How Texas Earned the Nickname “Flash Flood Alley”


While we much prefer the nickname “The Lone Star State”, our beautiful Texas is also known by another moniker. There are many places where bluebonnets may turn into rushing waters due to heavy rain and if you aren’t careful, you can end up losing your vehicle or your home to such weather.

The flood statistics historically paint a grim picture for Texans:

  • 40% of all natural disasters are from flooding, the most common by any type of weather.
  • Texas doesn’t lead the way in floods, but it does in the amount of money claimed from losses due to flood events.
  • Texans are far more likely to die due to a flood than any other state. Most of these deaths occur in a vehicle.
  • Flooding disproportionally affects Central Texas, East Texas, and North Texas compared to the rest of the state putting residents at far more risk.
  • Texas is prone to many weather events that combined with its large number of rivers cause a higher risk of flooding including severe thunderstorms and tropical storms/hurricanes.

If you are moving to Texas or have been a resident for quite some time, you must understand the challenges that come along with such flooding risks and how to protect yourself against these potential losses. Texas flood risks and destruction is projected to increase due to a variety of factors. Learn how to protect yourself and understand the true meaning of why Texas is called “Flash Flood Alley”.

What Is Flash Flood Alley in Texas?

There is a section of Texas that reaches from Dallas, Texas, passing through Central Texas and extending passed San Antonio all the way until it reaches southwest of Uvalde, TX. Here, there is shallow soil, steep terrain, and a lot of rain. It is known as Flash Flood Alley.

This section of North America is one of if not the most susceptible places for flash flooding to occur. A Texas flash flood can affect many other places such as Houston, TX, or Galveston, TX, for other reasons, but throughout the heart of Hill Country and beyond, Texas flooding is mostly caused by rapid, heavy rainfall that can destroy vehicles, homes, and lives.

Texas flooding continues to be an issue because of changes in our climate but there are also direct impacts coming from people as well. The increase in the Texan population from various places is causing a growing need for more development including businesses, infrastructure, and homes. These needs bring construction and as more and more concrete enters the picture, the likelihood of flash floods increases. Here are some of the most affected metro populations in Flash Flood Alley Texas:

  • Austin–Round Rock-Georgetown.
  • Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood.
  • Waco.
  • Greater San Antonio.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth.

These metro areas are prime real estate for flash flooding in Texas and if you are a resident in any of these areas, having the right insurance policies is a must to stay protected from sizable, flood-related losses.

Texas Flash Flooding Destroys Vehicles

Driving through flooded areas is never a good idea and should be avoided at all costs. There is a reason why the saying “turn around, don’t drown” is still prevalent as many people continue to die in their vehicles during floods due to drowning. But flash floods can come in an instant and soon, drivers are stuck in unfavorable conditions with less of a chance to react than one might think.

If you are in a situation in which you find yourself in your vehicle and floodwaters are beginning to rise, seek high ground immediately, even if it means abandoning your vehicle. Be sure to listen to any and all advisories from local authorities and weather sources, and use common sense by avoiding flooded waterways even if you think you can make it.

Protecting your vehicle against water damage, however, can be done well ahead of time and can keep you prepared even when flash flooding comes your way. It’s no secret that the cost of labor and parts for automobiles continues to rise and during a flood, depending on the severity, you can expect major repairs to be necessary.

Many drivers in Texas fail to realize that having auto insurance can protect them from flood damage, however, you’ll need to have the right coverage to do so. All drivers must have liability coverage to remain legal, but comprehensive coverage, optional protection, is necessary for protection against flood damage.

A comprehensive auto insurance policy is made to protect your vehicle as opposed to another party. It is also there to protect against perils that can harm your vehicle outside of driving and getting into a wreck. Popular examples include damage from weather such as flooding, hail damage, a fallen limb from a tree, etc.

Holding only the minimum amount of auto insurance may save you some money upfront, but you can fail to stay covered for potential losses that can be very expensive to fix on your own. Comprehensive coverage is a must for anyone living in Flash Flood Alley to stay prepared against this regional peril and more. By combining your liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage into one policy, you can receive “full coverage” which protects you against a wider range of potential losses, all for less.

Flash Flood Alley Increases Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Despite a recommendation from the Texas Insurance Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), only around 16% of homeowners living in Texas have flood insurance policies. Considering that most of the most populous metro areas in The Lone Star State are located in Flash Flood Alley, this is a problem.

One of the biggest misconceptions for homeowners is that their home insurance policy will be enough. While it is still important to maintain a valid homeowners insurance policy, this coverage protects against many perils, but flood damage is not one of them.

A flood is generally defined as land that is usually dry and becoming wet due to a natural occurrence. This means that if you live somewhere and a levee was to break or a river overflows or there is just a lot of rain, you’ll need flood insurance to protect against any water damage that ends up as a result of water entering your home.

Different homes have different risks associated with floods, but every homeowner, especially those living in Flash Flood Alley, needs to consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. As many as 25% of all flood claims come from homes that are outside of flood zones and the continuing change of landscape due to construction means that more and more homes are becoming vulnerable every year. Protect your home against Texas flash floods with the right policies in place.

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Our agents are ready to help through excellent customer service and a commitment to finding you the best deal on your insurance needs. You can even use our free online tools for an auto insurance quote or a homeowners insurance quote. If you are looking for a flood insurance quote, be sure to ask an agent, and we can deliver you an accurate estimate based on your coverage needs.

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