Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes the Right Way


If you’re looking to compare homeowners insurance quotes, you’re on the right track, but how you do so can make the difference in finding the right coverage or overpaying for coverage. On the surface, many homeowners in Texas may be tempted to find the lowest price available, an important factor for anyone.

Still, you’ll also want to be sure that you are insured by a carrier that is financially sound and offering you the coverage you deserve. Explore your options for comparing homeowners insurance quotes the right way.


How To Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Understanding how to compare homeowners insurance quotes helps Texans make informed decisions to decipher from the noise. There are many carriers available to Texans and coverage options, but not all of them are the same. Here’s what you’ll need to do when comparing your coverage:


Gather Your Information

If you’re going to compare homeowner insurance quotes, you’re going to need personal information to help guide you. While this may feel obvious at first, it’s not just about assembling your information but making sure you present it in an accurate manner.

An accurate quote is dependent on homeowners providing accurate information. If you fail to provide an insurance carrier with up-to-date, honest information, you may experience a bit of sticker shock when it’s time to purchase your coverage.

Home insurance companies all assess risk differently. They’re looking to determine how much risk each client presents and will build a home insurance premium based on this risk.

Most of the factors are common among every insurance brand, but the methodology varies from carrier to carrier. This is exactly why you need to compare home owners insurance quotes, because the right carrier for your neighbor may not be the right choice for you.

Nevertheless, the search begins with Texans delivering the right information when shopping around. This includes personal factors surrounding your household, information about your home such as the age of your roof, and the amount of coverage you’ll need.


Determine Your Coverage Needs

Because the amount of coverage is part of the information homeowners will need, it’s important to determine the type of coverage you’ll need. For example, a luxury home on the Gulf Coast will have much different protection needs than a suburban home north of Dallas, Texas.

Finding the lowest price for your home insurance coverage is important, but will do you no good if you aren’t protected should disaster strike. The key is to find a balance and stay protected with an adequate level of coverage at the lowest price possible.


Shop and Research Quotes From Several Carriers

Shopping among a variety of home insurance carriers is important, but if you’re looking to simply look among a few, you’ll need to reevaluate. Remember, each carrier is going to calculate your risk level accordingly, and the more options you have, the better savings you’ll find.

You’ll also want to be sure that you enroll with a brand that is financially sound and capable of reimbursing you after a major loss. Many regions of the U.S. continue to see issues after widespread disasters with brands incapable of delivering timely payment.

Some brands are even leaving homeowners after suffering widespread losses, further highlighting the importance of using a reliable brand for your coverage. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, we only provide our clients with coverage from more than 25 top-rated carriers in Texas.

Carrier ratings are provided by independent, third-party companies, and by enrolling with top-rated carriers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that after a loss you will be paid in full and on time.

Furthermore, by researching different carriers, you’ll also be able to find better discounts and coverage options. This will open up the door for things such as bundling with an auto insurance policy and receiving the best coverage at the lowest rate.


Tips for When You Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes Online

Just like more and more of our lives, the Internet is here to help. You can compare homeowners insurance quotes online rather than calling individual carriers or visiting office after office looking for a deal.

The process and fundamentals are basically the same. You’ll want to gather your information, decide on a coverage, and research multiple carriers. This can be difficult and time-consuming, however, because you’ll have to go back and forth between many home insurance sites.

Fortunately, our free homeowners insurance quote tool can eliminate these issues. Homeowners in Texas looking to find the best coverage can get homeowners insurance quotes compared online in a quick, accurate manner.

Again, because we work with more than 25 top-rated home insurance brands, you’ll get a comprehensive picture of how much the coverage you need will cost for your home.


Once You’ve Picked Your Carrier

After you’ve picked your home insurance carrier, the next step is getting your policy in place. A very important key to remember is that homeowners will need to be sure that there is no lapse in coverage when doing so.

If you were to enroll in coverage that doesn’t go into effect until after your current policy ends, you may find yourself with a gap in coverage. This means that any losses you experience during this time would need to be paid out of your own pockets.

A lapse in coverage is also seen as risky by home insurance providers meaning you can also expect your rates to go up in the near future.

These reasons and more are why working with an agency that provides multiple brands can come in handy. For example, our agents are positioned to navigate the transfer of your home insurance to ensure that you are protected the entire time and avoid coverage gaps.

From helping you compare homeowners insurance quotes to assisting with your enrollment and even helping you the following year when it’s time to renew, our agents are ready to keep you covered without all of the hassles.


Where To Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes


When shopping homeowners insurance to compare quotes, Texans have plenty of options. But here’s the difference you can expect when using Freedom Insurance Group:


Easy Comparisons in One Place

When you’re looking to compare homeowners insurance quote, saving money is important, but so too is saving time. Our insurance center is home to 25+ carriers making it easier to deliver accurate quotes for your auto insurance needs.


Top Homeowners Insurance Carriers

There is no reason to compare home coverage if it’s not going to be from a reliable provider. Homeowners in Texas deserve protection from financially secure carriers.


Customer Service Every Step of the Way

We know, we know, everyone says it, but here at Freedom Insurance Group, we live it. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to find coverage for less, add an existing policy, bundle your protection with a home policy, or need help transferring to a new company, our agents are here to help.

One of the great things about working with multiple brands is that our team is here to help act as a buffer and provide even more service than you would get with a single carrier. But don’t take our word for it. We have more than 160 5-star reviews from our esteemed clients.

Again, you can compare homeowners insurance quotes using our online tool, or, ask our agents who are able to help you discover your options and save. On average, we save Texans 40% on their homeowners insurance in Texas. Give us a call today!

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