How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance in Texas?


Riders in Texas are truly blessed. It should come as no surprise given the magnitude of the state, but there are more highway miles to enjoy in the Lone Star State than in any other state in America. But if you’re going to ride you’re going to also need to stay legal and protected while on the road.

Doing so can lead you on a journey to find the cheapest coverage available. So, how much is motorcycle insurance in Texas? Let’s explore how much you can expect to pay, why your premiums are what they are, and what you can do to make sure you stay protected for less.


How Much Is Insurance for a Motorcycle in Texas?

Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance for Texas riders is anything but cheap. Texas policies consistently rank in towards the top in terms of price, often ranking number two in the nation.

The amount you’ll pay for coverage will vary from rider to rider and this is due to a number of factors. If you have more risks, you can expect to pay more for your motorcycle coverage likely. For riders with less risk, cheaper premiums will follow.

Because every rider is different, as are their needs, pinpointing how much you’ll pay is less about looking at a speculative average and understanding the factors that will affect your rate. Here are common factors you need to consider and how they’ll affect your premiums:


Age and Gender

The age and gender of riders will go a long way in determining how much your motorcycle insurance will cost. Younger drivers are less experienced and more prone to being involved in a wreck. Statistically, male riders are also more accident-prone than female riders.

Other factors such as your marital status can also come into play, however, age and gender are some of the leading influences in crafting your rates. Conversely, senior riders may also find themselves paying more for coverage, meaning these factors can affect your rates in more than one way.


What You Ride

Protecting your ATV, motorcycle, chopper, or whatever you ride, is a huge priority, and what you ride is going to affect your premium. If you are going on a bike that is newer and features custom parts, you can expect to pay more than an older model with fewer bells and whistles.

Overall, it comes down to value. If you are needing to protect a bike that costs more to restore after a loss, then your premiums will be higher. The opposite is also true, which can change the price you pay for protection.


Where You Ride

Location is a major factor when it comes to several forms of insurance and coverage for your motorcycle is no different. Remember, Texas riders are statistically going to pay more than the national average no matter where they live.

But local and regional trends can affect premiums. For example, if you live in an area with longer commutes, faster speed limits, higher rates of theft, etc., your premiums will reflect these increased risks.

Furthermore, another major factor that deals with location is natural disasters. Texas has plenty of threats no matter which region you live in and these destructive forces do nothing to lower your premiums.

Sadly, it’s for this reason and more that statewide trends tend to present higher rates. The amount of various natural disasters, higher speed limits, and major urban centers all contribute to higher costs.


How Much You Ride

The amount you ride and how you ride will play a part in your insurance premium. Motorcycles serve many different purposes and come in various models for such enjoyment. But this will also mean assessing these risks differently.

A street bike that is used from time to time to enjoy the open road will be viewed differently than a motorcycle used to commute back and forth to work daily. In the same sense, a Cruiser and an ATV will be used at different frequencies and for different purposes.

If you are riding more, your premium will likely be higher. More riding means higher risk for you and your carrier. How you are riding will also be a factor in determining the amount you’ll pay.


Your Claims History

The number of claims you’ve made in the past will affect the cost of your motorcycle insurance. More claims will deem you more likely to get into an accident and raise your rates. Not only is this true for your claims history, but you’ll also be judged based on your history of moving violations.

Getting a ticket for driving over the speed limit or dangerous driving, even if there is no accident, can raise your premiums. Being a safe driver and avoiding dangerous maneuvers can help keep everyone safer and save you money in the process.


The Amount of Coverage You Require

Motorcycle insurance can come in many different forms. There are different coverages available to riders depending on which losses you need to or wish to protect against. The more coverage you need, the more protection you’ll enjoy. But it’ll also cost more.

The idea is to protect yourself against financial losses without having to overpay for the coverage. By speaking with a licensed insurance agent, riders can assess their risks and find an appropriate level of protection against potential losses. This allows you to safeguard without overpaying for your coverage.


Algorithms Determine Motorcycle Insurance Texas Cost

Even when assessing the factors that explain how much motorcycle insurance is in Texas, there’s another key factor to determining your rates. This is because while the factors used by carriers are common, the way they are assessed is not.

Each brand is going to view risks differently and this creates a variation in price. It’s exactly why you can see the same exact coverage for your motorcycle policy costing different prices depending on where you shop.

If you’re going to stay covered and get the best deal, you’re going to need to shop around and compare rates for your policy. This is why we’ve partnered with over 25 top-rated insurance carriers to consistently find the lowest rates for our clients that ride.

By comparing rates, you don’t have to sacrifice coverage that you may need and can identify which carrier is providing your policies for the lowest rate. Of course, there’s more to picking an insurance provider than price, but it’s always essential to avoid overpaying.

Because we only work with top-rated companies, you can ride knowing that you’ll be protected by carriers that provide quality coverage, are financially sound, and can handle your needs with great customer care.


Saving on Motorcycle Insurance for Texas Riders

Comparing your rates is the key to saving on motorcycle insurance in Texas, however, there’s more to it than that. Sure, you’ll also want to drive safely and control what you can control in regard to the previously mentioned factors that affect your premiums.

Many of these factors can lead not only to lower premiums because there is less risk but also because they provide the opportunity to qualify for discounts

Different discounts will apply for different riders, however, with so many different options available, it’s a great way to stay insured for less. Here are some of the top motorcycle insurance discounts and ways to save available to Texans:


Multi-Policy Discount

If you have more than one bike to insure, a great way to save on coverage is to take advantage of any multi-policy discounts available. Having multiple bikes under the same carrier means you can protect yourself against potential losses at whatever level is appropriate for each and receive these protections at a lower rate.


Bundling Your Motorcycle Insurance

Similar to having multiple bikes insured, carriers love to pass on savings to riders who bundle their motorcycle insurance with their homeowners insurance and/or auto insurance coverages. It’s a great way to enjoy savings while protecting against losses in multiple ways.


Switching Carriers

One of the costliest mistakes riders in Texas make is failing to switch insurance carriers. This is because many fail ever to shop and compare rates, rather, than just allowing their coverage to keep going with the same company.

Not only do we know that this can prevent riders from finding the best rate out there, but it can also hinder potential discounts. Many providers deliver great savings for new customers switching to their brand.

It’s always a good idea to shop at least once a year to compare rates and discover the carrier with the lowest price available. This due diligence can save you plenty, especially in Texas.


Getting Your Quote Early

Getting a motorcycle insurance quote is all part of the process, but when you inquire can also matter. This is because if you receive a good quote and are able to sign up earlier rather than later, many brands offer great discounts for doing so. If you’re in need of a motorcycle insurance quote, our agents can help you today to help maximize your savings.


Discounts for Being Part of a Group

Being a part of certain groups can help you find savings that aren’t available to non-members. For example, if you are a part of the Harley Owners Group, you may find, depending on your carrier, that you can enjoy the protection you deserve at a lower price.


Passing a Safety Course

Safe driving is a goal everyone should strive for and insurance companies agree. The safer our roads are, the less likely all of us is to get into an accident. This means fewer claims, fewer fatalities, and a better roadway for all. By taking safety courses that are approved by your carrier and focused on operating motorcycles safely, you can learn vital techniques for keeping everyone safe all while saving more on your premiums.


Paying In Full or Electronically

Overhead costs for insurance companies, or any business for that matter, can raise the cost of goods and services for customers. Most carriers provide savings to clients that pay everything upfront or those that pay automatically online. This cuts down on paperwork, processing payments, and more. In the end, these savings are passed down to you.


Safe Driving Discount

Riders that avoid accidents and moving violations for certain time periods can receive lower premium rates as a result. It’s important to note that the terms and guidelines for such discounts will vary from carrier to carrier, however, it’s a popular discount among many different brands.


How To Find the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Texas


Finding motorcycle insurance without breaking the bank doesn’t have to be a major hassle. We understand that it takes time to compare coverages and shop among many different brands, which is exactly why we do it for you.

We’ve been helping riders in Texas find the right coverage since 2005, and continue to do so through our established relationships with top-rated carriers and expertise in delivering protection after applying the best discounts.

The ability to work with so many different brands helps you as a client. This means that our agents aren’t working for a singular company but rather finding you the best coverage at the lowest cost from a wider range of insurance products.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Texas? Give us a call today to find out. On average, our agents help those who switch save 40% on coverage. Stay protected for less with Freedom Insurance Group.

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