Cheap Car Insurance: How to Lower Your Rates in Texas

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It doesn’t take long to understand that having a vehicle in Texas is essential. The Lone Star State is great, but it is also huge. Our cities are large and we have plenty of rural communities to navigate far and wide. Drivers in Texas are required by law to carry a valid form of car insurance for their automobiles. Failure to do so can result in a mountain of legal issues, fees, and liabilities for restoring damaged property.

While every driver’s needs are different, at the end of the day, each driver wants the same thing…the cheapest car insurance rates possible.

Saving serious cash on your auto insurance premiums isn’t a pipe dream, however, and many motorists would be surprised to understand the number of options at their disposal for saving money. There are a variety of things that go into building each car insurance rate. Likewise, the needs and circumstances of each driver are different.

Because there are so many variables, there are also opportunities to assess your coverage and the best ways for you to save more money. From discounts to your driving record and much more, explore how far insurance rates are made and how you can save money on yours.

Understanding How Car Insurance Rates are Made

If you want to find cheap car insurance, it is important to understand how your rate is created in the first place. Your car insurance rate will be determined by each insurance brand differently in accordance with their own measurements and algorithms. The factors that each company will assess include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Your age/experience driving.
  • Where you live.
  • Your driving record.
  • Your claims history.
  • The type of vehicle you need to insure.
  • The coverage options you select and your deductible.

Some factors are under your control while others are not. Coupled by the fact that each brand assesses risk differently and you have a variety of scenarios producing a wide range of rates for drivers.

Texas Has Some of the Highest Car Insurance Rates Nationwide

The unfortunate truth is that Texan drivers pay more for coverage. We continue to rank within the top 10 states in the nation for the highest auto rates. Featuring a large population and more roads than any other state, car insurance is a necessary component for any driver. Luckily, drivers in Texas still have plenty of options for lowering their rates.

Shop Multiple Car Insurance Brands for the Lowest Rates

When it comes to shopping for car insurance, too often, drivers get fatigued early on and go with whichever major brand they find first. This can cause huge problems including making you overpay for your coverage.

Enrolling with a reputable company is important. Every car insurance brand is rated by various independent financial institutions on their ability to pay claims fully and quickly. Top-rated insurance brands will be able to fulfill your claim should you suffer a loss and it’s important to use one when gaining protection. However, failing to shop through multiple brands is never advised.

The main issue with shopping among a variety of car insurance brands is that it is simply time-consuming. Sifting through insurance information and dealing with brands that may not have your best interest at heart in terms of price is understandable. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we work for you and not a singular insurance brand. Our agents can deliver instant quotes by comparing your car insurance rates among 25+ top-rated insurance brands.

Bundle Your Car Insurance With Other Policies for More Savings

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More than a marketing gimmick, bundling your insurance policies can deliver serious savings. If you are a homeowner, bundling your home insurance with an auto policy can save you as much as 20% alone.

By combining policies, you’ll enjoy the protection you need together at a lower cost. Insurance brands appreciate client loyalty and will reward you for enrolling in more than one policy. This reward can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year!

Determine the Right Coverages for Your Needs to Save Money

The more coverage you have, the more you’ll premium you’ll have to pay. While adding the right coverages to your car insurance policy is important, because everyone is different, assessing your situation and finding the right policies will help you stay protected while saving. Car insurance isn’t blanket coverage and there are different types of protection drivers will need to be aware of when enrolling:

  • Liability coverage is required by law. All drivers in Texas must hold a minimum amount of protection that protects against property damage and bodily injury.
  • Comprehensive coverage is protection for the unexpected. A few common examples of protected losses include grand theft auto, weather damage, and hitting an animal such as a deer. Your reimbursement is paid once your deductible is met.
  • Collision coverage helps repair your vehicle after a collision regardless of who is at fault. Drivers must also meet their deductible before receiving payment with this type of insurance.
  • Medical Payments aka Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage helps you pay for medical expenses in the aftermath of an accident. PIP can also help pay for things such as funeral costs if necessary.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage restores losses dealing with hit-and-run incidents as well as after an accident involving a driver who has failed to obtain a legally required car insurance policy.
  • Full coverage is car insurance that combines all of these protections into one.

Speaking with an insurance agent can help you assess your coverage needs and enroll in the right level of protection for your risk.

Cheap Car Insurance Through Discounts

Of course, discounts are a sure-fire way to save money on your auto policy, and while you may not qualify for all of them, companies offer a range of options to fit many drivers’ qualifications. Everything from military veterans to multi-car discounts and everything in between is in play. Take a closer look to learn more about some of the most popular car insurance discounts built to lower your bill:

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Cheap Car Insurance in Texas is Only a Few Clicks Away

Helping drivers in Texas find the right coverage while saving money is what we do here at Freedom Insurance Group. We help motorists like you find the best protection for your needs for the lowest cost possible. By shopping your car insurance policies among our esteemed group of insurance brands. With more than 25 top-rated insurance brands and a ton of discounts available, our agents help you save 40% on average. Get your free auto insurance quote online or contact us today!

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