How to Save on Your Auto Insurance in Texas

Drivers in Texas face high auto insurance rates and saving on your premium can help you put hundreds if not thousands back into your pocket. Going on the road without the proper coverage is also a risky situation because you then open yourself up to fines, having your license suspended, and liability issues.

There’s no getting around it, you are legally required to have auto insurance if you are a driver in Texas, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay. Take a closer look at the many options you have as a motorist to save money on auto insurance while staying protected.

Bundle Your Insurance Policies

One of the best ways to save money on your auto insurance is to bundle. By bundling your auto insurance policy with a homeowners insurance policy or an umbrella policy, you’ll receive more protection for a lower price. Insurance brands reward loyal customers who purchase multiple policies through discounted rates. Speak with your agent about the best bundles for your needs and keep your insurance premiums lower each month.

Discounts Tailored for You

There are many different discounts available to motorists, and while you may not qualify for everything, you’ll likely qualify for something. What that means is just like your needs as a driver are different, so too are the various discounts and their qualifications. To put it all into perspective, take a look at some of the most common discounts drivers can apply for a lower auto insurance rate:

Alumni and Professional Group Discounts

Many alumni and professional groups have relationships with select insurance brands to receive discounts for their members. If you are a part of these groups you’ll enjoy discounts but you’ll need to enroll in certain brands to enjoy the savings.

Electronic Payment and Paperless Discounts

The costs associated with billing customers can be more than you think and insurance providers can save money by having policyholders pay online instead. As an incentive, many auto insurance brands pass on part of these savings to you, the customer, if you enroll in electronic payments and/or paperless billing.

Good Student Discounts

Age is the largest factor for determining your premium and younger drivers pay more. Overall, younger drivers pose more of a risk. This is due to their inexperience, increased likelihood to engage in risky behaviors, and other factors. An avenue for many young drivers to help offset these costs is through good student discounts. High school and college students who achieve academic excellence in the classroom can receive lower rates on their auto insurance premiums.

Military and Veterans Discounts

If you have served or are currently serving in the military, many insurance brands offer discounts towards your auto insurance.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Many drivers have multiple vehicles which need coverage. Just as insurance companies reward policyholders for bundling multiple coverages such as home and auto together, you can also receive a discount for insuring multiple vehicles under the same brand. This is a great option for families that may have multiple drivers and vehicles living under the same roof to limit expenses.

Safe Driver Discounts

Auto insurance companies love drivers who drive safely because safe drivers are less likely to file a claim. Drivers who avoid DUIs, speeding tickets, reckless driving, accidents, etc., are rewarded with lower auto insurance rates through discounts. The qualifications for such discounts will vary brand to brand but driving responsibly can help you avoid risky situations and keep your rates low no matter who you enroll with.

Drivers have many different options when it comes to saving money through discounts. At Freedom Insurance Group, we get to know each of our clients’ needs to find the right coverage and ways to save you money. Speak with one of our agents and discover the right discounts for you.

Compare Your Auto Insurance Rates

Although time-consuming, comparing your auto insurance rates among various insurance brands is one of the best ways to gain serious savings on your premium. The same coverage for your vehicle at two different insurance companies will result in differing auto insurance rates. This is because of how your auto insurance premium is created.

Each auto insurance brand will assess various factors when insuring your vehicle. Some of them are in your control such as your credit score or the number of tickets you have. Other factors are outside of your control such as your age. Together, these factors determine the amount of risk you pose as a client. Every brand will assess such risk in its unique way but the one thing that remains is that riskier drivers will pay more for their auto insurance than drivers with less risk.

But because this risk is a bit subjective, seeing as each insurance brand views things differently, this is what causes you to receive differing rates for the same coverage. It is also the exact reason why drivers should always compare their auto insurance rates. You could save hundreds of dollars for the same coverage by choosing “brand A” instead of “brand B”.

Here at Freedom Insurance, we understand the importance of comparing auto policies and the time they can take the average consumer. We can deliver instant quotes for our clients among our 25+ top-rated auto insurance partners saving our customers an average of 40% when switching. Get a free auto insurance quote today and find out how much we can help you save in time, hassle, and money!

Raise Your Deductible

There are many different types of auto insurance coverage and when it comes to collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, you’ll have to pay a deductible. Your deductible is the amount you’ll be responsible for paying in the event of a loss before your insurance provider will step in and pay you a reimbursement for the remaining damages.

You’ll have a range of options when it comes to your deductible, but there are some tradeoffs. The higher your deductible, the lower your auto insurance rate will be; however, this also means that you will pay more in the aftermath of a loss. Likewise, a lower deductible will cause your auto premiums to rise, but you’ll pay less should you have to make a claim. Drivers prone to accidents may be better off with a lower deductible, while drivers with a better record should consider a higher deductible. Every situation is different, and talking to your insurance agent can help you determine which options are best for your needs.

Enroll in Fewer Coverages

The more coverage you have for your vehicle, the more you’re going to pay. Understanding your risks and the right kind of protection for your lifestyle can go a long way in managing your car insurance premium. No one should be underinsured as you risk paying for more than you may bargain for out of pocket. Being overinsured could also result in you overpaying for coverage you may never use. Speaking with an insurance agent can best help you understand the auto insurance coverages that best suit your needs.

Control What You Can Control

Not everything is out of your control, and it’s important to do your part in keeping your auto insurance rate low:

  • Responsible driving is key. Only driving sober, driving the speed limit, adhering to safe driving practices, etc. These actions can help you avoid elevated auto insurance rates, costly repairs, liability, and other troubles outside of the insurance world.
  • The type of vehicle you drive is going to affect your auto insurance premium. A luxury vehicle will cost much more to repair compared to an economy car should an accident occur, thus raising your premiums.
  • Risk is the focus when it comes to insurance and your insurance score is one of the factors an insurance brand will use to determine how risky you are as a client. While you can’t affect everything, one component of this score is your credit score. Higher credit scores translate into lower insurance rates and vice versa.

Shop With Freedom Insurance Our Average Client Saves 40%

Saving money on your auto insurance is as easy as making the switch to Freedom Insurance Group. Our clients save 40% on their auto insurance premiums and receive world-class service throughout the entire process. This is how:

  • We work for you and not a specific insurance brand, allowing our agents to compare your coverage needs among a wide range of industry-leading brands for the lowest rate.
  • Don’t waste your time shopping. We do the work for you quickly. Fewer hassles and more saving is what Freedom Insurance Group delivers to you.
  • Our agents help you save by finding bundles and discounts tailored to fit you.

Texas has some of the highest auto premiums in the country, but we can help mitigate these costs for you. Contact us today or get a free auto insurance quote and see how much money we can help you save on auto insurance.

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