy, helping you reduce your auto insurance premium.

· Relationship status: Generally, married couples will pay a lower premium because they have more than one auto insured, and they opt to bundle with a homeowner policy as well.

· Driving record: Drivers with clean records will get significantly lower premiums than those who have infractions. Accidents, speeding tickets, and other infractions will affect your auto insurance rate.

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