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Taking a vacation in an RV isn’t enough for some enthusiasts. Living in your RV full-time can grant you the freedom to travel with the amenities of your own private space. But protecting yourself with Texas full-time RV insurance is important, even if you’re not staying in The Lone Star State.

It’s no secret that Texas residents love recreational vehicles, and these days, it’s becoming easier and easier to take on full-time RV’ing, even before retirement.

With a variety of ways to connect online and the growth of remote work, more and more people are discovering what it’s like to have a better work-life balance across the United States from the freedom of an RV. But having RV insurance in Texas is not only important but required for any owner.

Texas remains one of the most popular domicile states for full-time RVers, but not all policies are the same. Neither are your needs. The best full-time RV insurance is going to have the right personal coverage necessary for protecting your finances and your property, while also keeping your budget in mind.

Learn more about the cost of your policy, the type of full-time RV insurance coverage available, and how you can enroll in the best option for you at the lowest price possible.


How Much Does Full-Time RV Insurance Cost in Texas?

Determining how much your full-time RV insurance will cost depends on many moving pieces. Full-time RV insurance cost in Texas comes from a number of factors that go into calculating your coverage. Some of the factors full-time RV insurance companies in TX will assess include:

  • The class of your motorhome.
  • The number of coverages you enroll in.
  • Your driving record.
  • The location you plan on spending most of your time in your RV.

Furthermore, each carrier looks at these factors differently. So, while one company may not think much of you spending your time in Florida, another may look at the potential for hurricanes and salt air as a harsher negative, leading to a higher premium.

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand how Texas full-time RV insurance works because it can help you save on your premium. Each brand assesses risk differently and within this lies an opportunity for RVers.

Rather than simply insuring your recreational vehicle with the first major brand you come across, it’s important to shop around and compare quotes. So long as they are a financially secure, top-rated provider, you’ll know that you are backed by a company capable of being there when you need them most.

To help our clients get a better scope of what their full-time RV insurance costs, Freedom Insurance Group has partnered with over 25 top-rated providers. This allows our agents to find the cheapest full-time RV insurance in Texas by comparing premiums among different, reliable brands.


Which Texas Insurance Companies Cover Full-Time RV’ers?

Texas RV full-time insurance is available from numerous companies, but it’s less important to rely on a brand than it is on the attributes of a carrier. For example, there are several national brands, many we carry proudly here at Freedom Insurance Group, but they might not necessarily be the best fit for your needs.

When choosing coverage among full-time RV insurance companies, you’re going to want to take into consideration a few different variables:

  • Which carrier offers you the lowest rate?
  • Does this company offer the coverage options you need to remain protected?
  • Is this company capable of fulfilling its financial obligations after a claim?
  • How is the customer service of this carrier?

Without finding the lowest price available, you’ll be leaving money on the table. Likewise, you won’t be protected without the right coverage. If a company isn’t top-rated financially, a large event requiring many claims could see them unable to pay their policyholders. You’ll also want to work with a carrier that is helping its customers in a timely fashion.

Remember, the best full-time RV insurance that Texans have available will fulfill these needs and help protect your finances. Comparing carriers is the best way to ensure you’re receiving the coverage you deserve.


Which Insurance Company Has the Cheapest Full-Time RV Rate in TX?

Remember, because full-time living RV insurance costs vary from carrier to carrier, even for the same owner, you’re going to have to shop around to find the cheapest rate. The same exact coverage for two different RVers can have vastly different premiums even within the same carrier.

Furthermore, your personal factors among different carriers will also produce varying results. Comparison shopping is the best way to pinpoint the cheapest full-time RV insurance rates in Texas.

One of the biggest advantages of working with an insurance company that works with multiple top-rated carriers is that you can easily compare rates and find the cheapest policy that meets your needs. Speaking with an insurance agent can help you find the best RV insurance for full-time RVers and save time and money in the process.


How Texans Are Covered With Insurance for Full-Time RV Usage

Deciding between part-time and full-time RV insurance will mean auditing your personal usage habits. If you only take out your RV for special occasions and vacations, normal coverage will likely suffice. But full-time usage comes with unique challenges and perils to protect against.

There are many different coverages available including mandatory liability coverage, and other coverages that are optional such as comprehensive, collision, gap, roadside assistance, and more. But RV insurance for a full-time living takes into consideration factors you may not otherwise face often:

  • There is an increased liability when you’re RVing full-time. If someone is injured at your campsite, you’re going to want to make sure you have an appropriate level of coverage to avoid legal and medical expenses. Specifically, medical payments coverage and personal liability coverage are two important protections all full-timers should consider.
  • Home insurance is a great way to protect your personal belongings, but when you live in an RV, special considerations are necessary to keep your personal property protected.
  • You’ll also want to keep in mind that as a full-time RVer, vacation-specific coverages may not be available to you as you’re living in your recreational vehicle rather than taking a trip.

How you protect yourself and your RV is going to look different for everyone. But it’s important to take into consideration your personal risk and hedge against them. When done correctly, you can find the right coverage for your needs and avoid overpaying to obtain it. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, our agents help clients achieve this feat.


Where To Get Full-Time RV Insurance in Texas?


Since 2005, the team at Freedom Insurance Group has been helping Texans save on a variety of coverages, including full-time RV insurance. We don’t only have the experts to help you find what you need, but the partnerships to provide reliable, personalized coverage for much less.

Our approach is simple. We look at your personal factors, compare these risks among over 25 top-rated insurance carriers, compare coverages and discounts, and then apply the best fit for your needs. Because we don’t work for a singular brand, you receive the best rate for the right coverage and gain peace of mind.

Texas full-time RV insurance can help you stay protected against the unique risks you face no matter where you find yourself, within the United States. Get a quote by contacting our licensed RV insurance agents today and see how we help clients save an average of 40%.

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