Shopping for Auto Insurance in Texas Made Easy


With so many coverages, brands, and variables, shopping for auto insurance can be a pain. But every driver in Texas is simply looking to stay protected while getting the best deal possible, so why not simplify the process? We’ve got the easiest way to compare car insurance quotes, shop for auto insurance, and save in the process.


How to Shop for Auto Insurance and Save in Texas

Shopping for auto insurance in Texas can take a lot of time. Each driver has different needs and there are several brands and insurance products to sort from.

When shopping insurance, it’s important to note that every company is going to assess the amount of risk you have as a client and then build your premium accordingly.

For example, drivers with multiple moving violations, lower credit scores, or a more frequent claims history, can expect to pay more than someone with a clean driving record, higher credit score, and hasn’t been in any wrecks.

Every brand may be looking at these factors, but their ways of doing so are all different. This means that one brand might see speeding tickets as a much bigger deal than another, resulting in a different price for your coverage.

Your best bet is to compare the coverage you need among many different car insurance brands and find the right protection at the lowest rate.

Shopping for car insurance online can be helpful, but you’ll often find that each brand will make claims that they are the best. This isn’t necessarily false, however, what may be best for you.

Deciphering these messages can also lead to taking extra time searching and in the end, you may miss out on finding the best deal possible.

You’ll also want to take into consideration discounts. Different brands have different discounts and applying the best discounts to your coverage is a critical part of getting the lowest premium possible.

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that the company you enroll with, will provide the customer service you deserve as well as a company that is financially strong enough to pay you on time and in full even when facing large financial responsibilities to its policyholders.

To recap:

  • Shop through many different brands to seek the best coverage.
  • Be sure to keep your coverage needs at the forefront of your search.
  • Always keep discounts in mind while shopping for auto insurance.
  • Enroll with a reputable company capable of making payments even in the worst of times.


Shopping for Car Insurance Quotes in Texas? Save 40% On Coverage

The best way to shop for auto insurance in Texas is to let the experts at Freedom Insurance Group do the work for you.

We don’t work just work for a single brand, we have partnerships with more than 25 of the highest-rated auto insurance providers in the Lone Star State.

Our agents find the best coverage for your needs at the lowest prices because we aren’t working to provide a singular brand with as many customers as possible. We work for you and deliver the lowest price for all of our clients.

On average, we’ve helped drivers in Texas save money, averaging 40% lower prices when switching.

Thanks to our strong relationships with many top auto insurance brands, we can offer a wide range of insurance solutions, better savings, and more discounts to ensure your premium is as low as possible.

See how much you can save by using our online tool, which provides free, accurate car insurance quotes for Texas drivers.


Does Shopping for Auto Insurance Affect Credit Score?

No, you won’t see your credit score affected when shopping for auto insurance in Texas. This is because the process when you shop for auto insurance, you’ll only be triggering a soft credit inquiry:


Soft Credit Inquiry

Soft credit inquiries don’t harm your score. This is done when companies are looking to present offers, such as an auto insurance quote, or when you check your own credit score.


Hard Credit Inquiry

Hard credit inquiries will harm your credit score, but this only happens when you’re applying for a line of credit, need a loan, or something of that nature. You’ll have to sign off on such inquests beforehand, also.

In conclusion, if you’re worried about affecting your credit score while shopping for car insurance, rest assured that you have nothing to fear.


Tips for Shopping for Car Insurance in Texas

Just as you would hire a professional to remodel your home or repair your vehicle’s engine, working with a licensed agent can come with many advantages while shopping for auto insurance.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to do it on your own, here are some helpful hints that will aid you in your journey:


How to Determine Your Coverage When Shopping for Car Insurance

No auto insurance policy offers blanket coverage where everything you might face is protected. In the same sense, not every driver has the same coverage needs.

For example, a young driver with a new car is likely going to need more coverage than an experienced driver with a clean record and an older vehicle.

When shopping for auto insurance, the key is to protect yourself against potential hurdles that would be detrimental to your finances.

Skipping out on coverages that mean your coverage needs can save a few bucks on your monthly premium, but come back to cost you tremendously after an accident.

Liability coverage is required and can help you from paying for damage to another person’s loss, but you’ll still need to restore your own out-of-pocket without the right policies.

You’ll also need to spend your own money if your liability coverage policy limits aren’t enough to cover another driver’s loss.

The cost of repairing vehicles and receiving medical care both continue to rise and can present major financial hurdles for anyone after a car accident.

Assess your needs honestly and thoroughly to avoid paying large out-of-pocket expenses after an automobile accident.


Where to Shop for Car Insurance if You’re in Texas

Since 2005, Freedom Insurance Group has been helping drivers shopping for car insurance throughout Texas save an average of 40% on their premiums.

Because we’ve partnered with many of the highest-rated auto insurance providers in the state, we can quickly pinpoint coverage specific to your needs, compare the costs between brands, and deliver the protection you deserve at a price you’ll love.

Ask an agent today to learn more about how we help drivers shopping for auto insurance in Texas find the lowest rates possible.

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