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How Much Does McAllen, TX Homeowners Insurance Cost?

In McAllen, TX the standard cost for homeowner’s insurance is about $1,477 a year,  At Freedom Insurance Group, our clients see a significant saving each year on their home insurance.


Coverage Level Average Annual Rate
$200,000 Home Value $1,063
$250,000 Home Value $1,184
$400,000 Home Value $1,594
$500,000 Home Value $1,812
$600,000 Home Value $1,987
$750,000 Home Value $2,099


*Information retrieved from the Texas Department of Insurance from Help Insure and averaged with internal data.

McAllen, TX Auto and Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts Average rates

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
McAllen Texas $129 $218 $318


Most companies consider these things when deciding on your premium:

  • Your home’s age and condition. Companies can’t turn you down just because of your home’s age or value, but they can charge you more.
  • Your home’s replacement cost. Houses with higher replacement costs have higher premiums.
  • Construction materials. Premiums are higher for houses built completely of wood. They’re lower for houses built of brick or stone.
  • Where you live. Premiums are higher in areas that have more storms or crime.
  • Availability of local fire protection. Premiums are lower for houses that are close to fire stations.
  • Your claims history. Your premiums might be higher if you’ve had claims in the past.
  • Your insurance score. Some companies use your credit score to decide what to charge you. Your premiums will be lower if you have good credit.

Home Insurance Discounts Available in McAllen, TX

Home Discount Name Home Discount Description Discount Amount
New Home New Construction Recently Purchased up to 40%
Age of home 5 Years Old up to 26%
Bundle Home And Auto up to 25%
Upgrades Electrical, plumbing, heating, roof full updates up to 20%
Age of home 10 Years Old up to 13%
Construction type Fire Resistive up to 11%
Advance Purchase 7 Days Advance Purchase up to 8%
Loyalty 10+ Years Renewal up to 8%
Construction type Masonry up to 7%
Paid in Full Paid in Full up to 7%
Loyalty 5 Years Renewal up to 6%
Fire Sprinklers Sprinklers up to 9%
Claims Free 5 Year Claims Free up to 5%
Claims Free 10+ Year Claims Free up to 5%
Hail Resistant Roof Hail Resistant Roof (class 1,2,3,4) up to 12%
Loyalty 3 Years Renewal up to 5%
Fire Alarm Central Station up to 2%
Gated Community With Patrol up to 2%
Burglar Alarm Police Department up to 4%
Burglar Alarm Central Station up to 4%
Age of home 15 Years Old up to 4%
Water Safety System Water Leak Detection – Shut Off And Alarm up to 4%
Water Safety System Water Leak Detection – Shut Off up to 3%
Gated Community Without Patrol up to 2%
Water Safety System Water Leak Detection – Alarm up to 3%
Automatic payments Electronic Fund Transfer up to 3%
Burglar Alarm Local up to 1%
Fire Alarm Local up to 1%
Age of home 20 Years Old up to 2%
Smoke Detector Smoke Detector up to 1%
Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher up to 1%
Storm Shutter Storm Shutters up to 1%
Deadbolt Deadbolt up to 1%


What does the standard Home Insurance Policy in McAllen, TX Include?

Homeowners insurance offers coverages with the goal of protecting your home, personal belongings, and your liability in case your home becomes damaged to a peril/loss including a visitor’s medical fee, fire, robbery /vandalism, etc. Policies vary, but take a look at some of the most usual coverage choices below:

  • Dwelling Coverage (A): this protects your home’s physical structure, for instance, your home’s foundation, roof, and walls. It can even protect structures that are linked to your home such as a deck, detached garage, or patio. Dwelling coverage is an important coverage for homeowner’s insurance.
  • Other Structures Coverage (B): whereas the principal structure of your home is covered by dwelling coverage, structures that are not linked to your home will require other structures coverage to stay protected. This encloses decks, detached garages, sheds/shops, etc.
  • Personal Property Coverage (C): protects against damaged personal possessions that happen from particular perils including fires, theft, or vandalism. Each policy differs and what is or isn’t covered will depend on your insurance company. For more costly objects such as art or jewelry, you may need extended coverage options.
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses Coverage (D): should a covered peril generate a circumstance in which your home is unlivable, this coverage aids you pay for where you temporarily live while waiting for your home to be rebuilt to a habitable state.
  • Personal Liability Coverage (E): this coverage is to protect homeowners against possible medical expenses that can accumulate should a visiting party become injured on your property and you are found responsible. Personal liability coverage can also cover possible legal fees related with the injury.
  • Medical Expenses Coverage (F): within your homeowner’s insurance policy, it helps to cover the essential medical bills of a guest in your home should they become hurt while visiting your property. Medical expenses coverage can even help balance costs if you are not responsible.

Supplementing Your Homeowners Insurance Policy in McAllen

There are several perils your home may face that aren’t covered by your standard home insurance policy. Through endorsements, additional coverage options, and changing your homeowner’s insurance policy, you can gain even more protection. Take a closer look at some of the options you have when searching for additional protection and speak with an agent to find the best options for your needs:

  • Flood Insurance- Floods continue to devastate cities across Texas and the United States and you may be surprised to learn that flood damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance. The Dallas, TX, region has a moderate risk of flooding over the next 30 years according to Flood Factor making it a threat to residents in the area. As many as 1 in 4 flood claims come from homeowners who live outside of high-risk areas. Adding flood insurance helps protect against a common threat to your home by helping you restore flood-related losses.
  • Umbrella Insurance- Liability protection is important for every homeowner but for those with more to lose, it is a critical component. In the event of a lawsuit, your assets could become vulnerable without the right protections in place. Avoid losing what you’ve worked hard for by purchasing umbrella insurance that can cover your valuables after you’ve reached your policy limits.
  • Scheduled Personal Property Coverage- Your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect your personal belongings, but there are policy limits. If you are looking to protect valuables like jewelry and fine art with values that exceed your coverage, this endorsement can help protect your high value or unique items
  • Extended Replacement Cost- Although not all losses are completely devastating, some are and can exceed the amount of coverage you have for your home. For example, one of the rarest perils a homeowner may face is also the most expensive, a house fire. If you suffer a total loss and require replacing your possessions and rebuilding your home, extended replacement cost coverage can help you cover losses outside of your homeowners insurance’s coverage.

The Secrets to Saving on Home Insurance in McAllen Texas

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re going to want to save money on your home insurance policy. A home is your shelter and your investment. Putting a significant amount of money into your home is a great financial move, but you’ll also need to protect your interest. Home insurance policies differ from homeowner to homeowner. This is due to several reasons including your coverage needs, personal factors which affect your premium, and characteristics of your home, just to name a few. But saving on a home insurance policy is the shared dream of all homeowners. Your dream can be a reality through these easy to follow tips:

  • Compare your rates among a variety of insurance brands. Each insurance brand will assess your risk differently which leads to differing insurance premiums. By shopping around you can find the right company for your needs.
  • Bundling: your home insurance policy with your auto insurance
  • Increase your deductible for a lower home insurance premium.
  • Install improvements to your home that increase its ability to sustain natural disasters, prevent crime, or keep your household safe. (Examples: Hurricane grade storm shutters, security systems, a fire alarm system with sprinklers, etc.)
  • Loyalty discounts: Customers who stay with the same insurance company for a long time are rewarded with discounts.
  • Near a fire hydrant/fire station: The closer you are to a fire hydrant and also the fire station, the faster fires can be put out, earning you a discount.
  • New home: New homes typically are built with stronger safety innovations, making claims less costly.
  • High-quality roof: Hail and wind damage are among the top reasons homeowners file a claim. A sturdy roof can lower your premiums. (Of course, it lowers your heating bill and looks nice, too. Sweet!)
  • Tidy yard: When insurance reps visit your property, they like to see it looking spiffy. Neatly trimmed grass, shrubs, and trees lower fire risk and show the insurance company that you care about your property. Discount!
  • Avoid recreational hazards: A home without a pool or trampoline is at much less of a risk of a claim, earning you a discount on your coverage.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your policy and seeing as every homeowner needs this protection, it only makes sense to receive it at the lowest rate. Texas has some of the highest home insurance rates in the country making it imperative for homeowners to take the necessary steps to save money. Shop around, bundle when you can, and do your part in protecting your home for the best results.

The benefits of allying with Freedom Insurance Group for Home Insurance in McAllen:

At Freedom Insurance Group, we are convinced that getting first class home insurance should be easy and inexpensive. We shop 25+ quality Insurance companies to find a policy that suits your necessities and finance without ever bargaining on coverage.

We compare and shop your home insurance with our multiple insurance carriers in pursuit for the best coverage and value.

We want our customers to always save on home insurance, so yearly when it’s time to renew, we’ll re-shop and rate your policy to find the best rate for you. You’ll never overpay for insurance again when you choose Freedom Insurance Group!

Zip Codes in McAllen, TX That Freedom Insures

78501 78504 78557

78502 78505 78572

78503 78539 88540


Freedom Insurance Group is McAllen’s Finest Home Insurance Provider

McAllen is the biggest city in Hidalgo County, Texas. Its situated adjoining the Rio Grande Valley, close to Mexico. The population as of 2021 is $143,270 . McAllen was an agrarian, oil, and tourist midpoint in the 1970s. Distinguished for its birding, McAllen, is one of the most well known sites in the world to see birds that can’t be located anywhere else! Dwellers of this city also have options of tons of local restaurants, art galleries, exhibition halls, live music sites, shows, shopping, flourishing nightlife and more. At Freedom Insurance Group is an honor to be the leading Home Insurance provider in McAllen, providing fair rates and great Home policy options.

McAllen dwellers don’t look further than Freedom Insurance Group for the best Homeowners Insurance coverages and rates. We compare and contrast shop 30 different top-quality insurance carries and find the best option for your needs. We also answer all you question in English and Spanish.

A Texan owned autonomous agency, Freedom Insurance Group achieves business for residents in McAllen, TX every day through our bilingual customer service team and wide business knowledge.

Main Home Data in McAllen
143,270Total Population in McAllen, TX
$153,169Average Home Value in McAllen TX
$47,280Median Household Income in McAllen, TX
32Median Age in McAllen, TX


Trust Freedom Insurance Group in McAllenStatistics as of January 14th 2022
14,000Total Customers
$4.28 BTotal Assests Covered Projected
14,000Total Homes Insured
5,198Total Vehicles Insured


Resident Resources in McAllen

Police Department in McAllen Fire Department in McAllen
2901 Olga Ave

Mcallen, TX 78503


201 N 21st St,

McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 681-2500


Main Neighborhoods in McAllen, TX

Via Cantera

A spectacular enclosed and private neighborhood situated in north McAllen, TX. Via Cantera provides a residential and lovely neighborhood to call home. Enclosed by shops, eateries, and tracks, there is something to do for everybody.

Villages of Westlakes

A stunning neighborhood full with aquatic attractions and enclosed by local businesses. Residents fall in love with the appeal that Villages of Westlake offers and the greater McAllen, TX, district.


Chesterfield, is a neighborhood situated North of downtown McAllen, TX, with a community ambiance and nearby shops and restaurants. Both Las Palomas Park and Municipal Park are close for fun activities.


Major Neighborhoods in McAllen

29th-Sta Cruz St Village Auburn Hills Balboa Bentsen Road
Bentsen Royal Estates Bentson Heights Bicentennial Bill Schupp Park
Bluebird Brentwood Brookwood Campo De Suenos
Cardona at Benston Lakes Chesterfield Cobra Ave Colbath Ave
Del Oro Dominion Dove Ave Dove Landing
East Jackson El Patrimonio Emerald Valley Fairway Grande
Forest Valley Friendship Dr Gardenia Terrace – Arther Terrace Gilda
Golden Acres Hackberry Creek Hunters Cove Ivory Palms
Kingsley Estate La Cantera La Floresta La Lomita Road
La Mansion Lark Landing Las Banderas Las Palmas Lake
Las Villas Las Villitas London Court Loraiin
Los Alegres Los Amigos Madison / Regency Park Martin Ave
McAllen Mcauliffe/Seguin McColl Meadow Ridge
Mirabella N 10th St N 28th Ln N 29th St – N 27th St
N 40th N 6th St North 17th Street North Dove
Northgate Crossing North Ridge N Taylor Rd / N Bentsen Rd Nueva Vista
Old Town Orangewood South Pelican & Park Manor Plaza Tiendas MCC Hood
Ponderosa Quail Crossing Redbud Ave Rose Ellen Circle
S 29th St Saddle Creek Shadow Brooke Park South
South 21st Spanish Oak Estates Summer Breeze Taylor Terrace
Texan Guest Ranch The Crossings The Rocks Tierra Del Sol
Tiffaney Estates Trenton Park Estates Trenton Pecans Trenton Village
Tres Lagos Trinity Oaks North West UPAS Ventana Del Sol
Veranda Via Cantera Victorian Square Village of Westlakes
Villagio Providence Villa Norte Walnut Ave Warbler
Ware Del Norte Rd/Elliot Dr Waterwalk Westbury West Expressway83 Shary
Westwind Whitewing Ave Whitewing – Daffodil Windfern
W Nolana Ave


Freedom Insurance Group is Proud to Serve McAllen, Texas

Knowing you’re protected with the right coverages can bring you peace of mind. Finding the right coverages for the lowest price will deliver the protection you deserve while keeping money in your pocket. Freedom Insurance Group understands and helps find homeowners throughout McAllen, Texas, the right coverage options for their needs at the lowest cost possible.

We get to know our clients to better understand their needs. Each homeowner’s needs are different and by creating a custom approach to your insurance needs we can prevent gaps in your coverage while saving you the most amount of money.

Our agents work for you by comparing your coverage needs among more than 25 top-rated insurance companies with strong financial ratings and a range of coverage options. By comparing your coverage among multiple brands, we can build a custom coverage option for you and your home that doesn’t break the bank. Contact us today or get a free home insurance quote with only a few clicks of a button.

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