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It’s a moment that nobody wants to think about, however, all too many will deal with it. Property crime continues to be an issue, even when it’s declining, throughout the United States. This is evident in the fact that there were estimated 6,925,677 property crime offenses in 2019 alone, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

There are many different types of property crimes that can befall homeowners, renters, and drivers. Thankfully, there are also many different insurance policies that are there to help you restore your losses and move forward after going through such a vulnerable experience.

Insurance policies are rarely if ever comprehensive in the fact that they won’t cover literally everything, but each policy is different. Therefore, while not every crime against your property will be covered, it also depends on your type of coverage in many cases.

Regardless, there are still plenty of ways to safeguard your personal belongings and finances at the same time through the use of insurance policies. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we’re here to help you stay informed and protected. Let’s review property crimes, which coverages you’ll need, and how to stay covered while saving money and protecting what is rightfully yours.


What Is Property Crime?

Property crime is a category of crime involving the unlawful taking of someone else’s property, typically, but not exclusively, without the use of force or threat of force against the victim. With property crimes, criminals are usually motivated by obtaining financial gain or damaging property.

Although a less serious form of crime than a violent crime, it can still be a major issue for the victims experiencing the loss. From the emotional to physical tolls that such crimes take on their victims, residents suffering will need to understand how to protect themselves and rebuild in the aftermath.

There are many different types of property crimes that can occur and homeowners, renters, and drivers all need to know what they are and how to protect against them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common examples of property crimes facing Americans.


Examples of Property Crimes

There are many different types of property crimes, which unfortunately means, there are more opportunities for criminals to strike. Here are some of the most common examples of property crimes you might face:

  • Arson
  • Burglaries
  • Embezzlement
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Identity Theft
  • Robberies
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

It should be noted that some also consider fraud to be a property crime, but this can be a disputed definition. Such threats aren’t always covered by your insurance coverage, but many are. However, you still need to understand how to protect yourself.

Thankfully, Freedom Insurance Group works with more than 25 top-rated insurance providers, offering a wider range of insurance products as a result. Learn more about which property crimes are covered by insurance and how.


Is Arson Covered by Home Insurance?

No, arson is almost never covered by a home insurance policy. It’s unfortunate, but this type of property crime won’t be protected by your homeowners insurance coverage. There are exceptions, but remember, they are exceptions and not the rule.

Your best course of action will likely be through legal means and to discuss arson on a case-by-case basis with your insurance agency. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that this applies to strangers, friends, family members, and even those within your household.

Insurance companies don’t typically pay out for claims involving a crime that you or someone you know have committed. In the event that the act is stemming from vandalism, you’ll need to speak with your specific carrier to understand the details of your individual policy.

It’s also worth mentioning that while arson isn’t covered, other forms of accidental fire damage are. For example, a kitchen fire that gets out of control or a wildfire that destroys your home. As a result, a fire investigation will be necessary to determine the cause of your house fire before any firm decisions can be made.


Does Car Insurance Cover Arson?

Yes, car insurance does cover arson if you have comprehensive coverage. For drivers with liability coverage only, they will not be able to submit a successful claim against arson. You must have comprehensive coverage in order to file a claim for this property crime.

Furthermore, full coverage policies offer a variety of coverage for drivers, including comprehensive coverage. Therefore, if you have full coverage and someone commits a criminal act that lights your vehicle on fire, you’ll be covered.


Is Robbery a Property Crime?

Yes, robberies are a property crime, and along with burglaries, they are both covered by your home insurance policy. One of the interesting components of your homeowners coverage is that your personal belongings are covered even outside of your home. Therefore, if you are robbed elsewhere, you can still submit a claim.

Depending on your renters insurance coverage, you may also enjoy such protections, regardless of where your belongings are. However, both come with policy limits and renters policies often have lower limits as a whole.

Furthermore, this does not count for your vehicle. While your personal goods may still be protected, the vehicle itself is not, unless you have comprehensive insurance, which covers grand theft auto.

For example, if you have both home and auto insurance policies but liability only for your vehicle, you can submit a claim for the personal items inside your vehicle, but the vehicle itself would not be covered in this situation.


Texas and Colorado Are Leaders in Property Crime

We are proud to serve both The Lone Star State and The Centennial State, but it’s time to be honest: both TX and CO residents are at a higher risk of suffering a loss due to a property crime.

There are many things in which being at the top is a good thing, but this is not one of them. Of the property crimes reported in 2021, Texas leads the pack with Colorado coming in fourth to provide a less-than-ideal landscape for residents looking to avoid being a victim of such crimes.

Criminals continue to find new, interesting ways to commit such acts, which is anything but welcomed. Fortunately, we’re here to help you overcome such losses should you and your property face them.


How Insurance Protects Against Crimes Against Property

Insurance policies are there for you when you’ve suffered a loss. For many different policies, this can include certain types of property crimes. Not everything is included, but many of the most common types of property crimes can be protected against. Here’s how:



Both home insurance and renters insurance policies will protect you from these property crimes. Your policy will include coverage for your personal property, but be aware that there are limits that apply. This means that items that are particularly valuable might not be covered with standard coverage.

If you’re looking to cover a larger amount of property or things that are particularly valuable, such as collectibles, fine art, or jewelry, then you’ll need to either raise your policy limits or purchase additional coverage. Insurance riders for scheduled personal property coverage can help you safeguard larger valued items.



Covering embezzlement losses can be tricky. For starters, your homeowners insurance policy will cover stolen property, but it must be personal. Additionally, you’re going to only be covered for a few hundred dollars in most cases. Everyone has different coverages and speaking with your agent about the specifics of your policy could be your best course of action.


Grand Theft Auto

When a vehicle is stolen, although it is personal property, you’ll need an auto insurance policy to cover it. Specifically, you’re going to need comprehensive auto insurance. Liability coverage keeps you legal and protects the financial losses of others, but if you’re looking to cover yourself in the event your vehicle is stolen, additional policies are available.


Identity Theft

Once again, Texas finds itself on an unfavorable list with The Lone Star State ranking sixth in the states with the most identity theft. Don’t be fooled if you live in Colorado, however, because thanks to the Internet, such scams continue to find new ways to steal identities regardless of state lines.

Identify theft coverage is an insurance rider that is available for homeowners, as not all policies include this protection. This is an affordable method to protect yourself through your insurance policy.



Both renters and home insurance policies provide protection in the event of vandalism. This includes damage from riots and civil unrest but does not count for arson. Conversely, comprehensive auto insurance is available and also protects you against vandalism. Arson is covered under this auto policy when it is caused by vandalism.


Property Crimes Increase Your Insurance Rates

On top of facing losses due to property crime, these increased threats are actually harming your bank account, even if you never are a victim. This is because your state’s home, auto, and renters insurance rates are all going up as a result.

Remember, both Texas and Colorado rank as some of the states with the most crimes against property. This means the peril is a viable threat and elevated for both you and your insurance company.

There are many different factors that go into creating your monthly premium, and this includes the crime rate where you live. While local crime rates may weigh heavier, make no mistake that statewide trends are also included in many calculations.

Insurance carriers are all looking to manage their risk when signing you up for a policy. If there is more risk in taking you on as a client, then you will see it reflected in a higher premium. Likewise, if there is less risk, expect to pay less for your coverage.

It’s easy to see that when states are ranked so high for property crimes, this is going to negatively affect your premiums because carriers will view you as more likely to file a claim related to such issues.

Fortunately, not every insurance carrier views these risk factors the same way, and while that may be confusing and present multiple prices for the same coverage, you can use this to your advantage. Our agents are here to help, and together, you can enjoy the protection you need while saving money in the process.


How To Protect Against Property Crimes and More While Saving on Insurance


Crimes against your property can be protected against, and even prevented. Common sense approaches such as keeping your vehicle in a secure area, installing security cameras, keeping your home well groomed and well lit, etc., can help deter criminals looking for a quick grab.

But nothing is 100% and property crimes are just an unfortunate part of life, particularly in urban centers. Protecting yourself is important and as you can see, with the right policies, many of these perils can be restored through your coverage.

Freedom Insurance Group is proud to serve both Texas and Colorado residents for their coverage needs, including protecting against different types of property crimes. We do so by applying the following techniques:

  • Personalizing your coverage with policies specific to your needs.
  • Shopping among many top-rated providers to ensure that you’re receiving the lowest possible rate for your coverage.
  • Providing you bundling opportunities to help you protect more for less.
  • Offering our clients a wide range of insurance products, including riders and policy limit increases for greater peace of mind.

In an ideal world, you’ll never suffer from any form of property crime, but in the real world, it’s best to be protected. Get a free, quick, home insurance quote or auto insurance quote online. You can also contact us for either quotes or a renters quote and see how we save clients 40% on average.

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