Texas New Car Insurance: How To Protect Your Vehicle for Less


There’s nothing quite like getting a new vehicle. It comes with freedom and a renewed sense of self that can’t be replicated in any other way. But you’ll need to protect your car with new car insurance and navigating the issue can lead to many questions.

Knowing when to get insurance for a new car, understanding the costs, and finding the right coverage doesn’t have to be tricky. Learn everything you need to know about auto insurance for a new car in the state of Texas.

How Much Is Insurance for a New Car in Texas?

The amount you pay for insurance for a new vehicle will vary for many reasons. On average, new vehicles cost $88  per year to insure in Texas.

A wide range of factors is assessed by insurance premiums including the year model of your vehicle.

These are the most common factors that can raise the rates of your auto insurance for a new car:

A Newer Year Model

Newer vehicles can cost more to insure because they are worth more. Getting into an accident means that replacing parts to restore damage will cost more.

Moving Violations & Accidents

The more tickets you have and vehicular accidents you are a part of, the more you’ll pay in premiums. Even if you aren’t at fault, having many claims on your history can add up and cost you more for protection.

Adding Younger Drivers to Your Policy

Having more drivers or coverage can cost more because there is more to protect, especially when it comes to younger drivers. Age is a huge risk factor for auto insurance companies and younger drivers cost more because they cause more accidents than any other demographic.

Having an Auto Insurance Lapse

If you lapse on your coverage, you can expect your rates to go up. This is why it’s important for drivers purchasing new vehicles to understand your policy’s grace period.

Many Other Factors

Everything from your credit score to the location you drive in and more will be assessed by insurance companies. Different brands will also assess these factors in their own way which means you can receive the same coverage but be given different prices.

What it boils down to is the amount of risk and coverage you possess as a client. The more risk you have and coverage you require, the more you’ll have to pay for protection.

How Much Is Full Coverage Insurance on a New Car in Texas?

Full coverage insurance for a new car in Texas can range from $1,700 to $2,100 per year. Because many factors go into determining the rate of insurance for a new car, the average will vary.

Finding the cheapest car insurance for a new vehicle with full coverage is best done by comparing your rates and coverage needs among many different insurance brands.

Grace Period for Insurance on New Car in Texas

Purchasing insurance on a new car will come with a grace period of around 20 days in the state of Texas depending on your provider. Coverage will depend on whether or not the new vehicle is an addition or a replacement car.

Replacement vehicles receive the same coverage as the car it’s replacing on your car insurance policy. Either way, you’ll need to notify your auto insurance company as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Are New Cars More Expensive To Insure for Texas Drivers?

The short answer is yes. New cars cost more to insure in Texas simply because they have a higher retail value and cost more to repair after an accident.

But each policy and scenario is different, and while insurance on new cars may cost more, you still have plenty of options to save. Here’s how to get insurance when buying a new car for less:

Discounts For New Vehicles

Auto insurance for new cars can become more affordable through discounts. The discounts you can receive range from brand to brand and are widespread accommodating a variety of ways to save.

While you won’t qualify for everything, you will likely qualify for something meaning you can save more on your coverage. But we’re going to focus on the discounts for new vehicles. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • Because many new vehicles come with a variety of safety features, new car insurance policies can come with new car discounts saving up to 20% for drivers with vehicles that meet the right requirements.
  • Similarly, safety features discounts help you save on car insurance for a new vehicle featuring antilock brakes, anti-theft features, etc.
  • Multi-car discounts can also help you save by adding your new car to the existing coverage for your other vehicles.

Many other discounts exist and drivers are well advised to speak with an insurance agent to find the best combination of discounts available for their coverage needs.

Bundle Your Car Insurance Policy

One of the most popular methods of saving on insurance for a new car is also one of the most powerful. Through bundling, drivers in Texas can save significantly while protecting more.

If you have renters insurance or homeowners insurance, you can bundle your auto policy for savings of up to 17%.

Compare Your Auto Insurance Rates

Comparing your coverage among many different auto insurance providers is the best way to find the lowest price for your policy. Different brands provide different pricing even if you shop for the same coverage.

When insuring a new car, many factors are considered by car insurance companies. The prevailing theme, however, is that all brands are assessing the amount of risk you have as a client.

Clients with less risk pay less for coverage and drivers with more risk will have higher rates. Each brand uses its own methods to assess these risks which is what leads to a variety of prices.

Offering more than 25 of the best, top-rated insurance companies in Texas, Freedom Insurance Group has created lasting partnerships that help us find our clients the cheapest possible rate for their coverage.

New Car Insurance Options

Protecting any vehicle is important, and to an extent, auto insurance is required by law in Texas. But new car insurance options can involve more than just enrolling in the minimum coverage.

Drivers in Texas must have liability coverage, but this coverage will only protect other drivers from damage you may cause. It’s required by law, but other coverages are optional.

These coverage options can help you save thousands of dollars, and without the right policies in place, you can end up paying hefty repair costs for a new car.

Here are important options drivers should consider that go beyond liability coverage:

Collision Coverage

A collision policy helps you restore losses to your vehicle and property after an accident. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, you’re covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

Vehicles damaged from perils not involving car accidents can be protected by comprehensive coverage. This means things such as trees falling, flooding, hail, etc.

Full Coverage

When drivers combine liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages, it’s what’s known as full coverage. This is a great way to bundle coverage and get more for less.

Gap Insurance

A great new car insurance option, gap insurance in Texas helps you pay off your vehicle if it’s totaled but you still owe money on it. The last thing anyone wants to endure is a car wreck and having to pay for a vehicle they can’t use as a result.

Auto debt is bigger in Texas, with drivers holding 44% more debt than other Americans. Gap insurance is vital protection for mitigating these expenses after a wreck.

New Car Replacement Insurance

This coverage will replace your vehicle with the same vehicle make and model rather than providing you with reimbursement for the depreciated value of your home. Note: the amount you receive comes after your deductible has been met.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Newer vehicles cost more to repair and/or replace. Having this coverage can help you in several instances avoid lawsuits or waiting for reimbursement including hit-and-runs or accidents where the other party simply can’t cover the damage with their policy.

How To Get Insurance on a New Car in Texas


Getting car insurance for a new car doesn’t have to be a complex process because we’re here to help!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle to add to the vehicles owned by members of your household or require a replacement vehicle after an accident, we can find you the best protection for the lowest price in Texas.

Our team works to provide new vehicle insurance that is reliable and suited to your needs for less by working with the best providers in the Lone Star State through our insurance center.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, let us shop for you and find the best protection for your new vehicle at the lowest price on the market.

Contact us today and ask an agent how we help drivers in Texas save 40% on their auto insurance policies on average, or get a free new car insurance quote with our online tool.

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