5 Considerations About Texas Renter’s Insurance

Here are 5 considerations about texas renters insurance the most important factors to discuss while thinking of buying renters insurance.

  1. Landlord’s insurance: You are not necessarily covered by your landlord’s insurance. That covers the building structure and common areas, whereas your personal renter’s insurance covers your belongings within the unit.
  2. What does the renter’s insurance cover? Renter’s insurance does not cover just your belongings. It can also cover your liability to pay medical or legal expenses in case of someone getting injured in your house/apartment.
  3. Value of your belongings: Consider your laptop, electronics, small appliances, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. Most renters have over $20,000 worth of possessions. Be sure to keep copies of the receipts or catalog your items for insurance purposes.
  4. The expense: Many people think that renter’s insurance is too expensive, but in reality, it can range anywhere from $15 and $30 per month on average.
  5. Policy differences: Not all policies are identical. Be sure to pay attention to the levels of coverage and pick the option that makes the most sense for you.



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