Insuring a Red Car and Other Car Myths in Texas


There are many reasons that you might pay more for car insurance, but they have little to do with a paint job. Likewise, there are also many auto insurance myths that drivers may otherwise fall for. Understanding how your car insurance policy operates is important. An informed driver is an empowered driver, and we love helping Texans learn helpful tips that can keep them safe on the road and save money. Take a closer look at some common myths about auto insurance and how you can actually avoid overpaying for your coverage whether you drive a red car, blue car, or any other color in the rainbow!

Are Red Cars More Expensive To Insure?

No, despite the popular myth that drivers with red cars pay more for insurance, this is false. The color of your paint isn’t really a factor in how much you pay for your auto insurance premium. No matter which color of the rainbow you love, you can rest assured that your auto policy will not rapidly rise based on your preference.

Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More?

Just like the myth that car insurance is higher for red cars, the idea that a driver in a red car is more likely to get pulled over doesn’t have any merit. In the state of Texas, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram conducted a review of speeding tickets issued by troopers of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) which showed that red cars barely made the top five for vehicles pulled over in terms of color.

The best way to not get pulled over is to adhere to safe driving principles. Always go the speed limit, drive defensively, use your signals, etc. You’ll also want to make sure that all of your tags and paperwork are in order as well as any parking tickets or toll violations are paid up. Stay alert, be responsible, and drive safely to avoid being pulled over.

Common Auto Insurance Myths Beyond Driving a Red Car

Over the years, we’ve heard them all. From the previously mentioned red paint affecting your car insurance rates to credit scores not affecting your rates, there are many different myths surrounding auto insurance. Knowing what’s real and what is noise can help drivers like you make informed decisions and save money in the process. Here are some of the most common auto insurance myths we’re here to dispel:

Myth: Clarification:
Auto insurance follows the driver, not the car. Though this will vary by state, in the state of Texas, if you let someone use your vehicle and they are in an accident, your auto insurance policy will cover the losses. Their policy may come into play if policy limits are met, though it will act as secondary coverage.
Parking tickets raise car insurance rates. In most cases, non-moving violations won’t affect your premiums.
Your credit score won’t affect your auto insurance rate. It may not be the biggest factor, but yes, your credit score will play a role in determining how much you pay for coverage.
Auto insurance covers your vehicle getting stolen. This is true for drivers with comprehensive coverage, but for others enrolled in only the state minimum, you’ll, unfortunately, have to restore your loss with your own money.
Getting a ticket or being in an accident will raise your auto insurance rate. A minor ticket doesn’t mean you’ll automatically pay more, but a history of violations could see your rate increase. You are also unlikely to see a rate increase if you are involved in an accident but are not at fault.

What Does Affect My Auto Insurance Rate?

Your auto insurance rate is affected by many things including your age, gender, marital status, deductible, credit score, driving history, claims history, and more. The type of vehicle you drive, the amount you drive, and where you drive will all also affect your premium.

Because each auto insurance provider uses its own proprietary algorithms to determine risk based on these factors, you will notice that you’ll receive a range of premium rates for your coverage. Some of the factors are in your control and others are not. It is important for drivers to do their part and present less risk as a client when enrolling in auto insurance to keep their rates low.

Ways To Save on Car Insurance

Drivers have many opportunities to save through practical methods that can deliver the best coverage for less. Here are a few ways you can save money on car insurance that have nothing to do with changing its look:

  • Bundling your car insurance with your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Enroll in multiple policies.
  • Use discounts that fit your lifestyle for a lower rate.
  • Assess the right amount of coverage for your needs.
  • Shop around and find the car insurance policies you need for the lowest price possible.
  • Raise your deductible to pay less on your monthly premium.
  • Drive safely and avoid risky behavior to minimize accidents and moving violations.
  • Control what you can control such as submitting claims that you may want to think twice about submitting or maintaining a healthy credit score.
  • Never let your coverage lapse and keep your payments current with your provider.

You have to carry a current form of car insurance, so why not pay less? Be sure to take advantage of the many ways Texans can save money while remaining insured.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverages Cover Paint Damage

While it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is a fiery red or a midnight black in terms of paying for coverage, it does matter what kind of policies you have to protect your car’s paint job. Everyone is required to carry liability coverage to stay legal, but only collision and comprehensive coverages will help you pay for paint damage.

There are a number of perils that can cause paint damage to your vehicle. Even less serious accidents such as being side-swiped can take a devastating toll on your vehicle’s paint. Your vehicle is subjected to many threats even when you are not driving. All it takes is a runaway shopping cart or a fallen branch to send your car to the body shop.

Paint jobs that will actually restore your vehicle properly can range between $1,000-$3,500 alone, according to Car and Driver. Though such policies can help you cover these costs, you’ll want to consider how much your deductible is before submitting a claim as well as the value of your car. Combined with the other probable work that will need to be performed, however, such car insurance policies can help you avoid paying a hefty amount out of pocket.

Red Car or Not, Avoid Paying High Rates for Car Insurance in Texas

Drivers in Texas may have different opinions on the best color for their vehicles, but we’re all searching for the best deal on auto insurance. Coverage is important as it protects you from spending unseemly amounts of money on repair costs, legal fees, and medical expenses that only continue to rise. With the right car insurance provider, you can gain meaningful protection without overpaying.

Freedom Insurance Group helps drivers like you avoid paying too much for car insurance. We do this by partnering with over 25 top-rated insurance carriers to deliver the best coverage options at the lowest cost. Because we work for you instead of a singular brand, we can pinpoint your best option through comparative shopping.

On average, Texans have been saving 40% on their auto insurance policies since 2005, even if they drive a red car. Our agents can help you determine an appropriate level of coverage, find discounts, and identify bundles that can save you even more. Get your free online auto insurance quote or contact our agents today!

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