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Traveling can come with a variety of perils and failing to have the right coverage can mean expensive financial hardships to overcome. Travel trailer insurance can come in many different shapes and forms which is important because everyone has different circumstances and needs.

Some situations may be covered by your auto insurance coverage, while other incidents may require additional protection. There are liability concerns, property damage, medical expenses, and more to consider when building your protection.

Texans have plenty of RV insurance options including travel trailer coverage. The Lone Star State is home to the third-most RVs in the country. Learn more about your options and best protect yourself through reliable coverage without paying more than you should.

How Much Is Travel Trailer Insurance in Texas?

Travel trailer insurance is affordable protection for drivers in the Lone Star State. The average travel trailer insurance cost for Texans is around $750 per year for coverage. This rate will vary for a number of reasons including the following:

The amount of coverage you purchase.

  • The age of your travel trailer.
  • Your travel trailer’s size and class.
  • The amount of use your travel trailer endures.
  • Your driving record and claims record.
  • Personal factors such as your credit score.
  • The number of policies you have.
  • The amount you pay for your deductible.
  • The company you enroll with for your coverage.

These factors and more will determine your travel trailer insurance cost. Because there are so many moving parts, it’s always important to shop around for your protection.

Insurance for travel trailers can vary because while each insurance company creates premium rates based on risk, they each do so differently. Each brand is looking to manage risk, meaning the riskier you are to insurance as a customer, the higher your rates will be and vice versa, but brands all have their own way to determine how risky a customer may be.

Common factors that go into calculating your rate are all looked at differently using proprietary calculations and algorithms. This is why it’s so common to see differing rates for the same level of coverage when you shop from brand to brand.

Freedom Insurance Group helps save our clients 40% on average because we have established relationships through our insurance center with 25+ top-rated insurance brands in Texas. By comparing your coverage among our network, we continue to find the cheapest travel trailer insurance on the market.

Texas Travel Trailer Insurance Requirements

Because a travel trailer doesn’t have a motor, Texas doesn’t require you to carry a separate policy. Instead, the liability coverage for the vehicle you’re towing it with will also extend to your trailer.

For Texas drivers, this means you’ll have to carry at least the minimum amount of liability coverage to operate a vehicle and tow a travel trailer legally. Those minimums are $30,000 for injuries per person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage (30/60/25 coverage).

It’s important to remember that without additional coverages, your liability auto insurance policy is there to protect others, not you. For example, liability coverage helps pay for the other party’s losses if you are in an accident and at fault, but you’ll have to restore your own through other means.

So, do you need insurance on a travel trailer? Legally, it’s not a necessity. But the right coverages can help you avoid having to pay for another party’s losses or even your own from out-of-pocket funds.

What Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cover in Texas?

Your travel trailer coverage can vary depending on your needs and the usage of your travel trailer. Again, liability coverage from your vehicle is necessary, but other potential losses will require additional coverage. Here are some of the most common travel trailer insurance options in Texas:

Comprehensive Coverage

A lot can happen to your travel trailer that can cause a significant loss to your property, not involving an accident. Popular examples would be damage from weather events such as flooding, wind damage, or hail damage. Comprehensive coverage protects against such perils.

Collision Coverage

A collision coverage travel trailer insurance policy will help you restore your trailer regardless of fault. This is great coverage that can help protect you both when parked or when traveling down the road.

Full-Time RV Insurance

Full-time RV insurance is an optional coverage that provides protection for campers who live in their RVs permanently for more than six months per year. When you have full-time RV insurance, you’re protected from liabilities, injuries, and losses.

Contents Coverage

In many cases, your homeowners insurance policy will protect your personal belongings. Both comprehensive and collision coverages can also protect them. But there are times when contents coverage can help you restore or replace your valuables after a peril. Speak to your insurance agent to understand how to best protect your personal property.

Medical Payments & Personal Injury Protection

After an accident, liability coverage helps you pay for the medical expenses of another party, however, the medical expenses of you and your passengers are not covered. While it’s never advised to ride inside a moving camper or trailer, accidents can still occur when parked. These protections can help you cover medical costs should an injury occur.

Campsite Liability Insurance

Getting sued after another camper is injured on or around your campsite is a great way to ruin your trip. With campsite liability coverage, you’ll be protected from such issues and can pay for their medical expenses through affordable protection.

Emergency Expenses Coverage

Emergencies can happen and when you’re traveling, this only further complicates things. Should your travel trailer become uninhabitable or in need of immediate repair, emergency expenses coverage can help you overcome these losses. Your coverage can help pay for lodging and other related costs.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Not everyone does the right thing. Uninsured motorist statistics show that around 28 million drivers in the U.S. don’t have car insurance. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, or driver without adequate policy limits, and lack this coverage, you’ll have to pay for the rest out of pocket or through legal means.

Affordable Travel Trailer Insurance in Texas

There are a number of benefits to having the right travel trailer insurance policies in place. You’re protected on the road, at the campsite, and even when parked and not using your travel trailer. Your best option is going to be coverage that protects you at the lowest price possible.

Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we also recognize that there are many uses for travel trailers. You may need protection geared around your trailer which is used primarily for transporting your party and vehicles.

On the other hand, you may be an avid camper in need of protection for your many travels. No matter what you use, part-time or full, we’re here to help you stay protected for less.

We can help you save by comparing your coverage among many different brands in the market and identifying the cheapest option. We’ll even help you save by bundling your protection with additional coverages such as motorcycle insurance policies and discounts. Contact us today to get a quote for your travel trailer insurance and stay protected without overpaying.


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