Moving to Colorado? Here is Your Ultimate Guide


For years, Colorado has been a favorite for transplants to migrate. Those moving to Colorado understand that there are strong, innovative job markets, bustling cities with charm, and the opportunity for recreation on a grand scale.

The Centennial State is a place for people from all walks of life, including artists, dog lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, foodies, families, loners, and anyone else in-between. But before heading over, it’s important to do due diligence for any such move.

Moving to Colorado has pros and cons and there are several cities to choose from. Furthermore, the state is home to a diverse population and transplants from all over. Some will find similarities and others will find differences, both good and bad.

Overall, there is a lot to love. Colorado continues to be a great place to live, but a little research never hurt. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we are here to help homeowners, renters, and drivers throughout CO and love endorsing the great traits the state has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know before you pack up and become a Coloradan.


Why Is Everyone Moving to Colorado?

There’s a reason it feels like everyone is moving to Colorado. Well, there are actually several reasons. The Centennial State has many attractive things to offer and especially during a time in which the economy provides less than certain factors, it’s interesting to see why residents continue to flock to the region:

  • Even during uncertain times, the economy continues to prove itself resilient. There are multiple industries and opportunities in both established companies and new, exciting startups.
  • The cost of living may be elevated but for many, so too is the quality of life. This is because of the great features of the state. Additionally, the cost of living is relative. While higher than the national average, for many, such as those in California, it’s much cheaper to live in Colorado.
  • Taxation in Colorado is also comparatively favorable in many ways, adding to the appeal.
  • The beauty found within the state is also well balanced with modern, beautiful cities. It’s a great balance of urban and rural Americana.
  • From recreational opportunities to growing entertainment hubs rich with culture, you won’t be bored no matter your interest.

Some people move because they wish to start a new life while others are simply continuing their same story but in a new chapter. Regardless of why you move to Colorado, what you’re going to find, is that there is a lot to be excited about.

No state is perfect, but with the beauty found within the state’s landscape and people combined with practical reasons to pursue a new life, it’s no wonder CO continues to be a destination for transplants across the country.


Moving to Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs, Colorado continues to be a desirable city for those looking to call The Centennial State home. Located near the base of Pikes Peak, expect to need a bit of time to acclimate to the altitude and weather.

Although it’s the second largest city by population in the state, don’t think you’re getting too far from nature. There are plenty of opportunities for nature, including the awe-inspiring views you can find throughout the Garden of the Gods Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and Pike National Forest.

Earning the nickname Olympic City USA due to its involvement in the games, recreation, and fitness come naturally to its residents. However, don’t think they don’t also unwind. You’ll find an eclectic, delicious food scene filled with mouthwatering dishes, crisp craft beers, and plates sure to fill your Instagram feed.

The military is a major influence in the area with several military installations found throughout the region including Peterson Space Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, and Schriever Space Force Base.

If you’re looking to partake in marijuana, or perhaps have reservations about its recreational use, you’ll want to educate yourself about the city before moving. The city opted out of the sale of recreational marijuana and you’ll need to follow the city laws involving its responsible usage. This is just one of the great ways that “Little London” balances personal freedoms with securing a strong region for families and those that abstain.

Additionally, the commitment to families is deep within the city, considering the many highly-rated schools and higher education options available, such as the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado College, United States Air Force Academy, and Pikes Peak State College. It’s also home to Cheyenne Mountain School District No. 12, one of the highest-rated districts in the state.


Moving to Denver, Colorado

When you hear that someone’s moving to Colorado, it’s typical to think of the city of Denver, but there are plenty of good reasons for that beyond the large population:

  • You can enjoy an income that is higher than the national average. This is largely due to the city’s strong job market and positive economic outlook.
  • The balance of access to recreational, mountainous activities, suburbia, and urban amenities is arguably unmatched throughout the United States.
  • Stunning views are matched with laid-back vibes for a community that may continue to grow but still has a bit of small-town charm.
  • Access to the Denver International Airport makes travel a breeze.
  • Several opportunities await the adventurous. This includes Golden Gate Canyon State Park and various other places to enjoy hikes and nature. The city is also very dog friendly, so you and your furry friend can enjoy the outdoors together or simply stroll around town.
  • Weather can vary but overall, you’re going to find yourself enjoying a full range of seasons and moderate temperatures. The drier air and colder winters than many other areas of the country should be noted.

The Mile High City isn’t just a cute nickname, so you’ll want to prepare for higher elevations than most cities. A higher income means you can also expect a higher cost of living, and education is comparatively lacking in the city compared to many other areas of the state.

It was never going to be perfect. Even paradise has its downsides. But the fact remains that Denver offers its residents a ton of upside. This includes ways to save on the elevated cost of living expenses, such as your home and car insurance coverage.


Moving to Boulder, Colorado

If you’re looking to be even closer to nature without sacrificing the city lifestyle, then Boulder, Colorado is a great option. While Denver is a popular destination, residents of Boulder gain even greater access to many compelling outdoor destinations without sacrificing modern city amenities.

These include various mountains and trails such as South Boulder Peak, Betasso Preserve Trailhead, Sugarloaf Mountain, Forsythe Canyon Trailhead, and many additional options. But an important thing to remember is that to be closer to these beautiful locales, expect to pay more for the privilege.

The cost of living in Boulder, CO, makes it the most expensive place to live in the Front Range and one of the highest in the entire state. This includes elevated home insurance prices, but it’s worth noting that auto insurance in Boulder is typically less expensive than in other cities.

This could be in part because of the weather patterns in the area. Just like the rest of Colorado, expect to be elevated, endure drier air, and enjoy nice weather year-round. But you’re going to have to become accustomed to more than just the altitude. Hail storms can be an occasional issue, and snow is a seasonal recurrence.

Information, education, and innovation continue to pull people to the People’s Republic of Boulder, as there are several universities, including the University of Colorado Boulder, along with a strong job market focused on aerospace and technology. You’ll also note a strong military community due to Fort Carson on the south end of town.

Combining the mix of suburbia, rural, and urban lifestyles provides a unique charming community nestled among the mountains. With a strong educational system, positive economic outlook, and low crime rate, more and more families are calling the city home when moving to Colorado.


Moving to Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado provides many intriguing elements that you can find in other cities throughout the state. There are ample opportunities to get outdoors, a bustling food and craft beer scene, and a great mix of rural and urban lifestyles. But that doesn’t mean they do it quite like Choice City:

  • While the cost of living may be higher than many other places nationally, you can live in FoCo for less than other comparable cities, including Denver and Boulder. This includes lower home and auto insurance rates.
  • Recreation is still a huge part of the lifestyle here, but with a twist. You can still find trails, however, boating is a big part of the recreational opportunities as well. Sheldon Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir are two popular spots.
  • It should be noted that residents will find skiing opportunities are a bit farther away from some cities, including Boulder.
  • If you’re into dining, you’ll find a great mix of national chains and local hotspots. It’s also home to many popular breweries, including New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing.
  • There are also events hosted throughout the year for entertainment that continue to build the community. Many are free and range from parades to concerts and more.
  • The investment in education for students of Fort Collins is apparent, including access to Colorado State University. This makes it an ideal place for families.
  • Technology and innovation run high here and create unique job opportunities. This is especially true for the healthcare, bioscience, and software sectors.

It’s clear to see that the attraction of Fort Collins comes from many different areas. The mix of lifestyle amenities combined with the low cost of living and access to strong educational opportunities continues to see the community thrive.


Moving to Aurora, Colorado

East of Denver lies Aurora, Colorado, home to around 390,000 people. It’s easy to think that the city is the same as Denver and in many ways it is. You’ll enjoy similar weather, a mix of nature and urban life, and a strong food and brewery scene, and depending on where you live, it’s actually closer to the Denver International Airport.

But don’t be fooled. Moving to Aurora, Colorado has its own differences that make The Gateway To The Rockies such a desirable spot for new residents. Here’s what gives Aurora its unique charm:

  • There is no denying the presence of the military community. Colorado has plenty of military bases and Aurora is no different. Home to the Buckley Space Force Base, you’ll find plenty of America’s heroes in your neighborhood.
  • Because of the military influence, you can also expect the local economy to be affected by related industries. This means aerospace, national defense, healthcare, bioscience, transportation, and energy all affecting the city’s economic development.
  • In size and population, Aurora is smaller than Denver. This lends itself to giving a much more small-town feel but retaining the access to modern city amenities you may be accustomed to.
  • You still have access to the great recreational opportunities, sports teams, and air travel opportunities in Denver, but your cost of living is going to be considerably lower. Transportation is typically a bit more, but you’ll save on housing costs and other essentials.


Moving to Durango, Colorado

The Front Range lays claim to most of Colorado’s population. It is represented heavily on our list by every city we take the time to highlight. Every city, that is, except for the charming settlement of Durango, CO, which is located in the southwestern pocket of the state.

Featuring a population of around 20,000, it’s not uncommon to run into tourists as well as neighbors when moving to Durango, Colorado. The city offers its own stunning landscapes and areas of recreation, along with a strong influence of the Native American populations which remain nearby.

You’ll be near several other states, including Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as the infamous Four Corners Monument. However, unlike the other major cities in the state, you’ll find a much more tight-knit community feel when settling in.

It’s hard to say that there aren’t great urban features here. After all, tourism is an important aspect, so expect great hospitality and amenities. But if you’re looking to get away from some of the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to see the appeal of Durango.

The city is a great place for families, featuring a strong commitment to education, including access to Fort Lewis College for higher education. It’s also worth noting that active families will find plenty of trails to hike, mountains to ski, and places to explore.

You have many options for moving to Colorado and each has its own charm. You’re going to have a bit of snow and colder temperatures to contend with in Durango, but if you’re looking for a small-town solution, we’re sure you’ll warm up to the city.

The cost of living is overall cheaper for residents of Durango than many other options in the state, yet housing can be a bit of an investment. Nevertheless, many other essentials, including home and auto insurance, healthcare, and utilities, often are available at a much lower rate.


Moving From California to Colorado

Moving to Colorado can come with a welcomed bit of change for Californians, but there are several differences. If you’re moving to Colorado from California, one notable pro you’ll notice is that the state is filled with pristine natural landscapes and fresh, clean air. Living in CO means experiencing a wide range of weather and seasons.

This provides some challenges for residents, but Coloradans know how to make the best of it. You’ll find that these weather challenges often provide a way for recreational opportunities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing.

Overall, the altitude is much higher and you’ll find humid springs and summers, but most of the time, dry air and somewhat moderate temperatures will persist. However, if you’re living by the beach and looking for that soothing coastal air, it won’t be found here.

You’ll also note that Colorado is one of the most expensive states you can live in. But the elevated cost of living won’t affect you as much as it would if you lived in another state. This is because despite having a cost of living well above the national average, it’s still far more affordable than Cali. This will always vary from city to city and lifestyle to lifestyle. But essentials such as the cost of housing, utilities, healthcare, and taxes are typically a relief for most moving.

The weather in Colorado is ideal, with all four seasons providing plenty of sunshine and low humidity levels. The locals relish the opportunity to explore the outdoors thanks to the state’s gorgeous weather. During winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular activities, while hiking is a perfect springtime pursuit. Climbing and whitewater rafting are common summer activities, and autumn’s foliage is simply stunning.

Boasting a strong job market, finding gainful employment is a huge draw for residents, particularly from California. There are plenty of industries with a special highlight in aerospace, defense, and tech industries. Combined with the lower cost of living and tax benefits, many workers love the state.

Finally, Californians moving to Colorado will need to understand that auto insurance is going to be cheaper on average, but home insurance costs more. There are several weather events and other factors that continue to raise the cost of protecting your home. This further highlights the importance of shopping around and comparing your coverage options.


Moving From Florida to Colorado

Moving to Colorado from Florida can feel like a daunting task. Even the closest residents of The Sunshine State are moving quite some distance to what they know as home, and while Florida isn’t all beach territory, there is no denying that Colorado is quite different.

But who says different has to be a bad thing? Will you see more snow? Of course, you will and it’s going to get colder than you’re used to at times. However, don’t expect constant blizzards, but rather a full range of seasons. The weather is very moderate and enjoyable most of the year.

The landlocked state is going to provide plenty of recreational opportunities that don’t involve the ocean, and speaking of it, because you’re in the mountains, don’t expect to have to hunker down or evacuate for hurricanes during those summer months.

Floridians continue to move to Colorado of all ages, but for different reasons. The cost of living is more in Colorado but it also enjoys favorable tax breaks similar to Florida. Younger residents enjoy the strong job markets while older residents enjoy having a wide range of nature-centric attractions in the form of trails, parks, lakes, and more.

Education is a highly-invested area for both states at multiple levels. Florida may have the edge, but both states rank in the top five nationwide. You’ll also note that both are pretty car reliant for residents to get around in.

If you’re looking to save money, the cost of living in Colorado is typically more expensive, but both home and auto insurance coverages will cost you less. When you consider the bundles available for both, you can see tremendous savings for your protection in The Centennial State.


Moving From Texas to Colorado

The Lone Star State has plenty to offer, believe us, we know and love Texas like no other. But we also know the wonders that moving to Colorado can bring. You won’t find stunning mountains and depending on where you live, cooler weather can be difficult to come by.

Therefore, it makes sense that many Texans make the migration northwest to live in such a serene state. Here are some of the differences, both positive and negative, you’ll want to be aware of before trading your spurs for a pair of skis:

  • Moving to Colorado from Texas means enjoying lower property taxes. This is a great benefit for homeowners, but considering there is a moderate, yet existing state tax, there is a trade-off.
  • Colorado is home to many previously mentioned colleges, but even before you look into higher education, you’ll note that Texas lags behind the academic excellence found in The Centennial State.
  • The weather in Texas depends on where you live to gauge your experience. For some, you may enjoy colder winters and moderate falls. But those in the south or near the Gulf Coast often suffer brutal summers and harsh tropical disturbances. Issues you won’t generally find in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Flooding is a growing concern for residents of Colorado but compared to the home of “Flash Flood Alley,” it’s much more moderate.
  • If you are used to giant cities with plenty to do or rural areas that enjoy the simpler side of life, you’ll find both in either state. The scenery is sure to be different but the lifestyle opportunities remain.
  • Furthermore, both states are offering strong economic opportunities but Colorado’s cost of living comes with a higher price tag, as it’s 21% higher to live in CO than in Texas. However, both home and auto insurance policies will cost less in Colorado than in TX.
  • Receiving healthcare is far from the bottom for Texans. There are many innovative leaders within the state with facilities providing ample access, but Colorado is often ranked as one of the top states for overall healthcare and access to care in the nation.

Making any move is going to require a process of thinking out whether or not it meets your personal needs and preparing for the differences you’ll face. Both Texas and Colorado have plenty to offer and moving to the latter can provide interesting opportunities for Texans to pursue.


Things To Know Before Moving to Colorado


You don’t have to look far to find a variety of great reasons to move to Colorado. No matter where you look, you’re sure to find a city that is right for your lifestyle. But it’s still a bit different than anywhere else in the U.S. and being prepared before starting your new chapter is a great way to get off on the right foot. Enjoy the Rocky Mountains and avoid a rocky start with these tips:

  • Having a real estate agent is key. The competitive nature of the Colorado real estate market is going to require an expert to help you find the right home and bid.
  • Mountainous terrain and several cities that lack public transportation by the standards of other regions. Be sure you have a reliable vehicle, are familiar with driving in the mountains, and also understand how to operate on a snowy road safely.
  • The altitude is going to take some getting used to and while we are far from medical professionals, you may want to inquire with one before heading to Colorado if you have difficulty breathing or other adverse health conditions.
  • When it comes to setting up your utilities, the Colorado Energy Office is going to be a useful resource. Most of the state receives power from Xcel Energy but there is also Black Hills Energy available. The same companies also provide gas, but so does Colorado Natural Gas. You won’t have much choice for these utilities, but Internet service providers (ISPs) vary depending on the market for competitive offers.
  • Colorado offers some of the lowest property taxes in the nation and can relieve homeowners as a result.
  • It’s no secret that the state is a bit more relaxed than virtually any other when it comes to the use, production, and sale of marijuana. You’ll want to inquire about local laws and prepare accordingly for responsible usage throughout Colorado.
  • Although the views are picturesque and the weather is pleasant throughout the year, you’re still going to have to deal with a considerable amount of snow and sunlight during the appropriate seasons.

The bottom line? Moving to Colorado is an exciting opportunity to advance your career, enjoy the beauty of this country, and retain several urban and entertainment options with a balance that few areas in the country can attain.


Moving to Colorado With Guns

Above all else, when moving with firearms, it’s important to abide by Colorado gun laws when doing so. This means obtaining the necessary licensing, transporting firearms in a safe manner, following local and statewide statutes, avoiding the possession or use of firearm accessories, and more.

Gun laws can be controversial at best but at the end of the day, the law is still an important parameter to be followed. Furthermore, safely transporting firearms is an important responsibility for any gun owner.

You’re also going to want to understand the individual policies that your movers have for transporting firearms, should you use movers. It’s not uncommon for moving services to provide you with the moving of firearms, but this does not include ammunition as it is illegal. Your ammunition can be moved through appropriate carriers, so long as you meet their guidelines.

Finally, gun laws can vary from state to state. This means if you are moving firearms yourself or ammunition, it’s your responsibility to understand the laws of each state you’ll be passing through to reach your final destination. The same goes for the even more complex process of moving firearms via air travel.


Is It Worth Moving to Colorado?

Knowing whether or not a move is right for you is going to come down to many personal factors. You’ll want to not only consider the pros and cons of moving to Colorado, but your reasons for doing so and the benefits of moving to the respective city you choose to call your new home.

If you are a recreational enthusiast, have an opportunity within one of the predominant industries found in the state, or find the prospect of enjoying a fuller spectrum of seasons appealing, then a move to Colorado may be right for you.

While we can’t make the decision for you, we can help you adjust. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we love helping homeowners, drivers, renters, and even business owners moving to Colorado save on important coverages meant to protect what you’ve worked hard for. All while helping you protect your finances in the process by providing insurance policies for less.


How To Save on Home Insurance When Moving to Colorado


We take pride in being a resource for homeowners, drivers, and renters alike that are looking to move to The Centennial State, but our true expertise comes from helping you save money on coverage. Our team works with a variety of top-rated insurance companies to help you compare your coverage needs and find the best protection at the lowest cost.

Because we work with multiple brands instead of a single entity, we’re able to compare the courage you need on an individual level, identify the best rates, and enroll you in coverage that protects your finances for less.

Contact one of our agents to see how we help clients save 40% on their coverage when moving to Colorado. If you don’t have time to talk, that’s ok! Use our free, online homeowners insurance quote or auto insurance quote tools for an accurate estimate of your coverage.

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