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Everything You Need To Know About Hazard Insurance for SBA Loan


Securing a loan for your small business means that you’re going to have to have your affairs in order. Part of doing this will be securing the right protection for your new venture. Hazard insurance for an SBA loan is necessary because lending institutions want to protect their risk. A business that is unable to operate due to a major loss will be unable to repay its loan, turn a profit, and may even shutter completely.

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How To Find Angel Investors in Texas


When angel investors invest in a startup, they provide the money to get you going and can be helpful when your business idea may require much more capital than you can either provide or acquire through alternative means.

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Texas Commercial Property Insurance Coverage Option Guide

Business Insurance

Commercial property insurance pays to repair or replace your building and business property damaged by a fire, storm, or other event covered by the policy. It can also pay some of your lost income if your business is unable to operate normally. Coverage options There are three different levels of commercial property coverage. Each level…

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How To Protect Your Small Business From Inflation


Each industry is different, but practical decisions combined with critical thinking can keep your processes running smoothly and profits coming in. Take a look at our quick guide and deploy these tips to offset inflation’s effects on your small business.

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Safe Driving Tips for Small Businesses


Even though commercial auto insurance can help you restore losses after an accident, it is important to work towards avoiding them altogether in the first place. The best way to prepare for an automobile accident is to practice safe driving.

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Is Commercial Auto Insurance Right for You?

commercial auto-min

Commercial auto insurance is as important for the worker hustling a gig for a side hustle as it is a trucking company with a fleet of trucks. If you are conducting business by using your vehicle in Texas, commercial auto insurance is necessary for protection.

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The Opportunities for Small Businesses in Web 3.0

A vector of Web 3.0.

Texas continues to see a strong connection to emerging and progressive technologies. From the tech startups in Austin to the established headquarters of AT&T in Dallas, down to the exciting establishment of Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, by Elon Musk down south. We Texans help push what is possible and Web 3.0 is going to do the same for businesses and users alike.

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7 Reasons Small Businesses in Dallas Needs Business Insurance

The Dallas, Texas skyline

Is business insurance mandatory by law? No, but it is more than worth it to limit the cost of particular losses and keep your business afloat during turbulent times to move forward. Explore seven great reasons you should protect your business with the right business insurance coverages.

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