Obtaining a Motorcycle License in Colorado – Motorcycle Endorsements


A motorcycle license in Colorado signifies that you are capable of operating your bike lawfully and with proper control. At least it did because now, rather than having a full-on license, the state of Colorado now issues endorsements for motorcycle riders to their driver’s licenses.

Either way, the idea hasn’t changed. Having a Colorado motorcycle license or an endorsement on your driver’s license can suffice and are legal for operating while out on the road. Getting yours is simple, but depending on your age, the process can be different.

Riding without the right credentials can lead to legal issues and fines, which is why we here at Freedom Insurance Group always recommend having the right endorsements as well as the right motorcycle insurance coverage.

Additionally, riders can save money by maintaining a valid motorcycle endorsement. The Centennial State is a wonder to behold but you won’t get far without the proper paperwork. Learn how to obtain a motorcycle license in Colorado (endorsement), the requirements regarding age, and how to save money as a result.

How To Get a Motorcycle License in Colorado?

Again, receiving a motorcycle license in Colorado is a thing of the past. Today, riders must obtain motorcycle endorsements for their driver’s licenses. There are two types of motorcycle endorsements available in Colorado:

  • “M” endorsements allow you to operate both two and three-wheeled motorcycles.
  • “3” endorsements allow you to operate three-wheeled motorcycles only.

Therefore, to obtain one of these endorsements, the first step for most is to obtain a driver’s license from the state of Colorado. But there are other cases, for example, with minors, who may need a motorcycle endorsement but don’t yet have a driver’s license.

Let’s break the Colorado motorcycle license requirements (endorsements) down further to look at a fuller scope of options for riders:

Riders With Driver’s Licenses

If you have a valid driver’s license with the state of Colorado, you have two options for adding your motorcycle endorsement:

  • Your first option is to pass the motorcycle written exam, purchase a motorcycle instruction permit, schedule and pass your motorcycle drive skills test, and then purchase a new driver’s license while adding your motorcycle endorsement.
  • Your second option is to complete a Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) course and then present your original MOST license waiver card while purchasing a new driver’s license and adding your motorcycle endorsement.

In both cases, you’re going to have to schedule an appointment when it is time to purchase your new license. Motorcycle endorsements cannot be added via mail, phone, or online in Colorado.

Minor Riders

If riders are under 18 years of age, the threshold for determining who needs a motorcycle license (endorsement) in Colorado age requirement, a motorcycle instruction permit must be held for a minimum of 12 months before a motorcycle endorsement can be added to their license.

Any eligible rider that is under the age of 16 has to be under the direct supervision of the MSF motorcycle instructor when operating a motorcycle at all times. For more information, you can contact the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on how to get a motorcycle instruction permit.

Military Riders

Colorado is home to one of the largest military populations in the United States, so it’s important to understand how motorcycle endorsements work for service members. The Centennial State doesn’t accept  Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) cards from out of state. However, if your MSF card was obtained on a military base and you have a valid military ID, an exception can be made.

The amount you pay for your endorsements can change and is subject to the stipulations set forth by the Colorado DMV. The motorcycle license in Colorado cost for endorsements can be found online.

Do You Need a Motorcycle License in Colorado?

Remember, instead of having a motorcycle license in Colorado, you’ll need a driver’s license and a motorcycle endorsement. But yes, you’re going to need this designation to operate a motorcycle throughout the state.

Failure to maintain this endorsement can produce the following consequences for riders if you are pulled over:

  • You’ll receive a ticket, fines, and potentially could face court costs as well.
  • Additionally, you can expect points on your license and the cost of your insurance coverage to rise.
  • Riders without the proper endorsements may also face community service hours as a result.

Multiple offenses could result in further, harsher consequences. Just like having motorcycle insurance in Colorado is mandatory, so is having an endorsement. Failure to have either can put you at risk for legal and financial repercussions.

Resources for Colorado Riders

Preparing for your motorcycle endorsement can mean accessing various resources, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are several important resources riders may find useful on throughout the process:

Colorado Motorcycle License Plates

When purchasing a motorcycle in Colorado, your next steps will be registering it with the state and purchasing license plates. The Colorado DMV handles license plates and can get you where you need to be with an appointment.

Motorcycle License Colorado Test

It’s important to note that any online Colorado motorcycle license practice test available online should be taken with a grain of salt. There are questions that may change and the idea of preparing for your exam is to learn the source material rather than simply pass. Nevertheless, testing your knowledge is always encouraged and can help you move one step closer to earning your endorsement.

Colorado Motorcycle License Handbook

The Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook is a comprehensive guide for all riders throughout the state. This resource will help you learn the rules of the road, how to ride your bike, important laws, and many other critical factors that will not only help you prepare for your endorsement exam but will also help you be a better rider in general.

How To Save on Insurance With Your Colorado Motorcycle License


Having a motorcycle endorsement is required for driving one, but technically, you don’t have to have an endorsement to receive coverage. However, failing to obtain one can present a number of problems:

  • For starters, many carriers may not even provide you with coverage, to begin with.
  • Other motorcycle insurance carriers may insure you, but you’re going to have to spend more money on protection.
  • Furthermore, these prices can be elevated even further due to your lack of options for coverage.


All of these issues tie together because insurance carriers are assessing the amount of risk you possess as a rider when they insure you and your bike. If you have more risk you’re going to pay higher premiums, and riders without a license are perceived to have more risk.

It’s also crucial to note that each carrier assesses these things differently which makes comparing and shopping important for any rider looking to receive the lowest rate. Limiting your options means fewer comparisons and a lack of access to affordable policies and discounts.

If you’re looking to save on motorcycle insurance, and who isn’t, then obtaining your motorcycle endorsement is a critical step.

Freedom Insurance Group has been helping riders save money on coverage since 2005 thanks to our partnerships with more than 25 top-rated insurance carriers which have financial strength and policy options to keep you protected for years to come.

Our ability to shop and compare means you receive more options, better discounts, and more bundling opportunities, such as with your home insurance and auto insurance policies.

Having the right insurance is important for all riders as is obtaining a motorcycle license (endorsement) in Colorado. Contact us today for a free, accurate quote that’s built to help you save more money!

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