Is Commercial Auto Insurance Right for You?

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Every driver in Texas is required to hold a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. Commercial auto insurance is for vehicles that are in use for business, and while this may conjure up images of 18-wheeler fleets or commercial vans, there is a range of industries and uses which qualify. Failure to enroll in commercial auto insurance can leave you with expensive coverage gaps if you are in an accident while conducting business.

Commercial Auto Insurance Protects Fleets and Individual Vehicles

The way we work continues to evolve. Thanks to the Internet and the gig economy, people are earning a living in new and exciting ways. Commercial auto insurance is as important for the worker hustling a gig for a side hustle as it is a trucking company with a fleet of trucks. If you are conducting business by using your vehicle in Texas, commercial auto insurance is necessary for protection. Your personal car insurance policy will not cover you if you are working and become involved in an accident.

Businesses Which May Overlook the Need for Commercial Auto Insurance

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Many workers may not consider their need for commercial auto insurance. To avoid any confusion, we’ve put together a list of industries that may need to rethink their insurance needs. Each situation is different and depending on the nature of your business, some drivers may already have a policy in place; however, if these categories apply to you, taking a closer look at your coverage can help you save headaches and money after an accident.


Riding around showing clients different homes may feel like a routine action, but insurance companies can assess the situation very differently should you become involved in an accident. Using your vehicle for real estate is a great reason to consider commercial auto insurance and avoid coverage gaps.


Driving from client to client is important to grow your sales region, but being involved in an accident during this time can have expensive consequences. If you are a salesman, commercial auto insurance is an important consideration. Many companies will have their own coverage, but if you own your own business or are in a position at a smaller business, you may want to double-check the protections in place.

Construction Workers and Tradesmen

Using a work truck or van to travel from job to job and getting into an accident can result in costly aftermath. If your work requires you to travel from home to home or business to business to conduct remodels or renovations, commercial auto insurance can help you stay covered while on the road.

Mobile Businesses

A popular business model in cities across Texas continues to shift towards mobile businesses which go directly to customers. This includes things such as pet grooming or video game trucks for parties. Commercial auto insurance and other business insurance policies can protect your vehicle and other important assets inside of your vehicle from potential perils.

Contractors and the Self-Employed

Ranging from personal chefs to deliverymen and everything in between, contract work and self-employed personnel may need commercial auto insurance as their work requires travel. As a business owner, you have a lot to contend with to keep your business afloat. Commercial auto insurance will protect you in the event of a crash which can save you from paying legal fees, medical expenses, or having to restore physical property after a loss.

Protect Your Business From Liability While Saving Money

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As you can see, there are a variety of businesses that can benefit from the protection provided by commercial auto insurance. Any business needs to protect its assets and commercial auto insurance helps you do just that. Freedom Insurance Group helps businesses across Texas save money on their coverage while staying protected. On average, we help clients save 40% by switching while working with more than 25+ A-rated or better insurance brands. Get your free online business insurance quote today or contact one of our agents to get started.

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