Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive in Texas?


For many Texans, motorcycle insurance is an affordable coverage costing only hundreds of dollars per year. The thing that is important to remember, however, is that rates may vary. No two riders are the same and while you may only pay around $200 for coverage, your neighbor may spend $500 or $700 for a policy.

Calculating Your Motorcycle Insurance Rate

Remember how we mentioned varying rates? This is because insurance carriers will have to assess several factors while calculating your motorcycle insurance rate. Some of the most common factors that come into play include your age, the amount of coverage you require, where you live, your claims history, your driving record, where your motorcycle is stored, and more.

It’s easy to see how these variables are different for each rider and how these variations can cause different prices to come about. Another thing to consider is that each motorcycle insurance company is going to not only look at these different factors but assess them differently. This means that if you were to search for the exact same coverage with Brand A and Brand B, even with your personal factors remaining the same, your rates are likely to be different.

Insurance brands are looking to manage the amount of risk they take on while insuring clients. If there is too much risk, the company cannot make money. Because of this, certain risks factors are viewed differently by each company and your rates will vary among providers. This is why riders need to compare their coverage through numerous carriers before enrolling in coverage.

Overall, if you are a client who needs more coverage and has riskier personal factors, you’ll pay more for your protection. Riders who purchase less coverage and have less risk factors surrounding their policies will save more on their motorcycle insurance premiums.

The Consequences of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance

Liability coverage is an essential protection in the state of Texas for anyone operating a motorcycle. Driving one without this coverage is illegal and can result in fines. You’re also exposing yourself to a litany of unnecessary risks.

Riders receive protection against both property damage and bodily injury liabilities with liability coverage. If you are involved in an accident and found to be at fault without such a policy, you’ll still be responsible to restore the loss, only you will be doing so without a financial safety net helping you. This means you’ll be responsible for paying to restore any property damage and medical expenses incurred by another party. It also means that any legal expenses that may stem from the event will also have to come out of your pocket.

Settling for the minimum amount of motorcycle coverage can also lead to unfortunate issues. Riders have a range of insurance products available for their protection. If you are concerned about a potential hit-and-run, your bike being stolen, or restoring your own property damage and medical expenses after a wreck, there are coverages for all of this and more. Working with an agent can help you determine which policies meet your needs and the best course of action for staying protected.

A good insurance agent will help you avoid overpaying, while also avoiding maintaining a lack of coverage. The idea is to remain protected at an adequate level without throwing away money on unnecessary insurance policies.

Beyond the financial ramifications of operating a motorcycle without a policy, there are plenty of inconveniences that may come about. These include having to attend driving school courses and the possibility of having your license suspended.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts and Comparing Rates

If you are looking to save even more, it is important to check out the different discounts you may be eligible for. Motorcycle insurance is cheap when you consider an accident without such safeguards can cost you tens of thousands of dollars out of your own money. Still, there are many ways to save even more on your coverage including bundling, multi-policy, and military discounts.

Another important point that we’ve touched on is comparing your motorcycle coverage among various insurance providers. This is probably the most powerful tool any rider in Texas has to combat the price of coverage. Though this can be a time-consuming experience, working with the right insurance carrier can mitigate your expenses in a fraction of the time.

Pay Less for Texas Motorcycle Insurance

We know how to get cheap motorcycle insurance and do so for our clients each day. Since 2005, we’ve been saving riders in the Lone Star State an average of 40% on their motorcycle insurance coverage. By comparison shopping through more than 25 top-rated providers, our agents can help you pay less for Texas motorcycle insurance.

Freedom Insurance Group helps you find affordable motorcycle coverage through our established relationships with multiple providers. We can compare your rate promptly to deliver an accurate insurance rate that saves you money.

Riders benefit from working with an insurance agency as opposed to a singular brand because instead of selling you the best policy for our company, we work for you to deliver the lowest rate on the market. Ask an agent how you can find a cheap motorcycle insurance policy built to save you money all without cutting your protection today!

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