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Why Should I Budget Texas Renters Insurance?

Vacation Home Insurance

Renters insurance is required by most property management companies. Generally, the requirement is for $100,000 of liability, though it could be higher at some properties. Making sure that you budget for renters’ insurance will help protect you in the event that the worst happens. This type of insurance means that in an event of a…

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Factors That Affect Motorcycle Insurance Costs In Texas & Dallas Fort Worth

Factors That Affect Motorcycle Insurance

Your insurance score Did you know that besides a credit score, you also have an insurance score? This score correlates to your likelihood of filing an insurance claim. Higher insurance scores typically contribute to lower motorcycle insurance premiums. Also, keep in mind that while your credit score impacts your insurance score, it is not the…

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Texas Jewelry Coverage In Home Owners Policy

Factors That Affect Your TX Homeowners Insurance

With a homeowner’s insurance policy, you may think all your belongings are covered in case of disaster. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover everything, and some valuable items may not be covered, or may not be covered up to their full replacement cost. This is especially true with expensive jewelry, which is where jewelry floater…

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Texas Car Insurance – What does it cover?

Texas Car Insurance

Whether you’ve been driving for 40 years or it’s your first time behind the wheel, one thing is certain—accidents can happen. That’s why virtually every state mandates vehicle owners and drivers to carry some type of car insurance. While the type and amount of insurance you’re required to carry can vary from state to state, most require…

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Texas Vacation Home Insurance Costs & Coverages

Vacation Home Insurance

What Is Vacation Home Insurance Coverage? Vacation home insurance is a type of homeowners insurance that’s designed to cover the unique needs of a vacation home, from adverse weather (especially if your home is near the beach) to the extra risks of crime and vandalism in a home that you occupy only part-time. If you…

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What does Texas homeowners insurance cover?

homeowners insurance cover

What does homeowners insurance cover? To put it simply, homeowners insurance is designed to repair, replace, or recover the value of what you currently have (under coverage) if it’s damaged due to any number of causes. Most common claims covered by insurance Your independent agent can help give you a clear, personalized picture of the…

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What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection for TX Home Insurance?

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Homeowners insurance protects your home and property from a variety of weather-related perils. In Texas, these include damage from windstorms like hurricanes, tropical storms, or even tornadoes. While your homeowners insurance policy acts as a reactive measure if your house is damaged by wind, it shouldn’t be your only protection. On the coast of Texas, if you’re…

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Will Texas Auto Insurance Pay For A Rental Car?

Texas Auto Insurance Pay For A Rental Car

If your accident was caused by another driver, the other driver’s insurance company will pay for you to rent a car. You can keep the rental car for the time the company believes is reasonable for your car to be repaired. The company will base the amount of time on the estimated number of hours…

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Texas Auto Insurance Claims Tips and Tricks

Insurance Claims Tips and Tricks

To help make the claim process go smoothly, follow these tips: Get the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and license plate number. Write down the exact name of the other driver’s insurance company, the company’s phone number, and the policy number. To save time, take a picture of the other driver’s insurance card. If the…

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What Are Your Insurance Rights In Texas?

An insurance company may not: turn you down or charge you more because of your race, color, religion, or national origin. turn you down or charge more because of your age, gender, marital status, geographic location, or disability unless the company can show that you’re a greater risk for a loss than other people it’s…

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