Best Places To Live in Texas When You’re From California


It’s often thought that Texas and California don’t have too much in common, but we’re both diverse, large states with a lot to offer if you look closer. The Texas charm you’ll come to know and love may be different than the Cali vibes you’re used to, but the Lone Star State is a welcoming place with plenty of great features. Our diversity, however, means that the best places to live in Texas are spread far and wide.

Becoming a Texan is unlike anything else. This state is beautiful in many different ways. There are many great things to discover throughout the state from the beautiful coast along the Gulf of Mexico to the peaceful passing of tumbleweeds on your way to El Paso, Texas, and everything in between.

You may be moving from California to start a new life and looking for a complete change. You may also be moving but want some of the familiarities of home. Whatever the case, Freedom Insurance Group has you covered with some of the best cities in Texas we believe Cali transplants will love to make their new homes.

The 10 Best Cities To Live in Texas

So, where to live in Texas?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Texas is a very diverse state similar to how the lifestyle in Long Beach won’t really compare to that of Sacramento, the Lone Star State has plenty of options for every lifestyle.

Are you looking to recapture the art and tech you know and love in Silicon Valley? Maybe you’re looking to find another refuge in a new wine country. Of course, you might be looking to keep your toes in the sand, or you might just be sick of the mess and seek a concrete jungle to conquer. No matter what your situation, these are some of the best cities to live in Texas when moving from California.

Dallas-Fort Worth

When we tell people that the Dallas-Fort Worth region is the best place to live in Texas, most assume some bias is coming into play. But when you look at the area’s bustling economy, diverse cuisine, affordable housing, and bountiful entertainment options, it’s no wonder the DFW leads U.S. metro population growth.

Dallas, Texas, is known for its eclectic nightlife, art district, and culinary scene. Deep Ellum gets the spotlight, rightfully so, but there’s plenty to enjoy throughout the city. Economically speaking, telecommunications, finance, and defense are all booming sectors. This is a great place to move if you are looking for modern amenities with plenty of suburban options. Ex-military and those from silicon valley may find great career opportunities.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the Old West meets the 21st Century. The Stockyards National Historic District fuses the two better than anywhere else boasting entertainment and shopping. Oil and gas still have plenty of influence here on the economy and if suburbia is more your style, you have plenty of living options near the heart of the city.

It may feel like “cheating” to combine two cities into one, but that’s exactly what growth has done in North Texas. Both cities have plenty to offer and are popular options with affordable housing and job security for people moving to Texas from California.


Houston is the top destination for Californians and there should be no surprise. A strong economy, affordable housing, and virtually every amenities of any modern city are available in Space City. Home to every major sports league in America, save for hockey, this is a great place if you love sports.

The diversity in Houston, TX, makes it one of the best places to live in Texas boasting strong Latino and Asian communities among many others. There are many different suburbian options outside the inner loops. Inside, there are enough restaurants, breweries, museums, and shops to fill a lifetime.

The energy sector is still king in H-Town, but you’ll also find plenty of hospitality/service jobs, a vibrant healthcare industry, construction opportunities, as well as jobs in both the logistics and aerospace industries. A diverse city offering a diverse economy with plenty of jobs for those now calling Houston, Texas, home.


The best city to live in Texas for eclectic nightlife and the tech sector is arguably Austin, TX. Its “Keep Austin Weird” mantra is a statement to the lifestyle of embracing innovation, art, and progression. Austin’s charm is attracting a lot of people and businesses. But this is also raising the price of living.

The good news, however, is that there is a strong corporate presence in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas from companies such as Apple, IBM, NXP Semiconductors, Indeed, Dell, Visa, Whole Foods…the list goes on and on. It’s a great place if you are looking to advance your corporate career without having to pay state income taxes.

It’s also a great place to network with hungry entrepreneurs looking to create the next great startup. There’s a reason the Austin area earned the nickname the “Silicon Hills” as its growth is a testament to the strong tech economy found in the capital of Texas.

San Antonio

The beauty of the Riverwalk, a range of entertainment/tourist options, and delicious Tex-Mex and BBQ…If you are going to remember two things, they need to be the Alamo, and that if you move to San Antonio, Texas, you’re going to have a good time.

There are seven military bases in San Antonio, Texas, so expect the military to be a part of the experience. Housing is affordable as is the entire cost of living. The job market continues to thrive thanks to strong industries including aerospace and defense, IT and cybersecurity, healthcare and bioscience, and new energy initiatives.


Well north of Houston, TX, is a place that combines the countryside of Texas with modern amenities and suburbia. Conroe, Texas, is a city that features a stunning lake, plenty of woods, delicious eateries, breweries, nightlife, and plenty more.

If you are looking to reconnect with nature or just love recreation, Conroe, Texas is the place for you. You can enjoy fishing and water sports in the morning then make it home for an equestrian ride during the afternoon.

Advanced manufacturing, energy, and logistics are some of the target industries in Conroe, TX. The cost of living in Conroe, TX, is much lower than in California as it features housing that is 11% lower than the national average, utilities that are 13% lower, and grocery bills offering a 5% reduction compared to the national average.

San Marcos

While San Marcos, Texas, has made a name for itself as a college town, notably home to Texas State University, it’s also a great place for any outdoorsman. You have access to the San Marcos River and the Blanco River, making it the perfect spot for water sports. The cost of living in San Marcos, TX, is higher than the state average, but it’s still lower than the nation’s average. It’s a great place to live with much cheaper housing than California and is a great community to settle into.

League City

Around 26 miles southeast of Houston, Texas, is League City, TX. This community is one of the most desirable in the Houston-Galveston metro area and continues to see great growth in population. It features wonderful master-planned communities, shopping, eateries, and great proximity between both Houston and Galveston Beach.

The economy is strong and the housing is comparatively affordable for California residents. Homeowners who are employed in the aerospace industry are in luck as NASA is not far away. Tourism to the area and to Galveston helps keep revenue through the community and as with all Houston-area cities, there are plenty of jobs in energy and healthcare.


When you think of Texas cities, Fredericksburg, TX, may not be the first that comes up, but spend enough time here, and you’ll see why it’s one of the best-kept secrets. The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful region that allows you to unwind away from an urban setting and into the beauty of the Lone Star State.

Yes, Texas also has a wine country, and moving to Fredericksburg, TX, will find you right in the middle of it. This city is filled with a mix of German influence that pays homage to its past with plenty of modern amenities that make this a great location for residents and visitors alike.

The museums, parks, shops, and restaurants all contribute to the charm of this Texas city as well as the economy. There are also many opportunities in both healthcare and scientific services. Whether you are looking to recapture some of the California wine country or simply try something new, Fredericksburg, Texas, is the place to be.


The low cost of living and high income in Frisco, Texas, do a lot to attract people into this North Texas city. It’s a part of the DFW metro, but it deserves special mention as there are a lot of great things happening within its specific city limits.

One of the most one-of-a-kind cities in Texas, Frisco, TX, offers unique museum experiences and plenty of entertainment. It’s even where soccer fans can gather and cheer on FC Dallas.  The strong economic prospects are highlighted by the financial sector as well as many other industries. Some of the featured companies in Frisco include Oracle, Home Depot, and Federal Express.


If there is a drawback to Texas, it comes down to the fact that the weather can be less than kind at times. We have hailstorms, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc. But everyone has their share of bad weather, and we still make the best of our great state. Well, almost everyone. Because you might find yourself facing severe weather in Amarillo, Texas, but it won’t be as frequent as the rest of us.

Ranking as one of the best cities in Texas in terms of avoiding hail and tornadoes, Amarillo, TX, continues to be a wonderful community with comparatively gracious weather. Larger-than-life steaks at The Big Texan Steak Ranch, art installations, and space museums only begin to define what you’ll find in Amarillo, Texas, as it is a great place for anyone moving into Texas.

Residents will also find themselves surrounded by great recreational opportunities. The Palo Duro Canyon State Park is only a short drive south. You can also enjoy various state parks in both Texas and New Mexico within a three-hour radius of the city.

Serving Texas Natives and California Transplants in Texas Since 2005


The best city to live in Texas will come down to whatever lifestyle you wish to lead. We’ve got everything and then some to offer throughout the Lone Star State and provide many affordable options for people moving from California.

Wherever you decide to call home, you’re going to need to protect it with the right homeowner’s insurance policy. Fortunately, we can help. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we’ve been helping homeowners save money on their home insurance policies since 2005.

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Texas is more affordable than California in many ways, but home insurance is not one of them. You may receive a bit of sticker shock if you are not prepared or if you do not shop around for your coverage. We rank in the top three for the most expensive coverage in part because of the diverse, severe weather that can affect homeowners.

There are wildfires, floods, tropical storms, snowstorms, and more that can affect you depending on where you live in the state. Sadly, that means more in premiums. But by comparison shopping your home insurance coverage, you can find cheaper protection without cutting coverage.

This is why our clients save an average of 40% on their homeowner’s insurance. We can quickly and accurately shop your coverage among our partners to find you a reliable company with adequate coverage at a lower cost. It doesn’t matter which of the best places to live in Texas you choose, we’re here to help. Get a free homeowners insurance quote or contact one of our agents today to see how much money you can save.

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