14 Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Texas

Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Texas

Staging your home to sell in the state of Texas can help you stand apart from the rest of your competition. The Lone Star State is a very competitive market that is continuing to see an influx of homeowners from many regions of the United States attracted to the comparatively low price of housing and favorable tax policies. Strong economic reports and outlooks are yet another one of the many attractive qualities our wonderful state has even through some of the more controversial times in recent history. This is why home staging tips are one of the best skills to learn as we approach summer, the traditionally busy season for real estate for Texans.

The summertime can be an attractive time for homeowners to make a move. There are plenty of reasons to sell your home during summer. Particularly with the kids out of school, this is a major time for homeowners and prospective buyers to take out a major hurdle involved in moving, but still, the process always comes with some inconveniences. Showing your home to potential buyers is one of the top irritants for many homeowners as it requires you to keep your home in the utmost pristine conditions for long periods.

Even in a hot market, as a homeowner, you’re going to want to get the best deal for your home. Besides closing costs and making a good return on investment (ROI) to build equity, if you are going to be purchasing another home, you’re going to need money to do so, which is why it is the dream of every homeowner to inspire a bidding war.

The better your home looks, the better you can expect your sales price to be. People want to envision the memories they are yet to make in the same way your family has turned four walls and a roof into much more than a shelter throughout your time there. Not all staging tips are the same and there are even some DIY tips that can help you show your home in its best light with minimal effort and without blowing your profits. If you are thinking of making a move, take a look at these home staging tips for selling a house.

14 Home Staging Tips and Tricks

How you decide to stage your home is up to you, but important to remember some design basics when doing it. You’ll also want to make sure that your home is staged in the right places. You’re likely going to get more out of your home staging efforts in your kitchen and living room than you would in a mudroom. Overall, there are things any homeowner can do to help any room, so let’s explore these home staging tips and tricks to maximize your efforts:

  1. You’re going to want to make potential buyers feel like it’s their home, not yours. Try to remove personal pieces or overtly unique pieces in favor of a more generalized approach.
  2. To go along with depersonalizing, you’ll want to remember to remove personal items such as hygiene products, dishes, and anything else that might make the room feel cluttered.
  3. Be sure to use decor to pop, such as fresh flowers or an accent piece, but rely on neutral colors as your backdrop. Never overdo it, but a little style never hurt.
  4. If you are considering a pop of color, an accent wall may be a great way to make your room pop, but be careful to not do too much.
  5. When accessorizing your home do so in threes rather than even numbers.
  6. Your home lights up your world, so be sure to open the blinds and turn up your lights to bring a welcoming look to each room.
  7. You’ll need to tackle small repairs and dings before showings. With the lights up and people scrutinizing, a big part of staging your home comes down to taking care of the little dings that come from living in a home.
  8. Don’t forget that curb appeal! Before anyone sets foot in your house, the real first impression occurs before they ever unlock the door.
  9. Kitchens, living rooms, master bedrooms, and master baths are where you are going to want to focus. Your guest room and garage should still be inviting, but the main features of the home are the places that directly tie to the homeowner and their time spent at home. Make them look their best!
  10. Although, another consideration is the resurrection of the home office. Many people are working from home and showing off its usefulness can help. Remember to declutter!
  11. Rearrange furniture to provide not only style but showcase the space of each room. A helpful hint: while impractical, you’ll want to face furniture towards each other such as sofas to showcase space and inspire the ideas of social gatherings. Stay away from placing bulky furniture near walls or facing televisions.
  12. The sense of scent is a powerful reminder for the human brain. Cement your home’s great impression in the minds of buyers with subtle but pleasant smells.
  13. This one may hurt, but the truth is that while you love your pet…others might not be so fond. Keep them away and remove any trace of them when possible.
  14. If you’re still having to live at home, have a budget and a plan to store unnecessary items until you are able to move.

Some things such as cleaning up, seeking home staging ideas for the living room, and taking care of minor repairs may feel like common sense, but they remain important reminders that small actions can make a huge difference. Home staging, when done right, is a great investment that can not only find you enjoying a better return on your property but also quicker results from more serious buyers.

When To Stage Your Home

interior of home

Knowing the right time for staging your home to sell can help you save money and time. After all, one of the benefits of staging your home is to help hasten your closing date without leaving money on the table. If you fail to sell your home, you’re putting effort into a process that will only cost you money without helping your prospects. Here’s how to understand when staging your home is the right move:

  • In need of a quick sale? According to Realtor.com, staged homes sell nearly 90% faster when compared to a property that is not staged.
  • Looking for more money during your sale? The experts in real estate have also noted in the same findings that not only will your home sell 88% faster while staged, but also for 20% more.
  • If it’s been a while since your home has gotten a fresh look, staging can help you achieve a fresher feel. Of course, you’ll want to give your home a fresh coat of paint if it’s looking a little rougher around the edges and pick up any clutter, but having a design in mind during this process will really complete the ambiance. This is especially true for older homes.
  • You’ll want to consider your lifestyle and the market. If you’re living a bachelor’s life but selling your home to families, it’ll be a lot harder for a family of four to envision their children growing up in a home that looks like it’s still ready for a game of beer pong on Thursday night.
  • Staging a part of your home can help highlight its best features. So, focus on home staging ideas for bathrooms rather than an awkward guest room or a small storage space.
  • Conversely, you can fix eyesores with the right staging. If you are looking to improve the look of your kitchen but you’re confident in the rest of your home, take some time to make it feel like a potential buyer will enjoy homecooked meals for years to come.
  • When you want to inspire additional confidence in buyers. Even if staging your home is going to save you from as much cleaning and routinely keep up, it still takes a level of effort and shows buyers you are a serious, motivated seller.

Every situation is different and while all homeowners should aspire to take great care of their homes, it’s always a good idea to remember that we tend to see our own homes with rose-colored glasses. Staging your home is a great way to take those off, reassess the way your house is viewed, and create a look that is designed to inspire action from a home buyer. If some of these situations apply to you, speak with your Realtor and decide if your home would benefit from staging services.

Who Pays for Home Staging?

This may be surprising to many homeowners, but according to MarketWatch, more than half of Realtors may be willing to pay for some if not all of the costs associated with staging your home. There are plenty of factors to consider here including commission rates, individual housing markets, and the expert opinion of your real estate agent as to if staging your home will help increase its sales price.

Luxury homes may require a bit more than a simple touch to compete in a high-end market. Of course, the more staging that is required and the bigger the home, the more costs will be. Less expensive homes can still benefit from staging, but remember, DIY is a great avenue for many.

DIY staging can even be amplified if your Realtor or yourself are gifted with natural design skills. There are also plenty of places to gain DIY tips and inspiration for both real life and online staging ideas. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started:

Using DIY tips to stage your home can help you cut costs without having to cut corners for your design!

Does Home Staging Really Work?

Yes, staging your home can help you not only get more eyes on your home and in your property while selling but also inspire faster sales for more money. Consider that technology continues to evolve. There are many ways to market a property, but the end goal of Realtors is to provide potential buyers with a pristine look at your home to inspire a sale.

Marketing tools are evolving such as virtual tours for online listings. You’re competing against your neighbors and comparable homes, meaning homes that are similar to your property. It’s the little things that can make a big impact and getting your house to shine in front of the right people can help you move on to the next chapter of your life. Home staging tips for selling your house will help you achieve these goals quickly while pocketing more cash.

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