How To Get Texas Home Insurance Companies To Pay for a New Roof

new roof repair

Understanding how to get Texas home insurance companies to pay for a new roof can help you save time, money, and stress. Roof damage is a pain for any homeowner and a standard home insurance policy will be there to help you restore your losses.

But getting an insurance company to pay for your new roof can still feel like a difficult task with lots of hoops to jump through and technicalities to endure.

Often, Texas homeowners that require a roof repair or a new roof altogether, are suffering a loss that is affecting multiple aspects of their lives.

The last thing you need to also go through is dealing with an insurance company that makes getting things back to normal a hassle.

Learn more on when to submit a roof claim, what to expect throughout the process, and how to get the reimbursement you deserve.


How To Get Insurance To Pay for Roof Replacement in Texas

The key to getting a Texas homeowners insurance company to pay for a new roof is to submit a roof claim that meets the following criteria:

  • Your home’s roof damage is caused by a covered peril like weather damage or falling objects (ie tree limbs) by your home insurance policy.
  • The damage sustained by your home needs repair and/or is severe enough to require a roof replacement.

If your home is damaged by a peril such as hail or fire and covered by home insurance in Texas but the damage doesn’t require a complete roof replacement, you can still get repairs covered through your claim.


The Process of Getting New Roof Through Insurance in Texas

Getting a roof replaced on insurance in Texas is going to be a process but understanding that process can help you prepare accordingly. Here’s what to expect when getting Texas homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof:


Submit Your Roof Claim

The first step in how to getting insurance to pay for a new roof is going to be submitting a claim, but this doesn’t mean just notifying your insurer and leaving it to the powers that be.

You’re going to need to have proof that you have significant damage for either roof repair or roof replacement. Furthermore, you’re going to have to prove that you’re covered for the cause of the damage.

This is where documentation comes in handy. Videos and pictures are going to be necessary for a successful claim, even if you’re going to have someone inspect the home; a step which will be coming up shortly.


Hire a Licensed Contractor

Only after having a successful claim accepted and beginning the process with your insurance company should you hire a contractor.

A good home insurance company will help you throughout this process and coordinate things such as payment, but you’ll also need a contractor with a good reputation that is licensed and bonded.

There is no shortage of roofing repair horror stories out there and the ugly truth is that while many hardworking companies do things the right way, too many others are just looking for a quick buck.

Con artists known as “storm chasers” are some of the worst and can appear in an area with high demand only to do cheap shotty work or even no work at all, and then skip town with your money.

It’s understandable that when there are heavy amounts of damage in an area that wait times for repairs will be increased.

It’s even more understandable that you might look for a contractor that won’t have you displaced or inconvenienced for as long of a waiting period.

But the wait will be worth it and the consequences of using a shady contracting service on your roof can backfire in several ways.


Emergency Repairs and Loss Mitigation For Your Roof

Before you receive your roof replacement or roof repair paid by a home insurance company from a licensed contractor, you might still need to apply repairs yourself.

Home insurance companies take roofing very seriously because it is one of the main lines of protection for the structural integrity of your home.  You might need to take pro-active care to safeguard your home from the elements.  Blue tarps are a favorite emergency patch until your roofing contractor can start the full repairs.

Conducting emergency repairs when necessary such as covering a hole with a tarp to prevent water from entering your home and causing further damage is a requirement for a homeowner as they fulfill their responsibility to maintain their home.


Wait for an Inspection

Especially when an area is badly affected, the unfortunate truth is that you can expect a wait before an insurance adjuster can make it out to your home to conduct an inspection.

The inspection is necessary as your insurance adjuster will need to verify the cause of your roof damage, the severity of the damage, and the best course of action to restore the loss.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s best to try and get your insurance adjuster and roofing contractor to meet in person in order to go over the damage. When the insurance adjuster and roofing contractor are in agreement and on the same page your insurance claim will almost certainly go smoothly.

In the event your insurance adjuster denies your claim or recommends a roof repair when you believe you require a roof replacement, you can file an appeal and use an independent roof inspection service to help prove your case.


Pay Your Deductible

Home insurance policies come with deductibles that must be paid by homeowners before they can receive money for their claims.

Again, homeowners have their own set of responsibilities to contribute to maintaining their homes, and paying a deductible is part of it.

Once you’ve paid your deductible, a reimbursement is paid based on the cost of repairs it takes to restore your home after a loss.


Work With a Top-Rated Home Insurance Company Throughout the Process

You’ll want to be in communication with your insurance provider, but just as important, you’ll want a highly rated company that will stay in touch with you.

Not knowing what’s next is a pain for anyone. A homeowner using their policy will need protection and customer service from a financially-sound company ready to serve.

Communication is key which is why we here at Freedom Insurance Group are here to help you every step of the way.

Our agents keep you informed on where you are in the process and we only work with some of the highest-rated insurance providers available in Texas.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof in Texas?

The 2022 cost to replace a roof in Texas can range but for most homeowners, an average of $12,000 is the cost for a 2,000 square foot roof replacement.

Your costs will come down to many factors including the type of roofing you require, the size of your home, the shape of your roof, the amount of resistance your roof provides, the extent of your damage, and more.

Even as things begin to temper down, the cost of your roof may be elevated due to complications found in the supply chain and inflation.

Your “roof insurance”, a home insurance policy, should have enough coverage to adequately repair or replace your home. The right policy will provide you with ample protection and restore your home back to normal.


Increased Risks Following Widespread Weather Events


While spending any amount of money on an unexpected roof repair only adds pain to your situation, it’s important to be diligent during this time. Especially, after storms when entire areas are vulnerable.

Saving a few bucks by using the contractor that costs the least amount of money may feel like a great idea at the time, but it could end up costing you much more in the long run.

Cities affected by weather-related damage such as after a hurricane, major hail storms, or tornado damage, will too often find themselves dealing with traveling “contractors” and scam artists.

On one hand, widespread destruction is going to produce an opportunity for hardworking enterprises to make some decent cash, but with the increase in demand, it’ll also take time.

Con artists know this and are willing to forsake morals to get your hard-earned money and leave town without a trace before homeowners know what hit them.

Here are some common risks that can come when homeowners fail to use a reputable, licensed contractor to get the job done:

  • Liability concerns should someone become injured while repairing your home.
  • In the state of Texas, if a contractor takes your money and leaves while still owing money to subcontractors, you could be held liable to pay them instead.
  • Repairs may be inadequate and require additional work for even more widespread damage later on.
  • Your insurance company may not help you pay for additional repairs that come as a result of incompetence from an unlicensed contractor.

There are additional financial and liability risks, but at the end of the day, it’s important to use a reliable, licensed, bonded contractor that can restore your home right, the first time.


Common Roof Damage for Homes in Texas

More than any other state, Texans have to contend with more extreme weather perils. As a homeowner, this means protection is just that much more important because no matter where you live, there is a peril threatening your home.

The Gulf Coast contends with tropical storms and hurricanes. Common roof problems in Central Texans can stem from tree damage. North Texans can face serious tornadoes. West Texas sees hail damage ruin homes…the list goes on and on.

If you can imagine it, you can almost guarantee that the threat exists to your home wherever you reside in the Lone Star State.

The good news is that home insurance policies will help you restore your loss for a wide range of perils including those listed above and more.


Water Damage to Roofs in Texas

One of the more complex areas involving coverage and roof damage involves assessing water damage.

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover you for water damage to your roof, but it will need to be accidental and sudden in nature to qualify.

For example, if new water damage affects your home after rain enters during a hurricane would be covered by your policy.

But going back to the fact that homeowners have a responsibility to maintain their homes, if you neglect your home and allow a small leak to turn into a larger problem, your claim will be denied.

This is the same reason that homeowners are to repair small issues after it’s safe to do so in order to prevent damage from spreading.

General wear and tear aren’t covered and the best course of action to avoid issues in this area is to simply maintain your home year to year.


Find Affordable Texas Homeowners Insurance for a New Roof

Freedom Insurance Group doesn’t offer just any home insurance coverage, our insurance center only works with 25+ of the highest-rated brands in the Lone Star State.

This is because, during your time of need, we understand that you need reliable coverage, excellent customer service, and the lowest price available.

Through these established partnerships and experience, we help homeowners in Texas find the best protection for less.

We know exactly how to get a new roof from insurance because we’ve been helping clients since 2005. Get a free homeowners insurance quote or contact us today to stay protected against perils to your home for less.

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